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  1. 740mick

    E39 M5

    Out walking the dog yesterday evening spotted a lovely silver e39 M5 on the A34 at Trentham by Trentham Gardens Staffordshire, Wondered if there had been a show on somewhere as not long after spotted a dark blue 635i and a red 325i i think it was.
  2. 740mick

    So what are you doing in isolation?

    Enjoying a nice relaxing week on NE coast of Scotland,between Banff and Fraserburgh,rented a lovely old fishermans cottage with views out to sea, Very very relaxing.
  3. That looks lovely Duncan,i enjoyed my e46 325Ci as a daily for 2yrs before i bought the 630i,its the only car i used to own that i regularly check on gov.uk to see if its MOT,d n taxed,hoping its still being used and looked after.
  4. 740mick

    Show us pics of your none 5 BMW

    Yes i remember it well Rich:( We lost Harty our Bullmastiff and i just came home one day and sold it and bought a lemon of a E61 525i,sold that bought the Audi for Donna and i had a E46 325ci which was lovely but then made way for a 630i which only got sold as i needed another dog carrying capable car. The XC70 is great for that,Hamish is only 1year old and is already nearly 70kg,fully grown he will be near St Bernard size so next purchase could be a MRST Transit, We are going away in 2weeks to a cottage up near Banff in Scotland so we,ll see how the Volvo and roof box cope.
  5. 740mick

    Show us pics of your none 5 BMW

    I,m totally BMWless at the minute,Donnas 3.2 Audi A3 keeps soldiering on with a clean sheet MOT pass this week and the Volvo XC70 is doing a sterling job of ferrying us and Hamish our Leonberger around. A meet up would be good sometime to catch up with old forum friends
  6. Excelllent Condition,then goes on to say its got lacquer peel and a dent, IT,S NOT EXCELLENT THEN,IS IT.
  7. 740mick

    E39 530d

    Spotted a very clean looking E39 530d sport touring heading up the A41 in Shropshire last evening about 1730hrs,Titan Silver with a private plate on.
  8. 740mick

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Still stunning as to be expected Dave.
  9. 740mick

    Sterling Grey e39 530d

    Spotted yesterday M6 North @3pm around Corley services,very nice looking e39 530d in Sterling Grey,T- NHA.
  10. 740mick

    Techno Alpina B10 V8S

    Thats lovely
  11. 740mick

    RIP HRH The Prince Philip

    Very sad for the Queen,70 odd years married, RIP Sir.
  12. Loaded on Felixstowe dock this afternoon,in the companies compound for imports there,s a rather dusty violet coloured e36 M3,they say its been in the country about a month awaiting transport to its new UK owner.
  13. Would that be a period colour? I quite like that in red.
  14. Vauxhall Senators Duncan,i,d love another 3.0ltr 24v but there,s nothing about,the odd Monza pops up on E-Bay but no late Senators to be had.