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  1. The Spooner

    Taking on an E34 1991 520

    Bit dusty in here reading that last sentence... what a lovely idea for a send off.
  2. The Spooner

    Taking on an E34 1991 520

    My E34 sat basically unused, outdoors, for a period of time and it was fine when I came to use it again. If it's been well cared for in its life it should be fine, and on a sentimental level I'm sure you and the family would be happier for it to be used rather than scrapped.
  3. The Spooner


    Grey plastic trims = unloved/uncared for.
  4. The Spooner

    Front Strut removal help (E39 Sport Touring)

    Haha no you can't unfortunately! Yeah I was careful (clearly not enough) but they slipped off the ratchet.
  5. The Spooner

    Front Strut removal help (E39 Sport Touring)

    Yes they are! I lost two fucking bolts in the subframe!
  6. The Spooner

    E39 how should the bonnet / hood open

    Is the bonnet latch catching on the grille? This can make it fail to pop out. I would strongly advise everyone, having had a cable holder break and lock me out (!) to lube up everything under there. Thankfully Emtec in Salisbury managed to open it and sort it out...
  7. The Spooner

    E39 ClubSport specs, what were they ?

    Didn't ES stand for "Extra Spartan"?
  8. The Spooner

    530i Auto or Manual

    Thanks! Will bear that in mind
  9. The Spooner

    E34 wheel bolts

    Hi all, Wondered if anyone had any non locking wheel bolts for an E34, with standard basket weave alloywheels, and how much would you want for them? I need 4 (I am fed up with locking wheel bolts!!) Thanks
  10. The Spooner

    530i Auto or Manual

    I have a 530i manual, and aside from an ocasionally recalcitrant gearbox when cold (probably needs a service) it’s quite enjoyable. The 3.0 litre engine is torquey and tractable enough that you don’t need to change gears too much if you want, but it does come alive when you want to play. I do not doubt that the auto box is more suited to the nature of the E39 though, and wouldn’t reject an E39 fitted with such. Plus autos seem to be better specced.
  11. The Spooner

    E39 525D Touring Front suspension arms replacement

    Another recommendation for BMWmotormec here - I bought all front control arms, track rods and track rod ends, drop links, and ARB bushes from them (Meyle, and I think the drop links were lemforder. I think...) and they arrived very promptly, and really did not cost all that much relatively speaking. Plus they are always happy to discuss things to make sure you get the right parts. My only issue was when they sent out an expansion tank for a 535i/540i, but they happily refunded without a quibble on return of the part
  12. The Spooner

    Slightly knackered e34.....

    Is that a road where loads of cars crash but the cost of recovery just isn't worth it so they are simply abandoned?
  13. The Spooner

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    My Girlfriend is on a hen do, so what better opportunity to spend 5 hours washing, cleaning the wheels with a toothbrush (!), clay barring, polishing, touching in stone chips, adding extra gloss protection, blackening the trims, waxing, and polishing the glasshouse. Phew!
  14. The Spooner

    E39 2003 525i Touring Fully Loaded Mint Low Miles

    Must be - from what I’ve read and heard about the Japanese people, they seem an honest and honourable lot generally. Weren’t they the lot who after their World Cup game cleaned up their part of the stadium?
  15. The Spooner

    E39 2003 525i Touring Fully Loaded Mint Low Miles

    Looks lovely, I've never got the lack of parking sensors on the otherwise seemingly well specced Japanese cars. Are they just that much better at parking than us?