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  1. Bet the engine bay variety can take a wack better than yours can though!
  2. A good friend of mine has one and i have spent quite a lot of time in it. My view is that it is vastly underpowered. It is far too heavy for a 2 litre 4 cylinder. The engine/chassis are a mismatch. A manual gearbox is a mistake due to the narrow and inadequate powerband Go auto, or go 6 cylinder auto
  3. teddy83

    No 520 d badge on boot.

    Leave it off, and definitely don't just get an M badge
  4. teddy83

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Sold mone today. I love the engine and the presence that the car has but it's time for something new
  5. teddy83

    535d Performance....

    The new 3 series may feel quicker than yours for a few reasons. The interior is much smaller, they are a bit lighter, they are only about 30bhp off and the power on a 330d is less linear than on a 35d engine so imo feels like ot boosts a bit harder. If you are really worried, get the fault codes read and get it rolling roaded to see what it produces. Try a newer 530d and I bet yours will feel in a different league. I use both the 3 and the 5 in 3 litre guise at work and the 3 series feels in a different league to the 5
  6. teddy83

    Tire reccomends

    Be very careful with tyre leader and make sure you look at the year that the tyre was manufactured! Many of their tyres are only cheap because they are old
  7. teddy83

    Possibly conned

    You'd be surprised! That's why having a mechanic that you trust is so important If you're that worried, maybe phone the garage or ask a mate who's handy with a spanner to check the filter? It'll be pretty obvious if it's new
  8. teddy83

    Possibly conned

    Have a look at the filter..surely that'll tell you if it's been done or not. I wouldn't expect a mechanic to clear all of the crud out tbh
  9. teddy83

    E60 535d Touring Buying Advice

    Between 15 and 30 horsepower?
  10. teddy83

    Corrosion area's E60

    Body work wise, the corners of the bootlid under the tailgate glass bubbles on a few cars
  11. teddy83

    BMW engine light on help.

    The I drive and centre display (if you toggle through) should tell you what it is thats making the triangle come on. If the engine light goes out, no issue, just part of the ignition cycle
  12. teddy83

    BMW engine light on help.

    Does the little warning triangle next to 'P' go out as Well? It's the initial ignition check I think so it should be fine if it goes out when the engine starts