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  1. Johnjonjo

    BMW dpf app

    Silly question perhaps but is it a good idea to manually force a generation every few months? I only drive mine for short journeys, say 25 mins max per day through city and maybe once every 3 months a 2hr journey up north on the motorway. I've not had any issues with my DPF but worry about it sometimes. N47d engine, 104k with chains replaced at precisely 100k by BMW due to engine shaking, loss of power and the dashboard lighting up like a xmas tree. They also changed egr valve at the same time as it looked clogged up. Not managed to figure out when its regenerating as it doesnt feel or sound any different to me. Would be amazing if there was a dash light to tell you it was generating.
  2. Johnjonjo


    Good one!
  3. Johnjonjo

    Dab radio retrofit

    Thank you
  4. Johnjonjo


    Good job I asked you people before doing it. Just shows how amazing this forum is in that if I dont know, one of you will and will help. Its like a big happy family (just dont mention brexit!). Thank you all
  5. Johnjonjo

    Fuel filter intervals?

    Hi Shame on me but my cars has done about 104k miles and I'm sure it's only had 1 diesel fuel filter change at approx 50k. What would be the first signs of diesel fuel filter needing to be changed? Many thanks
  6. Johnjonjo

    Dab radio retrofit

    Hi Have you got a link for it? Does it come up as factory fit so can use steering wheel controls and screen? Does it need coding? Sorry for all the questions
  7. Johnjonjo


    Good job I didnt give it a go, was so tempted thought.
  8. Johnjonjo


    Hi all Stupid question perhaps but has anyone used biodiesel? There is a place not far from me that sells it, it's about 80p a litre so have been tempted to do a 50% mix with diesel to see if it works but never been brave enough. I've got a 520d N47, 101 000 miles with chains replacement snd egr replacement done a few months ago under warranty non BMW warranty.
  9. Johnjonjo

    Run flats ditched = transformed ride.

    Did you have to inform insurance?
  10. Johnjonjo

    Dab radio retrofit

    Hi all I want to fit dab radio, had a look and am thinking to wire reciever into aux input in centre rest. I dont like the idea of linking it via fm frequency option. I have the large screen sat nav upgrade fitted CIC, the one lower thank NBT as my car came with small screen and no satnav. I've had a look at integrated system so it comes up like BMW factory option but it's too expensive. Anyone have any ideas please?
  11. Johnjonjo

    Wheel change help

    Dont forget car insurance policy!
  12. Johnjonjo

    DPF regeneration log

    Hi all, How can you find out your cars history of DPF regenerations? Is it stored in some kind of memory in the car?
  13. Johnjonjo

    Replacing Hid factory fitted bulbs

    From the orange indicator bulb in the headlight unit it looks like yours is the halogen type. My car has no manual headlight level wheel beside the headlight control knob as with hid you have to have automatic levelling system. On my e60 which I had many years ago I converted the halogen headlamps to aftermarket hids, was pretty easy to do with no cambus errors. They were a massive improvement, have a look at my very 1st posts that I put up in the e60 section. Hope it helps
  14. Johnjonjo

    Replacing Hid factory fitted bulbs

    My car is also a F10 2011 and my lights are as in my profile picture. They have a mesh on the side covering the led indicator bulbs in the unit. I think most f10s have a normal filament indicator bulb and no mesh to cover the bulb. Mine also has led daytime running lights which are the 2 halo rings.
  15. Hi all Just a quick question, I have the original BMW hid bulbs in my car so about 8 years old now. I think they are ds2 fitment, they have the silver box attached to the bulb. Do these bulbs become duller over time? Is it worth changing them? If so are there any ones that anyone can recommend? Does the inside of projector lens become dirty if so how can I clean the inside of the lens? Many thanks