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    BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    Well I posted some info on the sills thread but I thought it's best to start my own thread to keep a log of work that I'll be doing to the M5. This is how I bought her 4 years ago. Since then she's been in storage while I was living abroad. Since moving back I spent a year and I've nearly completed my Hartge H26 restoration which now is just waiting for paint so I decided to start cracking on with this M5. I have removed the sills to find the following. So that will need sorting. I've also started on the mechanical side of things with a compression test. The results were ok on all cylinders apart from 1 and 4 which was down on compression around 15psi below the other. I'm thinking it's been sat for so long and not had a good run in over 4 years hence my plan is to give it a full mechanical service including new ignition components, EV6 injectors, shims, TB sync and some other works part of normally servicing. I'm hoping this combined with a good blast on the road will help remove some of the carbon deposits and hopefully restore compression back within tolerance. I removed the plenum today to find this The usual mayo signs haven't appeared in other parts of the engine so again my theory is that due to sitting for so long condensation has led to this build up. So I'm going to clean it up and after the service see if I get any further build up. With M cars the M stands for Money so as a last resort I will pull the motor and do a full rebuild. Until then I'm being optimistic and hoping for the best. If you like what you've read I'll keep on updating this thread with my progress.
  2. Azmontana

    BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    Just need to finish of the sills and have a full respray. Finding time seems to be the difficulty at the moment.
  3. Azmontana

    BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    I typically find the part number and search on google or eBay for the best deal.
  4. Azmontana

    BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    True if you buy direct from BMW but you can get OEM parts for a fraction of the price. I just checked my parts by for the M5 and I bought a valeo pump for £165. Massive saving!
  5. Azmontana

    BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    If its been sat for a while it will need a refresh. But get it up to temp and look for any leaks. I had two leaks one from the radiator and one from the heater matrix which I only discovered when I'd replaced the radiator. Good luck depending if you are local to the Manchester area then happy to help more if needed. To answer your other question unfortunately not I ended spending time rebuilding all the callipers and bearings on my H26. Anyone whose done wheel bearing replacements on these cars knows its a pig of a job. For some reason I can't post on taptalk says I don't have permission to reply?
  6. Azmontana

    The e34 rear sill thread

    I’ve been doing my sills all round too. Fronts were bad. Rear weren’t as bad.
  7. Azmontana

    BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    Bump! Been a while since I've updated this. With a new baby in the family not had a chance to work on this for well over a year. Hoping to get back on this over my Christmas holidays Cant wait to have her back on the road!
  8. Azmontana

    New owner 3.6 M5

    Dave, what's the suspension setup on this? Looking to replace the suspension on mine in the near future but seem to be struggling to find options which fit the M5? Hope you are well, been a while since we spoke. I have 3 weeks off over Christmas so hopefully get time to finish the jacking points by then. Been over a year since I've worked on it.
  9. Azmontana

    E34 M5 YouTube Video With LivingLifeFast

    Nice pal posted this in Ringside original build thread.
  10. Azmontana

    New owner 3.6 M5

  11. Azmontana

    E34 N/S inner and outer sills

    This is the way i went. Takes a long time to fabricate the actual jacking points but it can be done. Just need time which I seem to have very little of these days.
  12. I know e21 is better in every way.
  13. Haha this whole thread is blasphemous!
  14. Never said I don’t like old fords but my preference will always be a beemer then and now. Although now I do prefer mercs and Audis to beemers.
  15. The fact that you’d prefer an old ford to an old beemer tells me you’re definitely old enough to now be driving mercs.
  16. E21 over a cortina all day long. I think you lot are on the wrong forum.
  17. Azmontana

    VW Arteon 4Motion + BMW content

    For that money a new 7 series would of been a great choice. Nice car tho. Not a common choice.
  18. Tyres are meaningless as I’d want to pick my own and know they are brand new and made within at least 6 months from purchase date. So no tyres and I wouldn’t give much value to them in any case but that’s just me. Yes all bits except bolts and refurbed to factory spec.
  19. To give some reference. I just bought a fully refurbed staggered set for £800 inc delivery. Non staggered aren’t as desirable so maybe take that into account and reprice realistically if you actually want to sell them.
  20. Azmontana

    Spax PSX suspension kits

    You can get the b8 suspension with eibach springs separate. This is essentially what the b12 is I believe.
  21. Azmontana

    Been dismissed at Work

    Sorry to hear this pal. All the best to your and your family during these difficult times.
  22. Azmontana

    BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    Suspension on the back burner now. With the little time I have I’ve finished the repair work on one side. Started the other side. The rust wasn’t as much thankfully so this shouldn’t take to long to complete. I really need to find more time to complete this car
  23. Azmontana

    E34 1990 wing mirrors with connectors

    Hi, 1990 e34. Anyone have the following. I’m looking for the wing mirrors with wiring and connector. I also need the connector with wiring from the main harness which connects to the side mirrors. Thanks. Az
  24. Azmontana

    E34 1990 wing mirrors with connectors

    Hi Tim that’s the problem I don’t have it. Previous owner did some butchery to the wiring. It’s prefacelift so is a 4 pin connector. From like looking at electrical schematic should be this?
  25. Azmontana

    BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    Is anyone on this forum? Still looking for a suspension setup. Currently has a b12 kit from bilstein looking to replace this with the same kit. Can’t seem to find the kit bilstein only does it up to the 535i doesn’t seem to do one for the m5? Did they stop making it for m5?