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    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    Hi all, For sale is my lovely 2002 E39 540I Auto Sport. Price is £5500, reduced to sell. I purchased the car from a forum member (GEE_V8) back in July 2013 and have owned the car since. My reason for sale is straight forward - since changing jobs last year, the car has traveled the grand sum of 1275 miles between MOTs and even less miles going forward now that I'm car sharing. With less miles and no garage to store the car, I've decided to sell and use the money for a dream holiday, balance isn't due until September next year so I'm in no hurry to sell. The car drives very well, the steering is transformed with the M5 steering box and sounds amazing with the back box delete. There's of course minor blemishes, a few dings and stone chips but overall a very good car for its age. DETAILS VIN: GF13911 Paint: Titan Silver - TITANSILBER METALLIC (354) Interior: Grey - STANDARDLEDER/GRAU (N6TT) Manufactured: 24/10/2002 Keys: 4 Previous keepers: 4 Mileage: 101,468 as of 04/01/2019 MOT: 10/09/2019 LOCATION: Coatbridge Town near Glasgow FACTORY OPTIONS S216 HYDRO STEERING-SERVOTRONIC S302 Alarm system P337 M Sports package S403 Glass roof, electrical S428 Warning triangle and first aid kit S430 Interior/outside mirror with auto dip S441 Smoker package S459 Seat adjuster, electric, with memory S465 Through-loading system S470 Isofix-System S481 Sports seat S500 Headlight wipe/wash/Intensive cleaning S508 Park Distance Control (PDC) S521 Rain sensor S522 Xenon Light Vehicle options S601 TV function S609 Navigation system Professional S644 Preparation f mobile phone w Bluetooth S694 Provisions for BMW 6 CD changer S705 M sports suspension II S710 M sports steering wheel, multifunction S715 M Aerodynamics package S760 High gloss shadow line S775 Headlining anthracite S785 White direction indicator lights S788 BMW LA wheel, Individual L812 National version Great Britain S850 Dummy-SALAPA S863 Retailer Directory Europe S877 Delete cross-pattern operation S880 On-board vehicle literature English S202 Steptronic S210 Dynamic stability control S249 Multifunction f steering wheel S438 Fine wood trim S473 Armrest front S520 Fog lights S534 Automatic air conditioning S555 On-board computer V with remote control S853 Language version English UPGRADES OEM M5 Alloy Wheels OEM M5 Steering Box BM54 Carphonics Stage 2 Amp Upgrade (Bluetooth, 4 x RCA Pre-outs) Muffler delete Powder coated Valve Covers LED Halo's 740D Thermostat Mod MAINTENANCE Coolant system overhaul (valley pan gasket, radiator, water pump, nearly every single hose, fresh coolant, o-rings, gaskets etc) Engine (oil services, intake gaskets, CCV, timing cover gaskets, fuel injector service) Steering linkage overhaul (M5 steering box, centre tie rod, tie rod ends, fresh power steering fluid) Suspension ( front wheel bearings, thrust arms, rear arms, suspension top mounts, 4 wheel alignment) Serpentine Belts (belts, pensioners, pulleys) Electrical (Bosch S5 Battery, water-cooled alternator, Heater Blower Motor) Brakes (front calipers, fluid change various brake pipes, discs & pads) Front Tyres (vredestein ultrac vorti - 7mm tread left) Rear Tyres (Michelin Pilot Sport 4 - 7mm tread left) Recent Airbag recall Exterior (front