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  1. Rallynavcymru

    Winter tyres - it's that time of year!

    I think also people need to bear in mind it is the style of driving as well as the tyres. If there was a need to get somewhere then most tyres will get you thee, but where most people have difficulties is the ice, for which wide BMW tyres unless ridiculously soft aren't suitable, at that point you need studs (which we can't use in the UK). So really it is down to personal preference and your budget on that front, biggest thing is stopping and turning and the grip circles you have when doing so and you'd be surprised how the budget makes can match the big ones on that side of things. For example when the 2nd load of snow came earlier in the year (mid March, we only had about a week snow free here!) I drove home from above Machynlleth to Brecon in a fair few inches of snow and quite icy/slippy conditions (had rained just before the snow and froze!), OK I didn't take the mountain passes but the roads weren't in great condition, one was closed after I went through and all I saw was 4x4's and the local bus, it never stops! All I had on both axles was half worn set of budget summer tyres, finally they were defeated by my drive which is a 1 in 4 and had to stop at the bottom so hill-starting wasn't great, but a little work with a shovel and a little unkindness to the car it even made it up that! Having said that I think I am going to go winters this year, although not going to be spending big bucks for them just for a little extra snow driving come early next year.
  2. That is bubbling yes but had been treated with K-Rust and re-painted afterwards, not neat but should slow the spread until I do the sills properly. It has had a basic service when I bought it by the garage so most parts are relatively new still, just needs the Thermostat doing and a Water Pump to do at the same time to make it right. After the bushes went on the E39, suspension I am keen on keeping on top of before anything develops. One of the other things I want to put right is the OBC Outside Temp, last night it was bleedin cold in west wales and yet the temp showed between 118-122 farenheit!! any clues to where I should start looking
  3. After previously having an E39 Touring (which I did like) but eventually it succumbed to rising costs more than what it was worth (suspension, starter, amongst other niggly faults) I went through a couple of Subarus but even though they were numerous years younger still weren't a patch on the BMW, so when this came along at the right price I had to get it, just couldn't refuse! a 1994 525TDS on 114k miles in Sterling Silver. It isn't perfect but doesn't look bad at all after a good clean, previous owner (from new!) was getting into ill health and couldn't look after it as much as he wanted and drive it anymore so needed a bit of TLC but getting there now. It has had some welding done, next on the list is the Thermostat (Stuck open) and the Water Pump (might as well whilst I'm at it), I have heard the Diesels are easier to bleed the the Petrol equivalents? Any tips or write ups on replacing them? Nice little things to do are also LED Headlights, the main beams are good to be fair but the dips are shocking (no surprise really) but needs a bit of work to make them fit nicely, so waiting on new rubber caps to replace the solid plastic ones, oh and adapt from the 2.5mm connectors to the spaded headlight fittings. Although I haven't seen many people running LED bulbs in E34s? running them as a bit of a test as I co-drive on rallies in an E36 M3 fitting with LED's to reduce draw but never needed them for the night. Cruise Control, I've heard it is very simple on the Diesels, and would make a lovely addition on long journeys. ECU Chip, "Endtuning" seems to be pretty good so probably will be on the list of things to do. Something I have already started is to replace the wood trim which as you can see is either in poor condition, broken or missing. So as part of my business I do Laser Engraving and Cutting and have a Brushed Aluminium look that engraves Black (looks better than the Piano Black imo and odd colours just look garish with the rest of the car), I have created templates for most pieces to fit (except the centre console part, need to get that out before I can do that, any idea how that comes out?) and will fit it over the next few weeks. Oh and the Outside Temperature gauge is a bit out, as in at 11pm at night in Mid Wales it was showing between 110-122 Fahrenheit! could it be a sensor gone, wiring or OBC? not sure how to test it, more common issue is the -37 not 50 above! It is nice to be back in these cars again with proper engineering. 'You can check out any time you like, But you can never leave!'
  4. Rallynavcymru

    The number game!

  5. Rallynavcymru

    Group B Rally Cars - 20th June Mallory Park.

    Alas no not this year, I was considering putting an entry in but lack of money kinda put a stop to that
  6. Rallynavcymru

    Group B Rally Cars - 20th June Mallory Park.

    Also whilst you are there the main rally is a good watch as well with some interesting machinery competing.
  7. Rallynavcymru

    Group B Rally Cars - 20th June Mallory Park.

    I think it is 12 pounds on the gate. A list of cars are below
  8. Rallynavcymru

    Hi from Mid Wales

    A BMW compact with a pretty much standard engine, just the right things done to the car to make it competitive.
  9. Rallynavcymru

    Hi from Mid Wales

    Aye, that'll be us (Me navving although again in a BMW!), Goyt valley in the thick fog is interesting!
  10. Rallynavcymru

    Hi from Mid Wales

    Thanks for the nice comments and welcomes. Funnily enough fish I have been to Matlock MC's Dansport road rally for the past couple of years and picked up 3rd O/A last year, some great roads up there!
  11. Rallynavcymru

    Hi from Mid Wales

    Nah, motorway stuff tends to be about 34ish, 40mpg is from north wales down to brecon (not sitting at 40mph either, just driving efficiently).
  12. Rallynavcymru

    Hi from Mid Wales

    Hi everybody. After lurking around and finding useful posts about various issues for a while I have finally joined. I am relatively new to BMW ownership and bought this car 12 months ago. As you can probably guess from the title I'm from Wales, specifically the Brecon Beacons, I'm Jon and just turned 22 and decided that for my uses the 5-series is ideal. I am a massive fan of motorsport of many kinds, but I focus on Rally Co-Driving which is nice, hence the need for a car to go around the UK carrying all sorts and be comfortable (as sometimes rally cars are not!). It is a fairly basic spec 523i Touring which I bought as it was cheap and had 12 months MOT with no major problems! (how can you refuse haha) since then I bought some 17" AC Schnitzer Replicas (offset is a bit off so spacers are on the list), also I have replaced the manifold with one from a E46 330 which was easy (old one was cracked) but I have yet to re-map it properly. Fuel consumption is nicer than I thought for a 6cyl between 28 (spirited day) and 40 (gentle day). It has had problems (some of which are in the process of being resolved) such as 2 radiators (1 buckled and the other was destroyed when the viscous fan went bang unexpectedly). Oh yeah, almost forgot the piccy