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  1. The Spooner

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Exhaust fixed (downpipe to mid section gaskets) and now sounds as it should. Incidentally, the garage ordered two lots of pattern part gaskets from two separate suppliers, and both were wrong. They ended up going to BMW in the end!
  2. The Spooner

    Remote central locking not working

    I've had it sometimes where I've parked and the remote key won't work - I've narrowed it down to a certain position outside Mum's house - could it be interference from something somewhere? Otherwise the range is excellent. The annoying thing with unlocking with the key manually is that the alarm goes off!
  3. The Spooner

    If the E39 hadn't been invented

    If the E39 hadn't been invented, the world possibly wouldn't have recoiled in such horror upon the release of the E60...
  4. The Spooner

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The exhaust sounds awful, so it's booked in for it to be looked at tomorrow. It appears to be either one of the manifolds or one of the downpipe connections (only one would appear to be blowing as it sounds like an angry 3 cylinder - i.e. shit!) My working hypothesis is that it is presumably downstream of the cats as I haven't had any rough running, EML, or codes generated, which I would have thought I would have if it was one of the manifolds? I also have a slight rattle on acceleration which I presume is a loose bracket or shield, and hopefully not the innards of a cat disintegrating. Fingers crossed it's something simple.... After buying another house, and putting a clutch and DMF in my fiancee's mini countryman, it would be preferable if it was something simple (read cheap!)!!!
  5. The Spooner

    530i rocker cover gasket

    Good tip, thanks (I've got this on my list to do as well!)
  6. The Spooner

    530i misfire - no codes!

    As closure to this, it was a buggered coil pack - I eventually got it to throw a code and another visual inspection of the coil revealed a split up the boot! New pack and all seems well... didn't do the gasket but that is this weekend's plan. Also got what sounds like an exhaust blow from either the manifold or one of the down pieces downstream of the cats, but only seems to chuff when cold, so presumably closing back up when warm. Ah bejesus....
  7. The Spooner

    530i misfire - no codes!

    Yeah - that manifested as a knock from the top end (!) all was fine before, it’s since I fiddled with it that the issue has started... don’t worry, I’m sure it will be fine - could it be the valve cover itself? Which would be a bit of a twat, but not unheard of.
  8. The Spooner

    530i misfire - no codes!

    Thank you, will give that a go - like you say I'm sure in time I'll end up replacing the coil boots/coils! The coils went back on "nicely" so I don't think anything came adrift, but certainly worth checking. It's in dry dock now until my valve cover gasket set arrives when I'll have to get the coils out anyway. Frankly I was slightly shocked as to how loose the plugs were (they weren't spinning loose, but they weren't just shy of torqued either). I was also slightly surprised I wasn't getting any error codes, I even provoked the misfire nearer home to improve my chances of getting a code. I hope your weeping issues are cured, it's frustrating to have to go back and do things again. I've ordered some red heat resistant RTV so hopefully that will do it's job where it's required.
  9. The Spooner

    530i misfire - no codes!

    Gentleman, Interesting one from the weekend - I had a top end knocking sound that appeared to be a loose sparkplug or two (originally torqued to 25nm, now to 30nm as BMW's latest recommendation). I noticed while removing the coil packs that they are coated with oil, therefore new valve cover gasket on order! I cleaned them off and put them back, but yesterday after driving 50 miles or so I noticed that anything greater than 1/3 throttle pedal travel at say 2000 rpm would induce a misfire. Oh balls, I think, I bet that's oil from the leaky valve cover gasket and now I've removed and refitted the coils it's got somewhere it ought not to. Up until then it had seemed absolutely fine! When I got home, however, and plugged it in, it had logged no codes. I can only think it's a result of what I've done, but I would have thought it would throw a code. This morning it started fine from cold, but after driving out of my close and putting my foot down a bit, it started misfiring again. If when my gasket set arrives I clean the coils with some electrical cleaner, and somehow clean the sparkplug tubes (any tips on the best way to do this?) do you reckon I might be ok?
  10. The Spooner

    Are we now a dating site ?

    I was tenting at the thought of a hot girl in an E39
  11. The Spooner

    Preface lift amber headlights on facelift sport

    I see what you did there....! I once see a facelift car with prefacelift headlights, and it looked awful, if that helps!
  12. The Spooner

    First time 530i owner with query

    I'm query and so is my wife
  13. The Spooner

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Just failed its MoT - headlamp aim (not really an issue) and a track rod end. Not too bad really, and gives me a nice little job to do. Presumably these aren't too difficult to do?
  14. The Spooner

    Ball joint splitters

    The last time I did the control arms/track rods on my E39 I ended up having to angle grind the spindles off, because the ball joint splitter I had didn't reach enough, and the pickle fork didn't work and I felt dirty for using it! So I'm properly armed for next time, can anyone recommend a longer reach ball joint tool? Last time as I was replacing everything it was easier to get the hub off the car, but if I only have to replace one set of arms I wouldn't necessarily want to take the hub off, and be able to split the ball joints in situ
  15. The Spooner

    Restoring bright window trim.

    Watching with interest - my chrome trim is also mottled and milky. Also Ocallen, I see you're in Blandford, not too far from where I work (Shaftesbury)!