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  1. richyx


    my car is a 2003 sport, but no high obc or mid from factory sat nav was ooptional extra omn these cars, same with the mid i want high obc due to thats what im used too, i dont car about functions as ill be using after market stereo anyhow, as long as it gives me range, and alerts me with faults ill be happy but no idea on looms lol
  2. richyx

    E39 Saloon Double glazed rear windows

    if only for a touring
  3. richyx


    are you sure you actually need the mid though? as even on the genuine retofit guide theres no mention of the mid needed, just shows you need the loom, coolant level sensor and clocks for it to work even if you do need amid, without one you will probably lose some data, like when fitting aftermarket headunits into high obc cars, it loses most of the info anyhow
  4. richyx

    E39 clear out

    how much for front speakers with pods?
  5. thats perfect mate, my connectors are the yellow facelift ones so ill remove the pins and fit them according to my connectors just need a k72 relay and loom off it now then and i have everything to go
  6. guessing these pics will never be available, that sucks as i need to do this
  7. are the door cards full leather or just handles? dash aswell? as this would reflect on price
  8. richyx

    new project e39 touring to chamgane

    made a start to make it shiny, also went to bodyshop who quoted me a good price to sort the whole car, so im putting money aside now fro a full respray, im also selling the bike soon to get air ride and to finish another car project off too lol but some pics, the whole car got wet flatted from 1500 to 300 then a 4 stage polish, it still needs more cutting but as im going to have a full respray it will do for the time being as you can see the rear has had paint and they couldnt be bothered to paint behind the strip lol, but it hasnt come up to bad
  9. richyx

    e39 touring parts

    i wouldnt know where to start on making the loom im afraid
  10. richyx

    e39 touring parts

    im going to be on the look out soon for the following full double glazing set, inc seals and trims rear blind set inc door cards high gloss shadow exterior trim or just the lower window rubber section heated and electric seat looms complete enough to do retro fit memory drivers side loom and any additional stuff i may need for memory heated switch panel with dsc and pdc electric memory coloum complete high obc clock loom, i believe its an adapter loom and runs to header tank in bay too high obc clocks with at least 158k on them no less but can be more and petrol versions cream complete rear seat, condition un important as long as no tears or heavy wear the leather is cracked
  11. i finally managed to get myself a black touring sport it needs some work but ill get it sorted plan is to turn it into a champagne edition, but with full champagne leather, so dash cards the lot, luckily already have that in champagne bodywork to be sorted, rust on arches and bumper cracked 19 paras already fitted but need to refurb them electric heated memory seats to be fitted stereo upgrade high obc once i can work a way round it without using mid full service, new water system etc replace all suspension arms new discs and pads all round and lower it got my work cut out but will update as the process goes along just got to slel the alpina wheels now and swap my m5 mirrors over from my saloon before i can sell the saloon and start the tourer, but some pics of it as it is
  12. richyx

    high obc question on retorfit

    thats fine, but i dont want that, i prefer the style of the high obc clocks, probably just what im used too i suppose having a little more look into i still cant see the need for mid as if the mid was needed then it would say so in the retofit instructions surely
  13. ive read a few posts about retor fitting the high obc but my question is can it be fitted and work without the mid console in the glove box? i want to run an aftermarket screen but also fit high obc but i dont want anpther piece just lying around is the only other option to fit all the oem sat nav system then swap the display out to a stereo thats compatible with high obc like the dynavin?
  14. richyx

    Champagne II on AT

    ive sent you a message, my champagne 1 will be up for sale soon, but needs some work doing, been a great car for 3 years but time to change now, but admittedly it needs bodywork and seats could do with a redye as champagne does show wear easily, mechanical its great and never let me down and i use this car everyday, once body is sorted and interior redone these cars are only going to go up in value being there's only 150 made, and this being the champagne 1 has better extras than the 2 heres some pics of it last summer, but ill be removing the wheels, and splitter, and stereo, door mouldings and mirrors and going back to stock, only mod left on the car would be the coil overs, but ive sent you a pm with a few more details anyhow, it will be on its original 18 m paras that do require a refurb as i used them for winter wheels only, but ill get a proper advert near the time its going up for sale, but will be in the next couple of weeks
  15. richyx

    e39 extended leather handles

    ill take them, can you pm me details please