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  1. MLAM

    F10 door corrosion

    I have one door that is notably affected, fronts seem ok at the moment. I took my car in last week for software programming update and mentioned it to service who got the body shop to look at it. They said they took pictures and sent it off to BMW to see if they'll do it. Exactly a week later I got a call today to say that they have approved my claim and will paint all 4 doors despite only one being apparent. As mine is only one door I'm in two minds to actually do it or leave it until all 4 get bad as I hear stories of bad paint jobs. What do others think?
  2. MLAM

    F10 door corrosion

    @bmwmike I know you left yours for a little while before eventually getting it done, can I ask if your corrosion got any worse in that time?
  3. MLAM

    Steering feel

    No worries, They are few and far between, I've seen one very high spec one once and that went like within a day, I think someone on here bought it. Depending on when the 2007 320d was built, if it was post September 2007 then it would have actually been Efficient Dynamics as thats when they launched it, it could explain why it didn't feel too different to the 2010 which definitely would have had it. If they were Manual transmissions I think they would have had Stop/Start also. For sure the tech is very different between the E9x to the F1x series of cars including the steering. I can kind of relate to what you mean about the "linear" feel but maybe not to such a extent to it being a bad video game on a xBox! I believe all the F1x cars used the same steering rack but don't quote me on that. Did you manage to get a test drive? You're welcome, I hope it helped you. It's interesting I've seen a few people say other manufactures have better steering feel than BMW, I do wonder how much of it is down to either tyres or software versions for the Electric Power Steering? Anything from July 2013 build is a facelift, biggest sign is the side indicator repeaters being moved to the door mirrors as opposed to the housing on the wing which in turn is now just a blanking decor piece unless you have Park Assist. The chassis configuration thing I believe is standard for the facelift models apart from possibly the very very basic cars. Let us know how you get on.
  4. MLAM

    Steering feel

    Hi @Andyrt200 I owned a E46 325i Sport for 8 years so I'm familiar with what you mean about the "feel" as the steering on that is heavy and weighted which in turn mean't you feel every rut on the road especially with the 18" wheels. I've also driven a E92 335i with the 19" wheels and even the steering on that felt light in comparison to the E46 as I believe BMW started implementing electric power steering on those, especially the later LCI models with the efficiency dynamics stuff. What year is your wife's E93? My wife owns a R56 JCW and you can definitely feel the speed sensitive power steering in that as around town and low speed it's pretty light but as you speed up it's actually fairly weighted, especially after I got BMW/MINI to update the cars software. What I will say is the car DID have runflats on it and thinking back sometimes it did give that "floaty" feeling that it was losing contact with the road but it wasn't, I think it's down to the fact that the sidewall is so stiff and they require such high tyre pressures it creates that feeling. It's much better now on non run flat tyres and feels very planted. Fast forward several years later, my E46 was going wrong left, right and centre so I made the decision to sell it (still miss the car) and I got offered a W212 Mercedes E220 CDI cheap, lovely car in it's own right but the steering is so light you don't feel anything. While it was a great mile muncher and it's exceedingly good turning circle made it useful in tight spots I didn't really gel with the car as much as I did with my BMW so I started looking at the 5 series. I've actually test driven 5 F10 before I purchased my one, they were all pre facelift, one with 18" wheels and M Sport suspension, two with 19" wheels and M Sport suspension and one with 19" wheels with NON run flat tyres and "Normal" suspension (M Sport suspension deletion). I will say that the steering on all of them feels overly assisted and quite light and actually almost as light as the Mercedes which I found surprising despite what people said about the "feel". The other one I test drove was a facelift 535i with 19" wheels and M Sport suspension and I definitely noticed the steering was stiffer than the pre facelifts but for whatever reason I was left underwhelmed with the engine and the ride was unusually harsh which I put down to the Pirelli tyres. In terms of smoothness I'd say it's between the 18" wheels with run flats and M Sport suspension but the run flats stiffness means you feel the "thud" on bumps that you didn't get with 19" non RFT and comfort suspension where it was very smooth all round but a bit soft. @bmwmike has actually driven two of these cars himself so I'm hoping he can offer his 2cents if he still remembers the other car My car is now a F11 facelift model with Variable Damper Control, it is currently fitted with the 19" 351 alloys with Goodyear Excellence Run flats, the steering is MUCH better weighted compared to the pre facelifts and you do feel more on the road but it still isn't at E46 levels. If you put it in sport mode it takes the stiffness of the steering further as well. Thanks to VDC I do get "Comfort+" mode which makes the ride very very smooth, however it still doesn't hide the limitations of a run flat tyre so the bumps are surprisingly harsh at times. As @bmwmike has said they are surprisingly agile for it's size but cos it's bigger and much better insulated compared to a E46 it may not feel like it. Interesting you mention about that "Feature" about the handbrake and gear lever, my car actually doesn't do that and stays in gear! However my old Mercedes did it which I did find annoying in parking situations! I'm due to get my cars software updated soon as it's 6 years out of date, I will report back to see if there is any change in the steering as I believe the power steering module gets updated along with whatever else is in the car. I'm not sure if you're aware that the F10/F11 got face-lifted in July 2013 where one of the things improved was the suspension/steering feel, I've experienced first hand the difference in them so I'd recommend you test drive one where you can. This might be where you're getting conflicting information. F11 535i's are unfortunately very rare as you've found out and when they do appear they seem to get snapped up very quickly or are very basic in spec. I was actually after one myself but coupled with the disappointing 535i saloon test drive, in the end I decided to go for a 535d and I am not disappointed with any aspect of it, yes it doesn't howl up to the 7k RPM redline but it does make a nice growl for a diesel. Apologies for the long reply but I'm hoping you find it useful.
  5. Spoiler looks brilliant! Where did you buy it from? Do you have a link to it?
  6. MLAM