kidney grills, new badges all round, sill and filler cap rust sorted) Interior (rear vapor barriers re-sealed, front cup holders) HISTORY Date Odometer Description Vendor Owner Receipts 12/11/2002 1st registered BMW Snows Portsmouth BMW Snows Portsmouth 22/11/2003 2nd keeper V**** L***** 08/01/2004 Dealer visit BMW Snows Portsmouth V**** L***** 26/04/2004 Dealer visit BMW Snows Portsmouth V**** L***** 04/05/2004 Dealer visit BMW Snows Portsmouth V**** L***** 10/05/2004 Dealer visit BMW Snows Portsmouth V**** L***** 25/10/2004 Dealer visit BMW Snows Portsmouth V**** L***** 26/10/2004 13,723 Service BMW Snows Portsmouth V**** L***** 12/05/2005 Dealer visit BMW Snows Portsmouth V**** L***** 25/10/2005 Dealer visit BMW Snows Portsmouth V**** L***** 04/11/2005 26,452 Service BMW Snows Portsmouth V**** L***** 06/03/2007 31,913 Service G.Heritage Mobile-Mechanical Services V**** L***** 09/04/2008 69,547 MOT Hunslet MOT Centre V**** L***** 16/05/2008 43,502 Service Carlians V**** L***** 16/05/2008 3rd keeper M****** P***** 08/08/2008 45,??? Dealer visit BMW Guildford M****** P***** 15/10/2008 Dealer visit BMW Cobham M****** P***** 04/04/2009 49,648 MOT W Carey Motor Engineers M****** P***** 01/12/2009 57,577 Service Carlians M****** P***** 04/12/2009 4th keeper GEE_V8 15/03/2010 Fitted Sun Shades vanstyle GEE_V8 99.9 31/03/2010 61,766 MOT RCL Vehicle Services GEE_V8 20/09/2010 Bosch Lamda Sensors Euro Car Parts GEE_V8 60.48 03/03/2011 Battery S.R.S Vehicle Components GEE_V8 78 04/04/2011 68,130 MOT Kingsway MOT Centre GEE_V8 49.5 27/06/2011 Coolant Sensor Coolant Expansion Tank Euro Car Parts GEE_V8 42.42 05/08/2011 Front & Rear discs Euro Car Parts GEE_V8 135.8 12/09/2011 Fit drop links Kingsway MOT Centre GEE_V8 37.97 12/01/2012 71,679 Inspection 2 Service Fit Lamda sensors Kingsway MOT Centre GEE_V8 567.66 03/04/2012 72,874 Brake fluid Kingsway MOT Centre GEE_V8 114.4 04/04/2012 72,874 MOT (pass) Kingsway MOT Centre GEE_V8 24/05/2012 Wheel refurb The Wheel Specialist GEE_V8 288 25/10/2012 75,649 Fit rear tyres Kingsway MOT Centre GEE_V8 31.2 10/04/2013 79,100 MOT / Service Kingsway MOT Centre GEE_V8 130.62 29/07/2013 <> 5th Keeper Slam 01/07/2014 Fasteners BMW Douglas Park Hamilton Slam 4.03 09/04/2014 Thrust Arms Euro Car Parts Slam 152.88 12/04/2014 Rear Suspension Arms Rear Drop Links Euro Car Parts Slam 164 29/04/2014 Fasteners BMW Cotswold Slam 11.81 10/05/2014 84,063 MOT Pass Martin Motor Company Slam 30/06/2014 Front discs & pads Euro Car Parts Slam 137.75 04/07/2014 Front Calipers & pads Euro Car Parts Slam 193.77 05/07/2014 Brake fluid BMW Parks Hamilton Slam 23.14 14/07/2014 Rear pads Euro Car Parts Slam 47.88 26/07/2014 Bosch S5 Battery Euro Car Parts Slam 113.9 13/12/2014 Antifreeze BMW Cotswold Slam 11.08 16/12/2014 Fasteners BMW Douglas Park Hamilton Slam 7.8 30/12/2014 Antifreeze BMW Douglas Park Hamilton Slam 11.08 14/04/2015 Track rod ends Carparts4less.co.uk Slam 64.81 18/06/2015 Valley Pan Job BMW Cotswold Slam 863.99 26/06/2015 Fuel Injector Service Kit Mr Injector UK Slam 33.03 04/07/2015 Various BMW Cotswold Slam 126.26 10/07/2015 Hose BMW Cotswold Slam 11.18 12/08/2015 Antifreeze BMW Cotswold Slam 36.52 15/08/2015 89,855 MOT Pass D K Motors Slam 19/08/2015 Hose Antifreeze BMW Cotswold Slam 46.52 03/09/2015 Rear bumper insert BMW Cotswold Slam 24.98 05/09/2015 