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  1. Matt Rogowski

    M535i OBC units

    They were both ordered brand new and sealed from BMW (came from Germany). This is the packaging of the OBC and the number on the side (this is actually the old OBC but the numbers here are the same as the new one). This is the new encoder; the old one went back in, but again, the numbers are the same on both. Actually, the date on the old one was 5/86, so the new one actually has an earlier year on it. Actual unit looks like this: Which matches the book: Unlike this one which has different buttons (just an image from Google): Although this one does specifically say MPH? Anyway, row 2 here is for changing the units: Note it says it will offer MPG, M/G, and L: 100. However, all I get is: and: So MPG and M/G from the book don't come up, and KM/L isn't in the book at all. Now, I did find this: http://www.bimmerinfo.com/E36_OBC_tricks.htm I can't remember which ones I pressed now, may have been 1000+10, but I didn't get a 'Test' message, it just said something about it being version 5.5 (which matches what's on the encoder). So, any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Edit: Sorry for the wonky photos, they're the right way up on my machine!
  2. Matt Rogowski

    M535i OBC units

    The OBC that came with my car didn't work so have fitted a new one, but I can't get the units into imperial. The book says to go to Consum and press the reset button, and it'll cycle through MPG, M/G and L: 100, but it only goes through KM/L and L:100. I've tried putting in the white encoder unit from the old one in the back, but that didn't change anything. Also, I've seen some units have Avg Speed and Avg MPG buttons instead of Speed and Consum. Any ideas on what to do?
  3. Matt Rogowski

    My E28 518i

    Yeah, I've said myself if there's anything structurally wrong with it I won't want it fixed, because it'll always worry me. But we'll see
  4. Matt Rogowski

    My E28 518i

    Single track road with a blind bend and high bank with high grass, with half the road covered in loose gravel after the council tried to fill in some potholes. He got me better than I got him, too. I have the parts to repair it other than the valance, I'm having it looked at to see if it can be repaired. I could drive it the 200 yards back to my house from where it happened, but to get it to go in a straight line I had to turn the wheel about 60 degrees left, so I dunno if the track rod or something has gone too.
  5. Matt Rogowski

    Hello from Norwich

    Well, near Norwich. My name's Matt and I'm a 22 year old web developer. I'm probably too young to be considered a proper BMW fan but we've had BMWs as the family car since before I was born. What we've owned at various times: E46 318i (rolled) E28 518i ('88-'13, mine, now crashed) E28 520i ('85-'03, crashed) E28 520i (sold) E34 520i (sold) E39 530d (current) E39 530d Touring (current) E60 525d (sold) E38 728i (sold) Only the original E28 520i was new though. I've driven my E28 for over four years, and intend to own an E28 M5 at some point in the future. Black with cream leather or grey with black leather, please. I've put some pictures up but I don't have many decent ones to share, and as you'll see from that thread, I'm currently kinda between cars. But, hi anyway
  6. Matt Rogowski

    My E28 518i

    Hello, This is a brief history of my little 518i. My dad bought a 520i LUX new in 1985, and owned and looked after it until 2003 when it was written off. Front right damage, bonnet and wing badly crumpled, chassis damage, written off. It was the only car I ever knew growing up and he'd always planned on giving it to me when I was old enough to drive. When I passed my test, he wanted to buy me a car, so he got me one. It isn't the colour I'd choose, and it's only a 518i, but I was only 17 so it was better than what most people had. I love it and have had a lot of fun in it. It's got a lot of character and I've got used to all its little quirks. It's an '88 reg and only had 84,000 miles on it when I got it in Spring 2009, and I took it through 100,000 miles a while back. We've repaired it when necessary even though we've spent several times the purchase cost in fixing it up. A few months ago I had the wings replaced. This: Became this: I wanted it looking nice for its 25th birthday, which was 4 weeks ago tomorrow. The wings and the nose is the best looking part of the E28. However, yesterday, this happened: Full scale of internal damage is unknown so we're not sure if it's finally had it or if we'll be able to save it one more time. Will be a shame if it's too far gone as it was a good friend.

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