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  1. Johnjonjo

    Upgraded cluster to 6WB

    I was going to get this done but I have not got the sport/comfort switch next to my manual gear stick so don't think I would be able to get any of the different selectable displays apart from the standard so decided not to do it.
  2. Do you have to remove any panels to do the two fluid changes
  3. Thanks sams255, How mamy miles had your car done? How did the old oil look?
  4. Hi all Has anyone done a manual transmission fluid change or differential fluid charge? My car has done 105k now with no record of either fluid being changed. I have the N47 engine. Many thanks
  5. Johnjonjo

    Run flat tyre pressure warning

    Right, went to kf and got pressures checked and 3 had lost a little but one had lost more so must have been that sensor that set if off. I assume that all tyres will loose pressure naturally over time. Visually all 4 look perfect so only solved by pressure gauge
  6. Johnjonjo

    Run flat tyre pressure warning

    Can it be due to pressure increase due to heat?
  7. Johnjonjo

    Run flat tyre pressure warning

    Will get a pressure gauge and let you know. Cantbelieve rft can be that deceptive.
  8. Johnjonjo

    Run flat tyre pressure warning

    Mine is not a detailed readout of what tyre the pressure has changed, no temp or pressure for each tyre. It just highlights all 4 wheels and says get them checked
  9. Hi Just had warning come up on runflats. They look OK visually so thinking perhaps the presure increasing due to expansion in the heat as apposed to a pressure decreasing setting it off. Any ideas please?
  10. Johnjonjo

    Sport/comfort switch retrofit

    Thank you so much for taking time out and giving me a detailed reply. Sounds like it's not worthwhile then as its probably not got the module (why fit a module if it isnt going to be used?). Scrap the idea of 6WB upgrade display then as will be stuck with normal screen and not be able to toggle between the other amazing screens.
  11. Johnjonjo

    Sport/comfort switch retrofit

    That does make sense. But wondering how I'd get full functionality of the different modes if I upgrade to 6wb cluster?
  12. Hi all I have a 2011 f10 manual with no sport/comfort ride switch next to my gear stick. I only have the PDC button at the bottom with led and the traction control button at the top. My question is that if I swap the a piece for a piece that has the comfort/sport comfort type them will the connections be the same underneath and will I get the sport/comfort functions? Will it need coding? The reason I am considering this is because I want to upgrade my instrument cluster to the 6WB but from videos you have to use the sport/comfort switch to change through the different displays on the cluster. Anyone know the answer to this please?
  13. Johnjonjo

    Drivers side mirror wobble

    Update Went to poundland and bought 2 tubes of locktite gell superglue. I took the mirror out of the housing again by moving the mirror from controls by going maximum down and maximum left position then putting my fingers in gap you creating on the top right and gently pulling, working way round the new gaps created, there are 4 tabs. Then disconnected the two wires located on the top left corner, they are miniature spade connectors which heat the mirror. The pad that holds the mirror in place was only holding it about 30% accross the top of the mirror. I was initially thinking to just put some glue on the part of the mirror that had come away from the back plate but now decided to completely take it off and do a proper job. I gently prised off the the sticky part to completely separate the the glass from the back plate. Upon inspection I could see that it's the back plate that is heated and then via conduction the heat travels from the back plate to the glass. I dabbed the glue evenly onto the back of the glass being carefull not to put too much near the edge as when pressed it will spread and go over the side. Then carefully aligned and mated the two surfaces together. Its says on the locktite gell packet that it has nearly instant hold but I applied gentle pressure for about 30 seconds, did a wiggle test to check adhesion and it was holding so went around the edges pressing them together and then the middle to ensure good contact. Let it dry for a few minutes and then reconnect the two wires, make sure you push them in all the way until you hear a click, I nearly didn't and realised as I double checked the connections and realised they should be pushed in further. To be honest I didnt note which wire was on top and which below but thinking back I dont think it matters as it's just a flow of electrons to create a circuit and heat the back plate. Then centralised the the bit the assembly clicks into using controls to make it easier to refit and pushed it back into place. Wipe off finger marks from glass and job done. Took it on the motorway for just one junction to see if it still wobbled and it was perfect. Took me no more than 10 mins in the lidl carpark. Hope this helps people, If anyone has any questions then feel free to ask. Only thing I'm thinking is how well will the glass heat up now and will the heating have an effect on the stability of the glue.
  14. Johnjonjo

    Drivers side mirror wobble

    Moved the glass to lowest position and gently pulled from the top to release the 4 clips holding it at 2, 5, 8 and 11 o'clock positions
  15. Johnjonjo

    Drivers side mirror wobble

    I just removed the glass and the backing plate behind the glass has become unstuck from one side so I'm going to use some super glue on it.