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    E28 - M50 Conversion
  1. DazH

    Low coolant warning?

    Yeah, I'm putting a rad from a 330Ci E46 which DOES have a sensor into my E28 and when I removed my standard rad and my expansion bottle (520i LUX) it had no sensors on um My car does not have the overhead check panel. I defo have no dash lights for low coolant I even blew a hole the size of a mango in my M20's cylinder head when the coolant ran dry during a 150 mile trip (had it's reasons for the coolant running dry) and i had no warning until it was too late. Even my temp gauge didn't pick up on it! haha b00m! Daz
  2. DazH

    E28 M50 - Sump Ground Clearance

    Cheers Ed Yeah I'm going to prop up the arm on the N/S and mess around with the tran-mounts me thinks...
  3. DazH

    525E on webay. any one on here?

    She's gorgeous. Some visible rust but, to be expected I guess. Daz
  4. DazH

    E28 M50 - Sump Ground Clearance

    M20 mounts have been used I'm going to try prop the N/S mount up with some steel plates
  5. DazH

    E28 M50 - Sump Ground Clearance

    Engine and sump was removed from an E34 matey
  6. DazH

    gear oil ? help ?

    What I used =']
  7. DazH

    Front end rebuild

    Interesting thread! Important part to give attention too and often missed i guess Daz
  8. From the photos, what a gorgeous motor mate. Beautiful. Belongs on our roads Daz
  9. Hey guys, So the M50 sits in the bay nicely. The G240 tran I used sits on the original mounts nicely. But.. As you can see, the sump is hanging down too low. I'll have that demolished by a British speed bump within a few minutes I used the mounting arms and rubbers from the M20. All seems okay elsewhere. Just the sump being too close to the floor for my liking. Aswell as, she's being lowered so... can't have this. Anyone any ideas? I've heard of using metal plates to push the engine up. This sounds like a good idea to me as I have enough clearance on top to push her up a bit more and I can do the same to the tran-mounts. no way of the Intake fitting with the standard brake servo so, have an 944 one inbound but maybe if I push the N/S up a bit, it might help some more?! I'm pretty okay with the mounting arms I have. I'm pleased they fit nicely. The rubbers are from the old car and are 26 years old so I will defo be changing them anyway. Any better ones I can buy? Like... would anyone suggest an alternative? otherwise i'm just going to buy the E28 M20 ones again. What would YOU do in my position? all help greatly appreciated! Daz
  10. I done it once to my E38 Took all the chrome off Sanded it all down so it was rough Acid etch primar Halfords matt balck bumper paint (Because, it's slightly flexible it being made for bumpers) Worked okay Alots of work though. All the clips broke so ended up siliconing it all back on! hahaha Daz
  11. Umm right now, almost everything I have to get my car back on the road. Already spent £2k on the engine alone. It's killing me but love it Daz
  12. DazH

    Hello 5er Folk!

    Hello Fellow 5er Pilots! My name's Darren and from South-East London, Bermondsey. some 'Might' recognise me from BMW owners club Uk. I have me a gorgeous '87 E28 520i. Not looking so gorgeous right now as it only has half an engine and a dismantled... well... Everything. I'm about half way through an M50 conversion. Good fun, Good fun. Just joining for the banter really. I'm quite savvy with a spanner so, if I can assist I shall! Maybe some of you older folk can lend a hand with my motor to! Anyway, I have a facebook page I recently started so if anyone wants to join in on that, feel free https://www.facebook.com/BmwE28SocietyUk Hope to jump in the forums as soon as possible thanks very much Daz