90,071 Oil Service Kingsway MOT Centre Slam 47.34 07/02/2016 Rear Tyres Jungle Tyres Slam 212.44 08/02/2016 Front Tyres Jungle Tyres Slam 151.68 10/02/2016 Tyre fitment / alignment Strathyclyde Tyre Services Slam 80 02/03/2016 Chrome Kidney Grills Boonet badge Boot badge Wheel centre badges BMW Cotswold Slam 214.72 22/03/2016 Front Suspension Mounts BMW Cotswold Slam 106.79 05/04/2016 Radiator Reservoir Tank Hoses Fasteners Genuine Auto Parts DE Slam 515.9 23/04/2016 Bosch Alternator Slam 347.99 26/04/2016 Upper Timing Case Gaskets BMW Cotswold Slam 36.98 27/04/2016 Water pump Fan belts BMW Cotswold Slam 327.11 03/05/2016 Front anti-roll bar links Pulleys & Tensioners Rear suspension arms Rear ball joints Euro Car Parts Slam 282.31 14/05/2016 Idler pulley GSF Car Parts Slam 32.83 17/05/2016 Antifreeze Hose Temperture switch BMW Cotswold Slam 94.22 29/05/2016 Mk4 navigation repair Stage 2 amp upgrade including 4 X RCA preouts, Bluetooth music streaming Carphonics Slam 359.99 01/08/2016 MOT (fail), Free health check BMW Parks Hamilton Slam 05/08/2016 Rear Suspension Arms Euro Car Parts Slam 95.2 08/08/2016 Fasteners BMW Douglas Park Hamilton Slam 18.12 13/08/2016 Steering idler arm BMW Douglas Park Hamilton Slam 88.18 20/08/2016 Centre Tie Rod DIY Slam 133.42 22/08/2016 Front Control Arm GSF Car Parts Slam 58.36 26/08/2016 Front Control Arm GSF Car Parts Slam 57.31 27/08/2016 94,886 MOT (fail) Halfords Bellshill Slam 27.42 05/09/2016 94,906 MOT Pass BMW Parks Hamilton Slam 28/11/2016 Front Wheel Bearings Euro Car Parts Slam 136.34 01/03/2017 96,758 Rear Tyres Kwik-Fit Slam 316.3 16/03/2017 Castrol Differential OIL Opie Oils Slam 40.94 25/03/2017 Fateners BMW Douglas Park Hamilton Slam 9.72 Engine Oil / Rear Diff Oil Service Pro-Grip Larbert Slam 31/03/2017 Wheel alignment Pro-Grip Larbert Slam 60 22/04/2017 Fasteners BMW Douglas Park Hamilton Slam 8.93 23/10/2017 Febi Heater Blower Motor Ebay Slam 67.58 23/10/2017 Heater Blower Motor cover BMW Cotswold Slam 25.66 02/06/2018 Air Filter EuroCar Parrts Slam 8.77 23/06/2018 Bosch MAF Ebay Slam 75.84 02/07/2018 Mileage Inspection East Kilbride Specialist Slam 80 01/09/2018 100,961 MOT (fail) Kingsway MOT Centre Slam 11/09/2018 Handbrake adjustment Kingsway MOT Centre Slam 57.6 11/09/2018 101,061 MOT (Pass) Kingsway MOT Centre Slam 01/10/2018 Body work (sills, fuel cap area) Caramedics Vehicle Repairs Slam 380 TOTAL 8278.35 BAD POINTS Rust on the boot lid (couldn't justify body shop cost vs 2nd hand replacement) Paint bubbles on the lower front wings (as above) Some of the shadow trim is bubbling (again as above) Few dings on the drivers door, not unsightly (been like that since I bought it) Front nearside headlight adjuster needs replacing (I might get around to it) Key need a new battery (I'll sort this out) Engine and Oil Leaks according to MOT advisories but most gaskets have been replaced, there's no fluids on the deck Tyre marks on the rear seats (this was my stupid fault, I'll try using a dye or scrubbing harder) Kerbing on the right front wheel (not hugely unsightly, i'll probably get this tidied up) A few stone chips on the hood (again I'll probably get these touched up but it's not bad) Most of the bad points are standard wear and tear for an E39 QUESTIONS Any questions, please PM me and I'll share my number.
  2. slam

