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  1. thanks for your feedback I had a little hope as it is written in the manual of the manufacturer that android is managed i was not hoping to handle playlist from the dashboard buttons but at least to stream music from any app thanks
  2. Hi As anyone tried Invery AirDual 100 with an android phone ? My Iphone 3GS i was using with the intravee is dead, the battery has exploded. Thanks
  3. tonyz4c

    ipod compatability

    thanks i will check if the connector has some dirt found that link about 5-12 v but it doen't seem to be really good as the ipod touch 2nd gen is supposed to handle both http://enfigcarstereo.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/IPOD_IPHONE_IPAD_COMPATABILITY_GUIDE.html
  4. tonyz4c

    ipod compatability

    hello Someone gave me an Ipod Touch 2nd generation (i was hoping to use it without any voltage converter but it is not the case ) The device doesn't seem to be recognized by the intravee/Alpine unit => no ipod Is there a limitation on apple software minimum version ? this ipod touch is still using 3.xx When i brought the intravee, i think that my 3gs device was also using v3.xx, the UI was good and responsive, now that i'm using last v6 available ( even if i have just rebooted the device ) i have no more the track listing / album listing of an artist displayed on the interface, only the dot in front of the title So i was hoping to keep the Itouch in v3 to have a more reactive UI , but i might have to upgrade the software ? Any opinion is welcome
  5. tonyz4c

    Firmware 6.02-7041 and User Guide

    OK thanks, i will reboot my iphone more often, i'm hoping it's not a problem with the Kca as i bought a brand new one to toysinyourcar with the intravee The unlock of the trunck is not a big problem so i will live with it
  6. tonyz4c

    Firmware 6.02-7041 and User Guide

    hi I have used the intravee during my 2 weeks holiday every day (5000 km) and i have small problems. Using an iphone 3gs, the device is not detected when i'm letting it plugged and i'm starting the engine again. So each time i have started the engine i had to unplug/plug the device otherwise i had "no ipod" message. After some time using the search by album/song, the display is "broken", i'm only seeing the dash buttons in front of each title/album using the right button to move between each entries do not refresh the list ( so it's not easy to find the back entry ) => i had to go back to search top level to have the list refreshed i have set the intravee to lock the doors when driving, but it seems that when i'm unlocking them the trunk is still locked are there several levels of lock/unlock ? actually to unlock the trunk i have to lock the car again using the key and then unlock it thanks
  7. tonyz4c

    Firmware V6.02-6999

    hi ihave checked and within extras menu i ony have vehicule info and extras settings i'm missing control i have already accepted the disclamer as i was able to go to setup clock any idea how to reset the intravee without any pc ? ( i'am on holidays for the next 2 weeks) thanks
  8. tonyz4c

    Firmware V6.02-6999

    hi i forgot to mention that i have v6.02.xxx you have posted in this thread i think that i have also tried without the high OBC but i will do another attempt I have alreday accepted the extra settings, and since then it seems that some menu entries are missing but i might be lost in all theses menu levels yes i haven't reset my idevice since ages, i will give a try I have also read yesterday on Z4forum that some functionalities work best using E46 serie 1 on Z4, i will try this solution as well ( mine is a M from 2006 so supposely a facelist version ) thanks richard
  9. tonyz4c

    Firmware V6.02-6999

    hello i have a Z4 coupe (E86) with satnav 16/9 + carver + dsp + bluetooth i'm set on UI6 and E46 type 2 / Z4 i have severals questions for you guys i'm trying to understand how the pdc informations are supposed to be displayed. I have set the pdc settings to Auto PDC, Rear Only, High OBC but i don't see anything when the reverse is engaged even if i can ear some "bip" when i'm approching something, is this feature working on all models ? I have set the clock to be synchronised with gps but forget to add the timezone value, how can i reset that now ?, it seems that some entries have now disappeared in the extra menu and last problem, i have an iphone 3gs and it seems that when i'm searching by artist then selecting an album the "now playing informations" is displaying the previous choice i'm selecting album 1 => "now playing" empty i'm selection album 2 => "now playing" displays album 1 informations ... Thanks
  10. Hi just an update to say that the oem kit is removed and that the intravee is now working well. The most difficult part is to remove the fans on top of the stereo After that using the pre-wired cables, you only have to follow the steps to plug the right cable into the right place , some are not easy to remove, there is always a place/cap to hold somewhere to free them. Thanks again pungo i will check my pictures and try to prepare a small tutorial if possible
  11. Hi I'm quite happy to have found your post. I brought an intravee 2 weeks ago from "Toys in your car" and only installed it yesterday in the boot using the 3 and 6 pin connectors But I was not able to make it detected in the audio display => NO DISK message I was about to test the fuse as i have read in other posts it might be one of the problem I have the OEM IPod installed in my E86M Coupe so it seems that i have to unplug it but i'm a bit afraid of the mess with removing the OEM interface In the procedure you have posted, from step 1 to 17, which one did you do ? I'm thinking to keep the cable in the glovebox Perhaps you have taken some pictures of your operations ? Laurent