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  1. Hey Guys, I'll be refurbing (New adjusters and lens covers) my facelift headlamps soon. While I have everything apart, I might as well upgrade the projectors. I was just wondering if anyone has fitted a different set of projectors to their headlamps? I know a fair few have done it to their LHD cars in Europe/USA but it would be no good to us RHD owners in the UK. I've been looking at e46 bixenon projectors, I've also seen an F10 bixenon on eBay. What about other car brands like Honda S2000 projectors, or Vauxhall Omega projector? The fitting looks similar to e39 ones. Thanks
  2. DerekJr.

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Not today, but last Sunday: Fitted a replacement bootlid and reverse camera
  3. DerekJr.

    E39 retrofitting, what have you done...

    My e39 was a standard UK prefacelift SE spec when I bought it. These are the following things I've added over the years starting from front to rear: Custom facelift headlamps with bi-xenon projector for the low beam and LED high beam bulbs LED angel eye bulbs USA sidelights coded Sport front bumper with M5 lower grille Yellow fog lamps Universal bumper rubber splitter Gloss black double slant kidney grilles Larger front brakes from the 530i/535i/540i/facelift 530d BC Racing coilovers Folding mirrors switch pack Changed to Salberk folding mirrors, then changed to M5 style folding mirrors e46 M3 SMG Steering wheel (functional flappy paddles) Android head unit that looks like the widescreen nav Heated sports seats Black headlining and associated bits and pieces Rear power sunshade with black suede parcel shelf Sub and amp Facelift tail lamps Reverse camera that is built into the boot lid handle. Sport rear bumper Twin exhaust backbox exhaust Colour coded bumper and door trims AC Schnitzer boot spoiler BMW style 81, then ASA AR1 alloy wheels Gel 3D plates ModLight 2 install (welcome/goodbye lights, mirrors fold/unfold with key etc) Tinted windows Coded doors to lock once traveling over 16km/h Of course, on top of this, I've replaced things that need fixing and normal maintenance items
  4. DerekJr.

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Retrofitted heated sports seats a few months back. While doing research, I found out that if you have heated or active seats, you'll only need two wires for a power rear sunshade (and the switch pack obviously). Bought a parcel shelf with the power rear sunshade but it had no fabric. Recovered the shelf in black suede, and retrofitted it to the car. Now my switch pack is looking more populated compared to when I bought the car (ASC only vs Heated front seats, ASC, and now Rear Sunshade). Also, I bought one of those ModLight modules so that the angel eyes illuminate and the mirrors unfold/fold when I unlock/lock the car via the key fob, giving it that modern feeling. I've also activated flashing high beams when I press the lock button twice for no reason what so ever. I feel like activating the cornering lights but I'm on the fence at the moment. Tomorrow, I will tackle replacing my boot lid and fitting a reverse camera that's built into the handle. Therefore, I still keep the boot handle function.
  5. DerekJr.


    My mother works for the NHS and she recently had an antibody test which came back negative. I remember she was ill with flu/common cold like symptoms in Dec 2019 and I was ill in Jan 2020. This mean either; a) we have not had Covid 19, or b) the antibodies do not last a very long time (less than 5 months).
  6. DerekJr.

    E39 set of Birch Anthracite trim £offers

    Shouldn't be. Piper is a well-known member here.
  7. Yeah if you know your way around NCS Expert, it's pretty straight forward. You can also use NCS Expert Dummy which simplifies it for you and translate it into English. If you love geeky stuff and learning, you'll find it interesting. If you are a hammer bashing bloke like Jeremy Clarkson, you might find it a little in depth and boring.
  8. DerekJr.

    When BMW Raced a 7 Series

    Yeah, the turbo engine of the Euro 745i couldn't fit in the RHD cars. I'm guessing BMW South Africa wanted a more powerful model than the 735i. During this period, a 325i S (different from the Euro 325i) with a 2.7 engine fettled by Alpina and a 333i with a 3.2 engine was offered as the M3 was not available in South Africa. Again a LHD to RHD issue. Due to the engine size in the 333i, owners had to choose between A/C or Power Steering. Most owners chose A/C because of the heat in South Africa.
  9. DerekJr.

    When BMW Raced a 7 Series

    Correct! It differed to the European 745i that had a turbo M102/M106 engine.
  10. You'll need to code the cold check off to stop them from flickering. You might need to code "reporting" off as well because the car might think the lights are broken and give you two jellyfishes in your dash. LED rearlights is another parameter for coding. But I think this is to drop the voltage going to the CELIS to stop them from burning out.
  11. DerekJr.

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Hey Dan, Yeah I had them sprayed. It took longer than I expected because I wanted gloss black bases and colour coded caps. The mirrors are good and the quality feels good. Everything works as it should....foldings function, power adjustment, and heating. However, I think they are for LHD, well, the driver's side at least. It is adjusted fully to the right(outer position), yet the rear of the e39 still covers 1/4 of the mirror. Not a massive issue for me as I look over my shoulder anyways before merging/changing lanes/pulling out. I have no problem with the passenger side.
  12. DerekJr.