    Braided brake hoses

    https://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/tools/hand-tools/gunson-eezibleed?_br_psugg_q=gunson+eezibleed I have this, works well.
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    Hi (540I) With a fully charged battery, engine starts up and starts up again just fine, on a 3rd attempt no go, not even a noise from the starter. Same thing happened yesterday, took about 20 turns of the key for the engine to fire up, again no noise from the starter on the failed attempts.. Should I start with the starter? ;p Cheers
  4. slam


    Took the Bosch S5 battery back to ECP yesterday, they got back to me to today to say the battery is on its way out. They did run the battery check on it and it said to recharge, they've left it on the charger overnight but it's not charging properly. I had the battery out the car on Monday, charged it and it kept dropping voltage day after day with nothing connected so I knew something wasn't right. I had 30+ error 15 Power-on-resets for the EWS module which I read somewhere relates to a bad battery and I'm guessing this is why the car wasn't turning over if it was resetting itself. Pick up a free replacement on Monday, just as well it came with a 5 warranty.
  5. slam


    Hi Please quote me on a new ignition switch - GF13911 Cheers
  6. slam


    I think I'm going to go with a new ignition switch first, car started up again twice in a row and then nothing from the starter. The starter sounds healthy and the engine fires up fast when it does decide to work.
  7. slam

    E39 Touring M8

    Black (I think) 2003 530I Touring, touring the M8 earlier today. Anyone on here?
  8. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    I'm glad we could agree on something lol You done now ? ;p Back to the ad...
  9. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    Those cars make my car look like good value for money but I do like their interiors. The price is reasonable, just need to find someone else that agrees ;p I always remember the 530D on here that was over 6K, people said it would never sell for that but it did. As for cooling, the valley pan gasket is the biggest issue on these cars and I think it's probably one of the reasons why they change hands as often because of the work and cost involved to replace. I appreciate the good luck wishes
  10. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    Thanks for the comment. Just to clarify, if you read the advert it says it comes with M5 wheels. At 100K miles, the car is what 50% through it's lifetime? Averaging 5K miles per annum over the last 10 years. If anyone is interested in the car, a true enthusiast spending a chunk of cash will want to know the in's and out's. How much would an interior swap cost? A few hundred quid from a car with higher miles and more worn out? There is nothing dull about the leather when the sun is shining and the sunroof is open, it's a very pleasant place to be. Try finding a car similar within the same price bracket. Whoever buys one of these cars will find themselves replacing the entire cooling system or topping it up every week unless the previous owner has spent thousands. Actually I would say to anyone is if you want to save cash and own one of these then buy my car.
  11. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    Price drop and mileage updated.
  12. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    Uploaded better pics, ebay ad to follow.
  13. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    Added better interior pics, still got a fair bit of cleaning to do but getting there.
  14. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    It's only advertised on here for the moment, I'll advertise it elsewhere once I get it detailed. I may need to ship it down to my sisters in London if location is an issue but that'll be closer to September next year.
  15. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    The 2nd owner retired to Spain, he took the car with him and then it came back later to the UK. The 2007 service was carried out abroad and records the mileage in KM in the service book, car comes back to the UK and its first MOT it shows a ridiculous jump in mileage but if you convert KM to miles, it all fits in. For additonal peace of mind for the next owner, I took the car to a specialist and had the cluster inspected to make sure the chip hadn't been tampered with, got some pictures to prove it. Also, components like the thrust arms and alternator gave up around the expected mileage. The only thing that makes sense is a human at the MOT centre didn't convert KM to miles and as we all know, this seems to be a regular occurrence these days.
  16. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    Haha, I knew it wouldn't be long until someone mentioned the leather. I love the original period contrasting grey leather, it looks best when the sunroof is open and the sunlight brightens up the cabin. Price is in the description - £6250.
  17. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    Updated the history, just need to upload new pictures.
  18. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    Images added to original post.
  19. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

  20. slam

    SAAB 9-3 AERO

    I had one, I sold it for a grand - couldn't find a buyer. Every component had a GM stamp on it, about as well built and reliable as my old Corsa.
  21. slam

    Local councils - absolute jobsworths

    I agree with the council's position, otherwise you get a very unsightly road with concrete ramps everywhere.
  22. slam

    Help with value of my e39.... sport

    I'd stick it on ebay auction,, would probably sell for more.
  23. slam

    2001 E39 M5 - SOLD

    Looks lovely and very well maintained, I think you'll get a quick sale.
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    buy a whole car and swap out your windows - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bmw-520i-e39/183339873328?hash=item2aafe87430:g:XHoAAOSw5k9bVelp, sell the car
  25. Good working order - no disc. £100 collected from Coatbridge or £115 posted.