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  1. 740mick

    Newbie E39 535i

    Welcome,looks like a good base for a project.
  2. 740mick

    E32 740i with Hartge bits

    Some epic work done here,I,m in awe, Both cars look stunning and are a credit to you.
  3. 740mick

    My 540ix Bluestone Build

    Two very smart looking cars,the 6er especially.
  4. 740mick

    E39 528i touring

    ^^^^^Thats the only question that entered my head about it, It is a lovely looking car certainly.
  5. We live 2 minutes from the main entrance to Trentham Gardens Rupes,lovely place to take a stroll round now with the shopping village,garden centre and the gardens.
  6. It did cross my mind to pm you to see if you might be interested in selling the 530i but then reasoned to myself that any car from your stable would be too nice to be used mainly as a dog transporter
  7. 740mick

    Potential New Owner

    Welcome Numero9,plenty of info on here to help with the E61.
  8. I know Dave,but the Volvo i can put the dog in and not worry, Wash it,hoover it and that will do,its just a workhorse really,did 502 mile in a day yesterday,Trentham to Callington and back,not a bad day really considering the weather was atrocious all day.
  9. That looks stunning,possibly the best looking car i,ve ever seen. Looks to be on a par with your very own V8s Dave.
  10. 740mick

    Petrol or Diesel ?

    Really nice fit and finish in the cab,its got the 2 tone leather in cognac(brown) and black,seats,dash,door panels & steering wheel all done in it with walnut trim on dash,centre console and door tops, Fridge/Freezer n microwave all standard, Goes well enough and fuels averaging 11+ to the gallon, I,d like a shot in a new Scania myself but won,t get one here,gaffers DAF thru n thru which isn,t a bad thing i suppose,they,re great for living in all week like i do.
  11. 740mick

    Petrol or Diesel ?

    Work wise Steve i,m now in a 2020 DAF Super Space 530, Car wise i,ve bought a 2009 Volvo XC70,wasn,t particularly looking for one of these a normal V70 would have been fine,but this one came up at a local dealer,picking it up this Saturday,nice history,2 owners in same family and fully stamped service book.
  12. 740mick

    New boy checking in

    Welcome,the new touring looks nicely specced.
  13. 740mick

    Brown Cars

    Many moons ago i had a Roman Bronze Mk1V Cortina 1.6L,later trading it for a Jupiter Red with black vinyl roof Mk1V 2.3 Ghia.
  14. 740mick

    Brown Cars

    The Sienna Brown 3.0csi looks lovely as does the Bentley, I,ve seen pics of a newish shape 7series Alpina in a gorgeous brown colour with gold Alpina stripes,seems like i,ve got the same affliction too.
  15. 740mick

    Petrol or Diesel ?

    I understand that,but the e63 doesn,t have a tailgate with dodgy electrics and water ingress issues, As i say above if i could get an e61 that was half as reliable as the e63 has been i would buy it, I may have just been lucky with my e63 or unlucky with the e61 i owned but both will be remembered but for very different reasons.