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  1. Samuk

    Ccc unit

    https://www.revtronic.com/ Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  2. Samuk

    Kwik Fit MOT

    Kwick fit are a bunch of knobs...I would never take my car there...last time I did there usless mechanics could not undo the bolts to track my car...and I had to loosen the nuts for them... On top of that they nealry dropped my car off the ramp... Good luck hope you get it sorted...however I doubt a pot hole would cause that Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  3. Samuk

    Sending Parcels, courier recommendations

    Myhermes....I always drop to a parcel shop...Never had issues
  4. Samuk

    Knocking noise when turning

    I posted the exact same thing on the 911uk forum..... Have the same issue on my 911...lol
  5. Samuk

    535d Eibach springs

    I had eibachs fitted...no rubbing with my 285 30 20's on the back...
  6. Samuk

    Oil Change???

    I change my oil in my car's every 5000 miles...Only cost me cost of oil & filter...
  7. Samuk

    Fitting an extra thermostat

    What is this? Never heard of it
  8. Samuk

    535d vacuum hose?

    We're did you get the pipes from? Are they expensive from a dealer?
  9. Samuk

    Intermittent Reversing Light Failure

    I got the same thing on my e60. I do know bmw did a recall..for the light cluster in the boot.. They gave me the part as they were unable to change mine..as i had an amp in the way..so they could not get to it.. I never got around to changing it..unsure if it related to this issue..but worth a call 2008 e60.
  10. Samuk

    BMW e60 535d brakes?

    I was quoted £140 for the pads from bmw
  11. Samuk

    BMW e60 535d brakes?

    I also need discs and pads for my 535. Called bmw..they do 2 Discs foe the e60 535..with different part codes..one is allot cheaper then the other..they said its the same..just with different part codes and listed for the car.. £216 for a pair...or the other ones are £240 each!
  12. Samuk

    Show us your M Sport steering wheel

    Dont have a pic... http://royalsteeringwheels.com Have had near 6 wheels re-trimmed... Cant fault the quality. Think was about £120
  13. Samuk

    Car sales/interest - slow?!

    Been trying to sell my car for a while now...brother is also having issues selling his cars.. Of course if you are willing to give the car away..the phones will start ringing...
  14. Samuk

    Bhurkini's - who cares?

    Lol...i have no idea.. I thought i heard them say bakini on the radio earlier.. ?