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    1) Finally got around to fitting my M5 style power-folding mirrors. 2) While the door cards were out during doing the above, I replaced some of the plastic clips to eliminate some of the rattles I heard from the door going over bumps. 2) Test fitted my AC Schnitzer 3 piece boot spoiler. Now I need to paint it before fitting it.
  13. DerekJr.

    £100 Auto dimming Rear view mirror from e39 m5

    Are the mirrors with the built-in compass plug and play?
  14. DerekJr.

    Who's on Instagram

    Mine is Derek.Gray.Jr
  15. DerekJr.


    I heard about a car that was pulled over for no tax or insurance. Turns out the driver just bought the car from a Facebook ad and were on their way home. The driver was fined for no tax/insurance and for breaking the lockdown rules. His buddy in the other car was fined for breaking the lockdown rules. I laughed when I saw that post. I've noticed this evening that most takeaway shops, of which there are a lot in Portsmouth, are closed. The only places that are opened now are the supermarkets, convenience stores, fuel stations, and Dominos (delivery only).
  16. DerekJr.

    E39 Style 81 Alloys & Winter Tyres - £100!

    Definitely a good deal. I sold my turbines a few years back for the same price, but these are bigger and look better!
  17. DerekJr.

    New BMW logo

    It's growing on me. When it first came out I said "oh, it looks incomplete" but now I think it looks modern.
  18. DerekJr.


    I believe that the lockdown will be extended for another 2 weeks at least...or when we see the peak of this virus.
  19. DerekJr.


    People are taking it seriously down here in Portsmouth which is surprising for a populated city. Fewer cars & people out and about. People are keeping social distance apart especially while queuing to go into shops.
  20. DerekJr.


    Worrying hearing all these countries having lock-downs...Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, now France. How long until we do it? I work for a local authority and our department is busy working on a contingency plan of working from home. Year-end is basically around the corner so I do know how that's going to affect work/finances. We are also in the middle of changing one of our payment systems, so working from home might prove difficult. I was planning on going to South Africa later this year but decided to put it on hold for now. South Africa has imposed some restrictions such as banning tourists from high risks countries such as UK, the USA, most of Europe, China, and South Korea. Local shops have run out of toilet paper and some tinned foods. I believe this Corona Virus may have been around for longer than what they've told us. I felt rough for approximately 1.5 weeks in January when I had a "cold/flu". Definitely the worst cold I've had in my 28-year life. I am not the only one to say this. A few of my colleagues and people in my city felt this way in Dec 2019/Jan 2020 time. Some of us may have already had it without realizing it because it wasn't fully known to the media at that time. Still, I'm not taking any chances. Mom works at the local hospital and I heard that they had a patient who tested positive over the weekend before she did!
  21. DerekJr.

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Another year's MOT granted. Put up a fight this year....failed on the rear drivers jacking point and handbrake. They had to remove the tank to do the welding. but got there in the end
  22. DerekJr.

    PDC silent treatment

    Hey guys, Looked all over the interweb for a cure, but to no avail. I've replaced my problematic PDC sensors, but now I have another problem (or one that existed along with the problematic sensors). Before I replaced my faulty sensors, whenever I selected Reverse, I would get a continuous error tone, and sometimes it would be silent (no tone, not even when getting close to things). I've replaced the faulty sensors and selected Reverse, and they worked the 1st time. "Great!" i thought. I locked the car and went back home. A few hours later, I went for a drive to the shop and when I selected reverse, there was not error tone, but there was also no beeps when getting close to objects. When I got home I selected reverse and still no sound. While still in reverse i decided to remove the bottom plug from the PDC module which caused the error tone to sound. I inserted the plug back in and it sounded the "beeps" presumably because I was standing behind the car, as I moved further away, there was more time between each beep (shows its working). I thought maybe it wasn't plugged in properly. I locked the car and went inside. A few hours later, I selected reverse and nothing. Again I unplugged the bottom plug and plugged it back it and the PDC came to life. Immediately after this, I switched off the ignition and locked the car. After a short period of time (3 seconds) I unlocked the car and selected Reverse and the PDC worked. A few hours later it didn't. Notes: There are no error codes in INPA, all the sensors are clicking (I can feel and hear them), car only has rear sensors (1999 E39) It's like once the car goes into sleep mode, I have to reset the PDC by unplugging and plugging it back it. Could the PDC module be faulty? Many thanks
  23. DerekJr.

    PDC silent treatment

    In the end, I bought used genuine sensors which fixed the fault. New non-genuine ones are crap from my experience above.
  24. I'd remove the headlamp eyebrows and M badges (boot lid, grille, passenger interior trim), reinstall the OEM alloys, and get a 12 months MOT on it to get as much attention as possible especially amongst the E39/BMW enthusiasts. It's not a bad car really...it's a 530i manual. A lot of people will be interested in that, but not everyone due to the nature of the E39. Rare interior, but needs some TLC. Shame they aren't heated. However, it is a fairly clean car, inside and out. just missing two main tools in the toolbox and the bolt covers for the engine covers. There's a 530i sport with identical spec to yours on eBay going for £2k. Bodywork is worse than yours but it has below 100k miles on the odometer and it's an auto. 530i in general range between £1800 and £3500. I'd say yours can be valued between £1900 - £2500.
  25. How much will delivery cost to Portsmouth, Hampshire?