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  1. 740mick

    New Arrival

    First jobs a load liner Kenny its spotless inside and going try keep it that way
  2. 740mick

    thought I would share

    That looks really well,great looking car
  3. 740mick

    Any other E38 owners on here?

    Dare i say i would love to have another E38,thinking about selling my E39 525 sport
  4. 740mick

    I really enjoy my job .............. do you?

    HGV class 1, yes i do still enjoy it,worked for a few rogues over the years but although i live in Stoke i work for a Scottish haulier now pulling a fridge,mostly meat deliveries all over UK,excellent tackle to do the job with,i drive an 09 reg Scania R620 with every option box ticked,money good and hours pretty regular for tramping,leave home Sumday night get back home normally before dinner on Fridays and above all the mans a gentleman to work for.
  5. 740mick

    Back with the blue and white badge!

    I may be wrong,but the op is based in Belfast and the style of number plate is standard font over there,I have friends who drive Northern Irish trucks and their plates are the same style
  6. 740mick

    Glasgow helicopter crash

    Thoughts go out to all involved,i was shocked to hear about this today
  7. 740mick

    Gone for Gold

    Been on here for a while now,threads are often informative,some give you a laugh,enjoyed a meet up at Sutton Hall a while back with some decent forum members,so this morning thought it was about time i went for Gold, Thanks fellas i do honestly think this is the best forum i,ve been on.
  8. 740mick

    Pics of my new 5

    That looks lovely Rupert,shame the 530 had to go but the new touring will ease the pain,plus you,ve always got the vert to tinker with
  9. 740mick

    Hi this is my new project

    That looks very tidy Dave,i like the wheels
  10. 740mick

    Blue Brothers

    Looking well there,Good luck for tomorrow i,m sure the 5 will sell itself
  11. I had an 02 reg 3ltr and found it to be a great car,as Gary says the 70k mileage mark is the hurdle to get past,to be fair apart from a Jaguar recall for the expansion bottle which are prone to cracking om the seam identified early by drips of water on the floor by the drivers side wing back edge my car was totally trouble free,autos ate known to give problems but mostly software problems i think, Depreciation is the cars biggest fault unfairly in my opinion as they,re great cars
  12. 740mick

    Derby A38

    M---TAX Silverstone Blue E60 M5,A38 south out of Derby, Nice !
  13. 740mick

    Unfunny funny people...

    Kielty seemed way out of his depth today interviewing Kenny Rogers on Radio 2
  14. 740mick

    Bloody fireworks!

    I know what your saying fellas and agree totally,Hartley our Bullmastiff has not been happy at all this past few days and as you say it will continue well past 5th November
  15. 740mick

    Wheel Alignment - how much are you paying?

    Just had 4 wheel allignment and geometry check done 2 weeks ago at ABP Motorsport nr Crewe,feels like a different car now,took about an hour or so and was £80
  16. 740mick

    Next NW meet?

    Big Freindly Giant me,i was a bit quiet with it being my 1st meet but enjoyed meeting you all Thanks again
  17. 740mick

    Next NW meet?

    About 6,2" i think
  18. 740mick

    Next NW meet?

    Sorry i couldn,t stay a bit longer fella,s only i need a few hours kip before i start work and head to Scotland,It was good meeting you and really impressed with the cars Cheers
  19. 740mick

    Next NW meet?

    Hope the weather holds,its dry and sunny but bit chilly here in Stoke,
  20. 740mick

    Next NW meet?

    I,ll be there,about 1pm
  21. 740mick

    Thinking about getting a Doberman

    Stan looks so proud sat there Barney,what a lovely looking dog
  22. 740mick

    Thinking about getting a Doberman

    We have a Bullmastiff,he,s our third one,lost our 1st Henry to cancer at the age ot 6,then after much thought had another,Harvey he lived till he was just past 9yo had trouble with arthritus his last 3yrs finally his cruciate ligament and age forced us to put him to sleep,and after 6mths of mourning and deliberation we now have Hartley who is just coming upto his 3rd birthday,he,s a brilliant dog,pet,friend in every way, Like all dogs the Bullmastiff have their problems but the rewards for us outweigh the negatives.Hartley has come from excellent blood lines which we hope will narrow the chances of health problems later in life for him, Whichever dog you choose i wish you well
  23. 740mick

    Next NW meet?

    27th ok for me
  24. 740mick

    M5 Touring

    Spotted M80 by Old Innes Svs M5 Touring,Hartge badge on tailgate,lovely very dark blue possibly black colour,07 reg, Wednesday 9th October mid morning. If the driver is on here,you Sir have a stunning car,I was in a blue and yellow Scania Topline and flashed you as you went past,