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  1. Jonathan Pugh

    Brake upgrades

    Damn that's what I thought. I know what you mean about getting the discs machined instead but that would take them down to there "minimum thickness" Unless there's aftermarket pads that aren't as thick as OEM ones
  2. Jonathan Pugh

    Brake upgrades

    @LukeH I've not given up looking at other options for discs on these. I know you said 28mm thick discs where tight but do you think 30mm think would squeeze in? I wonder if it would be possible to have 1mm shaved of each pad if not. I've found some 348x30 discs that have the correct offset for the E39 hubs
  3. Jonathan Pugh

    Brake upgrades

    Yes I've got an E39 setup for sale, I don't really want to sell the adapters on there own really. I might sell just the adapters if I keep the calipers and fit them onto my E60 hubs. This picture shows how much the face of the caliper protrudes past the face of the hub (8-9mm). I think the offset of theses discs is 73mm so anything less than that would make the caliper get closer to the inside face of the wheel. Hope all goes well with the OP deepan
  4. Jonathan Pugh

    Brake upgrades

    This is the issue I was talking about with the discs being not as tall as E39 discs. I think there is a 20mm difference in height if memory serves me right. With new adapters it should be possible just have to check wheel clearance as the caliper will be closer to the inside face of the wheel
  5. Jonathan Pugh

    Brake upgrades

    Aren't the oem M5 discs 32mm in thickness though? @LukeH said the csl discs which are only 28mm thick where a squeeze
  6. Jonathan Pugh

    Brake upgrades

    Deepan, I've looked into bigger discs in the past for the 6 pot 135i. There are the 335i ones which are 348mm x 30mm so I don't think they will go on with new pads. There are the 370mm discs from the new f30s but again 30mm thick. If you could get new pads that where slightly thinner either of them might clear. With the M3 CSL discs just be careful as the caliper will end up closer to the face of the wheel as there not as tall as the E39 ones
  7. Jonathan Pugh

    E39 M5 Extended Caramel Heritage Leather, complete

    I've just put one of these interiors up for sale if anyone is still looking
  8. I brought this to put in my M5 but changed my mind now so it's up for sale. E39 M5 full leather interior Includes Front and rear heritage leather seats- no rips or tears but general wear due to the Napa leather being so delicate. Door cards: They are fully trimmed in leather not like normal vinyl ones. See the stitching around the pockets. Drivers front and rear, good condition just some scuffs etc Passenger side have had airbags deployed. The front is worse than the rear, the rear can be popped back into place but the front has broken some of the tabs. My plan was to use an airbag panel form another door card and Transfer the caramel leather over to fix the problem. Leather lower dash a very rare option especially in this colour! Centre console with arm rest. All parts in good condition just a few scuffs here and there. Complete carpet for a saloon removed without cutting where the heater matrix is just needs a wet vac. Leather side panels for tunnel All the interior would look like new after a leather restoration with dye which was my original plan. Id recommend the liquid leather stuff as it works great. These parts are getting very rare to come buy now so get them while you can very few had the fully leather trimmed door cards. I can send more pictures if you like please drop me a message £1650 collection only. I'm firm on the price so no silly offers please
  9. 1998 540i biratz blue 86k mileage 5hp24 gearbox have videos of in use glass sunroof £70 Single stage early sport wheel £75 mk2 nav setup screen, radio module, tv tuner, trimble, traffic master, phone module and corded phone, wiring with all aerials included £250 Comfort seats with 4 door cards, electric steering column, column switch, drivers door loom, all wiring for interior. £350 parts already missing: both bumpers, bonnet, wings, front doors, engine please ask for any parts you need car is located 1 mile from junction 14 on the M6
  10. Jonathan Pugh

    anyone fitted the bmw performace brake kit to the e39

    They are I probably just didn't explain it very well. Look at this picture. see there's there normal 74.1mm centre bore that the wheel goes on. Theres then the bigger centre bore just at the bottom that the disc goes around. the e39 and e90 have the same size hole in the centre of the disc so it is a tight fit as normal
  11. Jonathan Pugh

    anyone fitted the bmw performace brake kit to the e39

    F10 bits are expensive. Discs £800 a pair. Calipers I bet don't change hands for less than £600 a pair. I bet you could only run 18s maybe only 19s due to disc size. Someone needs to do the hard work of if they'll fit. Make prototype adapters to maybe not even be successful it would be a big outlay before starting any custom machining work.
  12. Jonathan Pugh

    anyone fitted the bmw performace brake kit to the e39

    I got a price on 34110444771 which is the full kit front and rear just checked what a numpty lol. the discs go straight over as the hole in the disc is say 77mm and the disc sits on a recess that's larger than the 74.1 centre bore so they go straight on
  13. Jonathan Pugh

    anyone fitted the bmw performace brake kit to the e39

    When the kit was first available it was about £850 which was about 4 years ago. At £1350 it isn't that bad I don't think as your getting brembo calipers which you would hope the quality would be better than the d2 and k sport etc