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    2005 BMW 330Ci Convertible
  1. Yes, it has the wake-up mod. It worked great in my E46. Not sure if the the Range Rover is somehow different. It shouldn't be. As you can see my the picture above the Invery did stream from my iPhone to the Intravee fine. The Invery just replaces the iPod, so it should work exactly the same. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  2. Bluetooth and Streaming Music - Intravee, Parrot and Connects2 If anyone is interested, I am selling my complete setup to add: Bluetooth phone calls Streaming and/or iPod music Steering wheel controls Includes: Intravee II - music (via iPod or streaming via INVERY - either or both available), and as you know many controls for your car - lane change flashes, temperature displays, light control, lock control, ... Parrot EVO - bluetooth phone calls Connects2 - steering wheel controls Apple iPod Invery AirDual works 100% This was in my 2005 E46 330Ci with Navigation. I attached pics of the equipment as well as 2 pics of it in action (Radio Paradise streamed on my iPhone through the Invery) $300 for all shipped to you (in the USA)! (or pickup in SoCal)
  3. Pepperinca

    Firmware V6.02-7058 and User Guide

    Richard, First, many thanks for all the excellent work! My car is a 2005 E46 and I have 3 questions/issues: 1. I enabled the entry and exit lights (upon lock/unlock) and turned on the front fogs and rear brake lights. The fogs work great, but I cannot get any of the rear lights to turn on when selected via the menue to do so. 2. I enabled DLRs (Fog lamps) and the MID display (gear selection+temperature/mileage/etc) is dimmed as it would with the headlights on. Is there a way to not have it dim? 3. I enabled the Auto Unlock (upon removal of the key). The driver door unlocks, but the passenger does not. Thanks!