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  1. richyx

    e39 pre facelift bowden cables

    pre 99 i need if anyone has any
  2. richyx

    Recaro seat option in Alpina B10s

    theres actually a pair on ebay from an e46 audi never had lumber ofr heated etc so you need to find a set with lumber at least, if it has heated it has the cooling vent system as well, would only be live and earth and then the heated would go to the original heat wiring which is only 1 or 2 wires again would be easy enouh to wire up, only downside means you would have to have the seat retrimmed in leather and fit them to e39 bases and they have manual lumber which sucks
  3. richyx

    Recaro seat option in Alpina B10s

    they are recaro topline seats, they look different due to how the stitching has been done, just a universal seat as well i believe like most recaros, also other cars use them as well
  4. richyx

    e39 pre facelift bowden cables

    Oh erm unsure now always thought pre facelift was 99 and before lol Alls I know is the cables I need have 2 hooks instead of just 1 and a white bit of plastic
  5. richyx

    e39 pre facelift bowden cables

    im in need of some pre facelift bowden cables so i can fit e38 handles also a auto gear gaitor in a cream/beige or any light colour sort of need these parts asap as its holding me fit all my new interior
  6. richyx

    E39 leather door card variations

    my door cards are full leather except the top piece, even the door pockets are leather
  7. richyx

    E39 leather door card variations

    I know this is a very old thread but any help on this I have full leather door cards but the top is normal I believe they came from alpina being they have maroon speaker grills but card is champagne Top are standard Stitching is oem and.not alpina But even more so they have leather door pockets? This is what I'm trying to work out wether they are oem or alpina Anyone else got leather pockets?
  8. richyx

    e39 540 power steering pump urgently

    ive asked about parts on his sale pages before and he just ignores my posts, so i wont bother asking him
  9. my power steering pump has snapped and im stuck without a car, im in need of a pump asap with bolts as my adjuster has snapped too and 1 bolt seems to of rattled out
  10. richyx

    my 540 touring

    yeah, it does weigh a bit and sometimes my boot have to give it a helping start if not used regular, il see how it goes though
  11. richyx

    my 540 touring

    got the heating elements in and active massage into the contours, just got to get brackets welded on for tables then ready to dye in champagne one issue i came across was for head rests, the motor is longer on comfort than it is contour yet head rests are the same height and shape but the mirror versions stuck up about an inch, so took the leectrical connectiosn off and swapped them over so head rest sits flush
  12. richyx

    my 540 touring

    it is yes, i managed to probably find the only one brand new in the box lol at a bargain price at that lol wheels are up for 1200 but lowest is 1k the refurb cost me 400, badges 110 and valves 44 let alone the removal and fit of tyres and balance, sort of wish i left them in the rough state and took the offers i got before hand
  13. richyx

    my 540 touring

    waiting for logbook back as then my private plate can be fitted
  14. richyx

    my 540 touring

    they were on ebay but removed them and just left them on fb sales pages bumping every couple of weeks lol