    Officially joining the club

    Thanks! Yours looks nice too in Space Grey. Mine is Mineral Grey which is a bit darker than Space Grey, I wanted Space Grey but couldn't find one with the spec or the condition so it was a bit of a compromise but I do like Mineral Grey, Sophisto Grey on the other hand I don't like as it's too dark for me. Yep it's a LCI, beyond the standard M Sport spec it's got: Oyster Leather Fine Line Anthracite Wood Trim M Sport Plus Pack (19" Wheels, Harmon Kardon, Privacy Glass) Media Professional Plus Pack (Pro Nav + Heads Up Display) Variable Damper Control Digital Cockpit Electric Folding Mirrors Electric Front Seats + Memory Sports Auto Transmission (With Paddles) Rear Camera Extended Storage Roof Rails in Gloss Black Plus one more option which @535i Andrew will get very excited about.... Option 3AC - Trailer Tow Hitch Does this qualify as valid evidence? And what lovely pipes they are
  7. MLAM

    Officially joining the club

    So for everyone to see here are some initial pics (they're crap I know as I was too busy playing about in the car) More will follow once I've cleaned it up properly, its very clean already but as we all know we like to put our touches on it. I've already bought genuine BMW rubber mats in the car as seen in the pictures
  8. MLAM

    Officially joining the club

    @Yuri84 Don't apologise for the long post, it's good to share the details. It's not the most positive thing to here as Cardiff are my local dealership, I have a good relationship with the parts and service team so now I'm dreading going to bodyshop... @535i Andrew So it's tailpipe snobbery Pics to follow very soon Hi @SJL I'd love a G31 but they are a bit out of my reach at the moment so I settled on a F11 I'll have to keep an eye out in the future for any noises, all ok so far though. Did your car have a lot of spec? @bmwmike Thank you! When we're allowed to meet again maybe we should do a socially distanced meet in our area with others! @bmwPower Thank you! Yes it's new to me it's done just under 50k. I'm already looking at an oil change as this one was owned by an older gent who followed BMW to the book.
  9. MLAM

    Officially joining the club

    Hi @Yuri84, thanks for the nice words. Yes that's the other thing I wanted to put in my original post but it slipped my mind, thanks for the reminder! IIRC you got your car from Sytner Cardiff? @Cadwell Parker glad to hear you're happy with yours, I've driven a 530d Saloon before and I thought it was very nice so one can only imagine what a 535d is like. Ohh all the stuff you mention I'm too familiar with having owned a E46 and my wife has a R56 MINI. Interesting you mention about Hunter Road Force Balancing as I know about it but have not had any issues with any cars balanced on proper equipment (Hoffman MegaSpin and Hunter's equivalent. @535i Andrew I refrained from posting that but I guess you've done it now @Flat Cap thank you for the kind words! I certainly can't wait! I've been looking at oils closely, interestingly I recently put Millers EE Nanodrive in my wife's MINI and it's made the engine notably smoother in engine note and performance so I'll be looking to put that in the car soon, it's had a oil change from BMW September last year looking at the iDrive.
  10. Not done anything to it yet (as car isn't here yet) but I've ordered a set of genuine all weather mats from my friendly BMW Dealer
  11. Hi everyone, Sorry if it's the wrong forum so please feel free to move if needed. I'm not a frequent poster here but for those that know me @bmwmike will know that I have been hunting for a F10/F11 on and off for a while now. Well all being well it looks like I'll be joining the club so to speak at some point next week when I take delivery of my "new" F11 535d M Sport Touring I definitely can't wait and I certainly hope the car lives up to expectations. I've been doing quite a bit of reading on here so it looks like three key things I need to watch out for Yellow grommet leaking Rear door membrane failing Rear air bags failing Does any F10 and F11 owners have any other words of wisdom they wish to share?
  12. Hope you all get better soon Andrew You'll be wanting to add Turbo Boost to your 535i by the time you finish watching Knight Rider
  13. MLAM

    Swap out the F10....?

    I drove this car as well and I noticed that most if not all the tyres are out of balance as I detected noticeable vibration at speed, even my wife noticed it. In addition to what Mike mentioned the back of the drivers seat had some colour staining which I'm guessing from some of or crayon The gloss black trim on the doors looked really faded too. I doubt the car had moved since I drove it until you drove it to be honest I prefer the oyster leather but the standard Alu trim does not work with it, I agree with you as I've driven two 530i's (yours included) and to be honest I actually felt the N53 had more excitement and noise, unless they worked on sound insulation for the facelift? I agree the LCI steering feel is better and you feel the road more. Some times I wonder if we are better off waiting for a very low rate APR again on the G30 and buying one new that way haha
  14. MLAM

    MINI JCW Parts Pricing Please

    Would you be able to price it up even though it's not listed on my car? Can you also price up a set of Front wiper blades Rear wiper Can you confirm if both are aero blades or just the front and how long the rear blade is please? Also Do mini by chance sell the cord that connects the fuel cap the the flap seperate? Many thanks