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  1. 740mick

    My e34 M5 Elekta Touring

    Looks stunning Dave,wouldn,t expect anything else though if the V8S is anything to go by.
  2. 740mick

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    How can you tell they don,t suit the e39 lines when the pic shows them on an e46.
  3. 740mick

    New to Forum

    Welcome,M5 looks nice.
  4. 740mick

    New to this forum...

    Welcome to the forum Steve,get some pics of the 535 up,we like pics on here.
  5. Another old expensive to run BMW thats way overpriced.
  6. 740mick

    Hi, just joined !

    Welcome Ocallen,good history you have of working around and owning BMWs,don,t be shy about putting pics up of your BMWs,we do like pics on here.
  7. 740mick

    SuperDave RIP

    Very sad news indeed,our heartfelt condolences to Daves family and friends, Rest in Peace Dave.
  8. 740mick

    Hi newbie here

    Welcome Ian,the 5 looks very smart in white.
  9. 740mick

    Andy's E39 M5

    Great colour combo,looks fantastic,hope its all you want it to be.
  10. 740mick

    M23 northbound

    Spotted a very tidy looking Titan Silver 530i Sport this morning around 10ish on M23 through the roadworks.
  11. 740mick

    Impatient newbie seeking distraction!

    Welcome Jack,be sure to get pics up when you take delivery.
  12. 740mick

    E60 alloy wheel colour question

    I,ve not long bought an E63 Rory,went to view it even though the advert showed it sat on aftermarket black 19inch wheels which i,ve never been a fan of, Arrived at the dealers and fell in love with it,its in a similar colour to your E60 and the gloss black wheels with gloss shadowline trim really suits it i think,i just need some gloss black grilles now to finish it off.
  13. 740mick

    Hi there

    Welcome F10driver,looks like a good history of BMWs you,ve had there.
  14. 740mick

    Buying used/Not Local...

    You,re right there,this does get some looks,i think the colour helps,in the sun it shines grey/blue with a real sparkle to it, Struggling to upload pics,i,ll have to go on imgur or another to upload.
  15. 740mick

    Buying used/Not Local...

    Yes,really happy,after a couple of disappointing dealer issues in the past this has been a pleasant car buying experience.