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  1. Apologies for restarting an old thread. I am also interested in this question before I purchase one. I understand track information won't display for Android but does the music streaming function and track control still work OK? Thanks James
  2. Update!!!! Chr15gb - Thanks pal I took your advice and took the terminals off and held them together for 20 seconds and then put them back on. Switched on ignition and no more errors!!!!! Wooooooooooooooooo I'm so happy right now :D Thanks again for everyone's input!!!! Not saying it's not fixed for good but took it for test drive and so far so good! It is a BMW after all so give it until next week when some other electrical niggle will reappear! Appreciate it again guys. All the best James
  3. Thanks Horsey. I do have a copy of DIS V44 from a long time ago I believe somewhere but can't remember if I ever got it to work in the end. I know years ago I got DIS V57 working on a VM but from what I can vaguely remember it was Diag only and no coding... I have a look tonight. Had car a year in September and battery was in it already not sure on when that battery was put in there. It's probably due to replaced though. Is there anyway of checking with a Multi meter etc to see if battery is bad without replacing it for a new one? I know it has around 12.5/12.6v when its fully charged which is about right I think? It's a Varta Silver I believe. I'll try the Optima yellow top when I get home too chances are though that will need re-registering as its a AGM battery. Cheers
  4. Horsey - I haven't re-registered since its been out the car for a week should I do that do you think? If I need to re-register whats the best software to do it with? I looked for the Power Module under Body in INPA last night briefly but it was missing.. Baus - Actually I think you're right mate D works for diagnostics but P doesn't as its for coding... I will have a play and see if i can get D working. Cheers
  5. Baus, Yep good point I will double check all cables tonight. It was about 1130pm last night when I was finishing up so maybe I missed something. Only thing I would say though it isn't getting hot now so I assume the short/arching/bad connection has been resolved... But as you say it may have killed a module in the process. Before I changed the alternator though and the reg was being naughty putting out 15v the ABS/DSC modules did disable themselves due to over voltage. Now after clearing all codes on the modules with INPA the only one I get back is: "E107 - K-Can Bus off" I've got ISTA/D and P installed and ready to go just yet to get an ICOM A2 as the last one I ordered never actually got sent to me. I'm looking into a ICOM Emulator which I could hopefully use with my USB K+DCAN cable but haven't got round to it yet...
  6. Yeah I'll find out with Fairfield Shaz might even be in the service history too. Funnily enough Prestige changed the Positive blow off battery cable in January as it kept putting an Airbag light on and the module is built in the cable apparently. Annoyingly that cable got melted but for £300 I wasn't going to buy a new one again lol. Found a guy selling all 2 positive and negative cable for £30. Perfect condition too so thought id go for that. I had them change the Alternator out a couple of weeks ago and they verified voltage is correct now. Spoke to Harry after the terminal got hot again and he agreed with me about the Resistance problem so that's why I changed the battery cables. Haven't had a chance to take it into them yet and if I can't resolve this I will book it in. It must be something silly I reckon.... Well hope anyway
  7. Good question Mark! I will check when I get home from work. I did do the 13mm nut pretty tight to the chassis after replacing the Earth cable too as the eBay one looked very slightly better nick than mine. After reading other forums people have had similar symptoms and other have said it could be down to the battery. Even though mine starts the car absolutely fine and has an output reading of 12.52v off the car I suppose it did get cooked when the Regulator went. I do have an Optima Yellow top AGM battery lying around somewhere from the old car maybe I'll give that a charge and see if it helps at all. BMW electrics do my head in! Cheers James
  8. Hi Mark, I read about the recall but from what I've seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3BUrN_-GOk it looks like its only the Plastic Cap that's changed. Mine has the White cap and grease so can only assume a previous owner has had the replaced already... Cheers James
