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  1. 740mick

    Hi from italy :)

    Welcome Gianluca,looks a nice well kept example in your pics, Lots of info and help on here to keep your e39 looking and running well.
  2. 740mick

    The new motor.

    Very Smart Paddy,I like that.
  3. 740mick

    BMW 645i V8 Auto.

    I don,t want an American muscle car for its fit and finish,i want it for its V8 and its kerbside appeal (for me anyway), I think it stems from childhood where a close neighbour had a blue metal flake Charger with silver Starsky n Hutch style stripe on and big chrome slot mags, Wally Mullen you were the coolest man in the village with that car.
  4. 740mick

    BMW 645i V8 Auto.

    Not really set on any particular make or model Dennis,year 2000 on Mustangs,Camaros or Challengers would be nice, Its just a box i,ve wanted to tick for a few years now,probably not rational but feel its something i want to own before its too late.
  5. 740mick

    BMW 645i V8 Auto.

    I was looking at these 12mths ago and following advice from learned fellow forum members decided against the V8 and plumped for a low owner full history 630i, 12months on i still look forward to every drive in it, As Andrew says everyone should own a V8 at some stage, I,ve been looking at American cars as we have a long standing importer and dealer not far from us and one will definetly be on the cards before too long but the 630i will be staying also.
  6. 740mick

    So what are you doing in isolation?

    Just tipped 3 drops of fresh eggs from Scotland around Yorkshire,going home now,been away since 7pm last Sunday, Hope everyone is keeping well.
  7. 740mick

    E39 530i touring

    That seems a tad optimistic with its 168000mls and hearing aid beige interior.
  8. 740mick

    bonnet and boot badges e39 touring

    Try Cotswold BMW Chris,forum sponsors,they will be more expensive than what you have looked at but quality far better.
  9. Still one of the best Tourings i,ve seen,Excellent work Jay.
  10. 740mick

    So what are you doing in isolation?

    Not so much isolation,but just arrived home for my first full weekend since lockdown started,nothing really to do but relax as Donna has mowed the lawns and decorated the bedroom while i,ve been away, Home now until Sunday night so i think its beer o,clock.
  11. 740mick


    On a lighter note,FAO d_a_n1979 if you use Booths supermarkets round your way i,ve just delivered some fresh mangos into their warehouse on Chain Caul Way along with fresh peas & purple radish into their place at Ribbelton. Fill ya boots as they say.
  12. Pair this e38 up with the 20inch style 32s highlighted on here and you would have one heck of a good looking car.
  13. 740mick


    Cheers Dave,Donna,s at home on furlough which is great as it has massively reduced any exposure to the virus,other than taking Hugo out for a walk she has kept herself busy within the confines of the house and garden, Hope you are all well at your end.
  14. Enjoyed watching that,i like the intakes incorporated into the fog light surround and the exhaust note is lovely.