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  1. Johnjonjo

    Easiest way to fit DAB

    I've seen it as well but 300 is alot to pay
  2. Johnjonjo

    Easiest way to fit DAB

    Hi all I have a 2011 F10 with a CIC unit with sat nav, what is the easiest way to retrofit DAB radio? I want it to integrate it to the CIC fully so steering wheel controls can be used to change stations. Many thanks in advance
  3. Johnjonjo

    Fast opening bootlid on saloon

    Still need to do mine, bought both but paid more than you
  4. Johnjonjo

    Fast opening bootlid on saloon

    Is that price for genuine BMW parts?
  5. Johnjonjo

    Fast opening bootlid on saloon

    Both sides just shy of £90 and £100 to fit them but I'm going to get the parts and fit them myself.
  6. I went into dealer a few days prior to the drive train issue regarding bootlid opening way too fast and was told needed new springs (see other thread here). While I was there he checked if my car had a recall and it didnt, he said its 2012 onwards if I remember correctly.
  7. Sounds like I might as well pee in the wind lol
  8. You know more about this than I know, do you think there will be a code stored? It seems to be ok now though. Third party warranty runs out in about 2 weeks so 8f something needs changing then need to be quick to find it as warranty will cover most engine parts
  9. Thank you, I fitted cic to old system and it was coded remotely so I'm sure I got the cable somewhere in the house
  10. How do I get hold of ISTA? Is it hard to use? Complete newbie sorry
  11. LAUNCH Creader Professional CRP123 Premium
  12. Anyone has this come up and car go into limp home mode? Happened to me today 520d 2011, light came on but then off after 5 seconds as well as error on idrive screen which went out after 5 seconds and car went into limp home mode so sluggish powewise. Checked I drive for car status and no errors, plugged in OBD scanner that I have and no fault codes. Car now is back to normal, any ideas anyone?
  13. Johnjonjo

    Ground cable colour so

    Can remember properly as was over 2 years ago now but strong feeling its brown. Try by using a multimeter and see if it makes a circuit.