  9. Hey Guys, Having an absolute nightmare with the M5 at the moment... Really need some help before I scrap the thing lol. All started a few weeks back when I took my coat out the boot. It was Red hot. A little confused as to why I lifted up the boot floor and saw a nicely melted hole in it. Tried to put my hand on the positive battery terminal and it was about 100000000 degrees so thought hmmm there may be a slight problem. Got the multi meter out and found Alternator charging at 15.6v so knew regulator was on the way out. As the car is on 80k miles anyway I thought I may as well change the Alternator at the same time as the bearings are due to go no doubt. Thought I'd save myself another job at a later date. So New Alternator/Regulator fitted Problem solved now charging at the correct 14.4v and No More Error messages.......... Great I thought! Checked the positive terminal.Red hot again!! In the process of the car overcharging previously it not only melted the boot floor it also completely melted all the red plastic off the cables to the point it looked like dripping wax. So I thought it must be a resistance issue on the connector. I wiggled the smaller positive cable and it was loose on the nut. I tried to the undo the nut to have a look at the surface and it completely sheered off. The metal had turned purple so I can only assume it welded itself together Wow lucky the car didn't catch fire I think! So I ordered some second hand battery cables from a guy eBay perfect condition and nice and tight connections. Installed both Positive cables including the blow off cable and even replaced Negative just for good will sake. Ran car for a while and voltage perfect 14v and no longer getting hot.... Yay! I thought. Took it round the block and now I'm getting the attached error message. Drives fine but have the ABS/DSC/Hand brake light. Cluster like a Xmas tree but all gauges working fine. Plugged in INPA and KOMBI is showing error E107 tried clearing but its like the Terminator it keeps coming back. This was late last night and had to go to work today so called it a night. Battery is sitting there on a CTEK MXS 5.0 charger in Recon mode just in case its the battery that is causing some issues. Going to check all fuses and connections when I get home. Sorry for the long post! Has anyone got ideas or could point me in the right direction? Many Thanks James
  10. Sounds good to me 1. Shaz - E60 2. amand - E39 3. WilllAm4 - E60 4. 530dE60 - Andy - E60 5. bigdaddybmx - F11 6. Loadmaster - E39 7. Kris_KR52JAW - E39 maybe as my baby is due on 23rd 8. yellowgixxer - F10 or E39 or GSX-R 750 (Caveat - I missed the last one because I had to work, and things are a bit fluid at the moment so it could happen again...) 9. Oxo e39 10. Kenny E39 540 (maybe supercharged by then) 11. 711jrp (Pete) E39 M5 12. Joss (err Joss suprisingly) E12 M535i 13. Ifti007 - E60 14. Mit_p - f30. I'm gonna tweet this to Munich legends again. This time they will have plenty of notice and someone will hopefully arrive!! 15. Kadirllb - E60 530d M Sport 16. Raj and his brother with slr camera 17. 5ermad - E60 or E28 18. Blobby - E61 or K1300R 19. Uber Tramp - E34 20. Baus - E60 nbt retrofitted 21. Has - E39 M5 22. Whippy - E60 M5 23. 24. 25.
  11. Had a great day out with my friends Joe and Mike. Was great to talk to fellow 5 series enthusiasts. It's given me some more ideas and projects to do on my car now. Cheers Shaz for organizing this one and whens the next one! James
  12. Looking to be a great turn out now Really looking forward to this one! On a side note...Thought I'd ask... Anyone going an expert with coding tools like NCS Expert etc.. I've got all the cables/software/laptop all installed and ready to go just don't have a clue how to use it even after watching countless tutorials plus my German sucks... :-/ If anyone wouldn't mind showing me how it works that would be amazing! Beer money of course in exchange! Cheers James
  13. Ha yep that was me Shaz snapped my engine mount Harry said you came down. Thank you mate! Just had a muffler delete done couple of weeks ago by Solid Fabrications. It is pretty loud now haha. Here's a vid a few hours after it was installed... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1AhyhOmzjJickFZMTFYVDRNX0E/view?usp=sharing
  14. Looking to be a great turnout! Please put me down Shaz. Cheers James
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    Thanks Guys! No sorry I meant before when I joined I had an "X5" (See original post on this thread) so not technically a 5 series but now I have a real actual 5 series