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  1. Thanks guys for organising such a great day Had a fab time C u again soon (Ace Cafe maybe)
  2. Thanks for sorting it out Tim & Fats
  3. Got ticket today C u all on Sunday
  4. Hi Maca, just joined... We met at the Ace Cafe, have sent you a message with my number on here. How do I pay? Cheers bud
  5. Tangoed

    Hey Im new on here...

    Hey all, We met some nice fellas at the Ace Cafe last month and we talked about the next Car show in Uxbridge in July. Seem one of these guys was one of the administrators of the site. Sorry forgot names but he own blue e39 M5 which is shown on intro of Top Gear show. As we just joined, need a bit of guidance & help, also would like to be involved in the Uxbridge show as discussed as we are only 5 mins away. Any info on other upcoming meet/events or runs would be appreciated. Many thanks Tim & Fats