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  1. richyx

    e39 540 power steering pump urgently

    ive asked about parts on his sale pages before and he just ignores my posts, so i wont bother asking him
  2. my power steering pump has snapped and im stuck without a car, im in need of a pump asap with bolts as my adjuster has snapped too and 1 bolt seems to of rattled out
  3. richyx

    my 540 touring

    yeah, it does weigh a bit and sometimes my boot have to give it a helping start if not used regular, il see how it goes though
  4. richyx

    my 540 touring

    got the heating elements in and active massage into the contours, just got to get brackets welded on for tables then ready to dye in champagne one issue i came across was for head rests, the motor is longer on comfort than it is contour yet head rests are the same height and shape but the mirror versions stuck up about an inch, so took the leectrical connectiosn off and swapped them over so head rest sits flush
  5. richyx

    my 540 touring

    it is yes, i managed to probably find the only one brand new in the box lol at a bargain price at that lol wheels are up for 1200 but lowest is 1k the refurb cost me 400, badges 110 and valves 44 let alone the removal and fit of tyres and balance, sort of wish i left them in the rough state and took the offers i got before hand
  6. richyx

    my 540 touring

    waiting for logbook back as then my private plate can be fitted
  7. richyx

    my 540 touring

    they were on ebay but removed them and just left them on fb sales pages bumping every couple of weeks lol
  8. richyx

    my 540 touring

    i hate multispoke wheels mate, as well as the costs of the bits for them, as i bought new badges, valves and cap pads all genuine alpina at silly money, plus the refurb im surprised they havent sold considering what im aksing for them, possibly due to being square set up but then staggered is no difference in looks or not much anyhow but if i have to use them for winter i will as paras are alot rarer and look better being they are dished
  9. richyx

    my 540 touring

    thought id post a couple of pics, recently done a deal against my 530 touring for this 540 as i was pestering the lad for age s to sell it me lol as it needed a box so a deal was done and finally had a great basis for the mods i wanted to do it got fully wet flatted and polished to give a nice deep gloss shine as i hate orange peel, my 19 paras fitted, the spec of the car is nice, even power boot ive recently fitted double glazing as well, and just finished fitting full airlift air ride into the car with all new arms as well, and chopped the spare wheel out a bit to create a route so i can run dual exhsusts properly i have full leather lower dash, consoles, door cards to eventually fit in champagne, as well as contours, that i will be converting to heated and active massage, door blinds, and also e38 headrest mirrors and tables to be fitted to contours as well. it shoould be a ncie spec car when ive finished as i plan on alcantara roof lining and maybe full boat space too, with anice clean stereo install to be able to keep load bay as well some pics and some genuine 19 inch alpinas i had refurbished which ill use as winter wheels unless they sell
  10. richyx

    Your retro Fords

    some of my old fords, some i never got pics of lol first car 1.3 bonus,, one of the very first to have 17 inch alloys at the time on 60mm springs another 1.3 but converted to rs turbo, left black bumpers on this time for more sleeper look, then went black wheels and racers edge was a shop before fast and furious came out lol crap pic, xri but 1.8 130bhp zetec conversion mondeo st24 had this car for 8 years, never missed a beat, full st200 engine converion and st220 heated recaros, swapped it for a gul yellow t5r that needed work lol my very 1st saf cossie, only pics i have is when it got smashed rare moondust silver too, bu the engine lived on and went into countless xr4x4s for mors sleepr looking cars 2 of my xr4x4, smokestone blue, first, full cossiew conversion, but rust killed it so transfered it to the black on, full rouse sport kit and rouse style seats to finish the look off, only been the only xr4x4s ever to have the rouse sport kit fitted i believe, never seen a sierra back then with this kit unless rouse cossie, the black one was my first ever car i painted as well escort cossie replica i nought the day after i crashed the silver cossie lol, had an rst lump fitted as well escort cab i full restored with rst engine, awesome car but wasnt practical due to boot space then one of my escort cosworths, aubergine small turbo with full ggr 305 package, 10x18 comps on back, amazing car, my other was my project i had for 9 years and rcently sold a couple years back to help my evo project, the aubergine one was sold to move to evos, biggest regret ever
  11. just got myself some e38 contours that i was told were heated until they arrived so im after some heated comforts to take the pads out of as i believe its the same style back piece almost, ive searched everywhere and cant seem to find anything i dont need teh base being its a sprt and i can use the heated pads out my spare sport seats but the backs are different due to the back piece being able to fold
  12. can anyone help please im trying to find a wiring diagram for the touring power boot just bought myself a kit but the wiring was all chopped ive managed to work out power, earth, ibus, on the ecu and switch i have a white/green wire and a grey wire, so im assuming these go to each other it then leaves me with 2 grey/yellow wires on ecu and on switch red/yellow brown/black white/brown i think the red/yellow goes to a junction box in the car somewhere where others join up im also guessing the other 2 are for maybe the switch light but ive no idea on the 2 grey ones on the ecu any help please
  13. richyx

    black e39 touring

    just seeing if theres any black sport e39 tourings for sale that has the power boot option, 530 petrol and deisel or 540, has to be auto too
  14. richyx


    my car is a 2003 sport, but no high obc or mid from factory sat nav was ooptional extra omn these cars, same with the mid i want high obc due to thats what im used too, i dont car about functions as ill be using after market stereo anyhow, as long as it gives me range, and alerts me with faults ill be happy but no idea on looms lol