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  1. Most were probably 2litre diesel, so I would guess snapped timing chains... the same story with the e60 520d. The straight 6 petrol engine suffered from a ticking noise coming from top of the engine. The 4 cylinder petrols are slow. The 330d/335d/335i seem to hold their values. Engine issues even plagued the M3 and suffered from a similar issue to the e60 M5.
  2. Most of the cars that were popular 1st cars when I got my licence are rare now. Probably due to a shift from cheap bangers to financed cars that young people are buying. Off the top of my head, the following cars were popular amongst young people looking for their first car but you hardly see them on the roads now: 1. Citroen Saxo 2. Pug 106/206 3. Vauxhall Corsa B (Corsa C is still around) 4. Rover 25 5. VW Polo (mk3) 6. Ford Fiesta (mk4) 7. Ford KA (mk1) 8. Pug 306 9. Nissan Mirca (mk2) 10. Renault Clio (mk1 and mk2) I guess people just move to newer models when their old one becomes a financial burden, rotten, or expensive MOT repairs. I know the e36 325i was loved by the drifters because apparently, the engine was stronger than the 323/328i. They might have been fitted with an LSD, but I'm not sure. I've always loved the look of the e36 sport. Personally, I think it looked better than the e46, especially pre facelift e46.
  3. DerekJr.

    Rear fog lights not staying on

    Do you know what year the LCM is from? I think pre-late 98 models had a different switch (Off > Front only > Rear only > Front and Rear) as opposed to late 98 and onwards (Off > Front only > Front and Rear)
  4. DerekJr.

    Trump, like him or loath him?

    Crazy really. He definitely has dictator vibes.
  5. DerekJr.

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Someone with a brain the size of an Amoeba chucked an egg at the car last night when I was in the shop. I used the jetwash to clean it when I came out but the wing mirror has a scratch on it now which is slightly annoying.
  6. DerekJr.

    The E39 range is 25 years old.

    The E39 has a timeless design, especially the facelift with CELIS rear lights and halo rings upfront. Possibly one of the first cars on the market that has a designed sidelight, which modern cars are heading down that route. Interior wise, it doesn't really look like a 90s car until you look at the instrumental cluster which models after the e39 still looked outdated (e6x/e9x). One of the first European cars with widescreen as a radio/sat nav, granted no iDrive controller. The E39 is easy to futureproof to make it feel more modern by adding a few things here and there. E60 are okay. A lot of choice to choose from engine wise. I don't think an e60 looks better than e39. It definitely had more toys as optional extras. I have noticed that the paint/laquer doesn't hold up well on E60s compared to E39s. It's the same story for E90s. I've seen an awful lot of e60/e90 with laquer peel or spider web cracks in the paint, especially on the darker coloured ones. Personally, the things that make the e39 feel it's age is the rust found on many, performance (relative to todays cars), and the fuel economy.
  7. DerekJr.

    530d 324mm Callipers

    The larger one if it's after 09/1997
  8. DerekJr.

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Installed new pollen filters. Easy job. I haven't changed mine since I bought it over 7 years ago (+120k miles).
  9. V8S were available in RHD, too. I had the pleasure of driving one when my mate bought his. It's fast, especially compared to my 523i.
  10. Thanks man. It's a real photo but I played around with it on Adobe Lightroom...mainly made the background darker and gave it a cold tint to it. I left the car with the warm tint from the street lamps.
  11. DerekJr.

    22 year old RESPONSIVE steering possible??

    The V8 generally have worse steering than the straight 6 models. When I jumped in my mate's V8, I was surprised at the difference. On the V8, I had to give it more turn on the steering wheel.
  12. Indeed it is! A little picture to remind you of home
  13. DerekJr.

    Breakdown cover

    AA isn't all that for the type of hype that surrounds them. I've used them a fair few times with the latest one being last month. I had a bad experience. Friend's E60 broke down (Turbo went bye-bye) on the M25/A3 roundabout at about 3 am. A quick call to them and they said someone will be with you at 4:45 am. At 5:15 am I called them as I had not a single update on arrival time. The person who answered the phone then said that someone will be with you in 2 hrs time. At 5:45 am, the highway patrol towed us from the roundabout back onto the M25 and left us on the hard shoulder even though the next service was less than a mile down the motorway. At 6 am I had a phone call from the tow truck driver saying he will be with us by 6:30 am. When he arrived, he said he could only tow us to the next services where he would inform the AA to collect us. They arrived about 7:30 am but again, no update. We only realised he was there when we went back to the car after getting breakfast. Waited for about 4.5 hrs in total with no update from AA. I thought being close to the capital city, we would have been rescued sooner. I might switch to RAC or Greenflag come renewal time.
  14. DerekJr.

    530d 324mm Callipers

    According to RealOEM, 324mm was offered from 09/2000 for the 530d. I think mine was from a 2001 model. https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DL82-EUR-04-2001-E39-BMW-530d&diagId=34_1123