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  1. TouringPhill

    Electrical oddness on a 530D touring.

    Well I haven't had many issues lately! Probs will now I have said that tho! don't think it's fixed just maby somthing to do with the wether! But my stero still has no power going to it... Going to get a wiring dirgram and test some wiring when I get chance. Been moving house so cars on hold
  2. TouringPhill

    Electrical oddness on a 530D touring.

    How did you get on? And where is the Module? Under the glove box?
  3. TouringPhill

    PDC sensors order and type

    As easy as that... But what's IIRC?
  4. TouringPhill

    Vredestein tyres

    They used to be a Bmw factory tyre in Germany! Good tyres
  5. TouringPhill

    PDC sensors order and type

    Hi guys ... I have faulty PDC sensors and want to order some new ones I believe that there is two different types 90degree and straight... But it is a few months since I had the bumpers off and can't rem what's where So on normal bumpers what's the order for the four front and four rear? I.E. Front n/s Outer Straight Front n/s center 90 deg... Hope this question makes sense Cheers phill
  6. TouringPhill

    business stereo faults/ won't turn on. HELP!

    So there ain't any other separate amps and I checked a few fueses above the battery but not a sepecific fuse number
  7. TouringPhill

    Touring lowering links (SLS)

    I was tempted to make my own lowering links... Where did you get yours and how much? (Mine are plastic and the ones I ordered to the stealers (only £4 a pair so not to bad) were plastic Aswell so no joy
  8. TouringPhill

    Electrical oddness on a 530D touring.

    I have had the exact same problem ... Thought a new battery terminal fixed it.... But then it came back (has gone again now).... But now my stereo has stopped working.... All rather confusing!
  9. Hi guys! I know there has been similar posts but can't find one for my exact problem Basically the clock is working on my BMW buisness ( Flat pin) one peice stereo, but when I press the power button it won't turn on... My parrot still works ( but have Unplugged it to rule it out) all the fueses I have checked have been ok I know the amps have issues but wouldn't the stereo turn on and display the radio station or cd ect? Tried a spare stereo and that didn't seam to work either (checked the fuese on the back of the unit) I have a touring so where would the amp be? And is there a way to check it? Cheers and hope his make a sense
  10. I had resentful been welding and had the battery off... The terminal clamp had sheared and didn't have time to get down the garage to get a spare e39 twin pull clamp bar and nut ...So stuck a random bolt through for now .. Any how I forgot for a few days ... The problems started... I went and got the replacement clamp bar (positive clamp) and hey presto fixed.... Must have just been a bad or loose conection and dirty terminal Seams ok now tho!!
  11. Did you ever find the cause I have the same issue on my low obc e39 ... Although my central locking still works
  12. TouringPhill

    Outside temp

    That's a faulty wire ... If you bare back the wire it won't be bright copper it will be dull... the wires further up the loom should be better so chase them to behind the drivers headlight and renew a foot or so Of the wires ...
  13. TouringPhill

    broken bumper bracket any tips

    Next time Photos would be cool if you could! Mine is slightly poorly and requires some tweaking
  14. TouringPhill

    530i sport tourer rear air suspension

    On the other hand the adjustment is done via a small leaver/arm adjusting a little resistor... Jut shorten te arm and the car will do the rest... There's a post on one of the sites about doing it (a guy from America with a beutifully tweaked E39!!)
  15. TouringPhill

    Turbo issues when should it boost! Sick to death!

    Quarter turn is what I'm going for its jut hard to do in situe!