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  1. slam

    Style 65 Wheels

    Thanks very much. I have some thinking to do.
  2. slam

    Style 65 Wheels

    Hi, How much are a set of Style 65 wheels worth these days in average condition? (excluding tyres) Cheers
  3. slam

    New e39 owner

    The gap around the bumper under the hood and wing don't look right to me in the pic. You may want to take another look up close. Good luck!
  4. You're not an idiot, there must have been valid reasons and concerns to vote out? The minority predicted Brexit would ruin the country, I say COVID has been worse than any predicted Brexit outcome. I just hope the economy can bounce back strong and the NHS get back to treating those who have been patiently suffering since March.
  5. slam

    My E39 540i

    The work I done a good few years ago now...
  6. slam

    My E39 540i

    Lovely car. The gold painted valve covers are actually silver from the factory, something I learned on here. Does it lose any coolant? I won't bother asking if it has any oil leaks ;p
  7. slam

    Number plate S6 FVE plus.......

    Still looks pretty decent, can't be too many in that colour?
  8. slam

    Number plate S6 FVE plus.......

    https://www.gumtree.com/p/bmw/bmw-5-series-530i-se-4dr-auto-3.0-£3-200/1365644369 Your old car?
  9. slam

    Rod Knockers

    Unsure if this has been posted before, interesting project on the go... V10 in an E39 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSckI8VeaBgKQ0ru59PvKBg
  10. slam

    So what are you doing in isolation?

    The alternator on my 540I gave up around 95K miles. I remember when it did, I was just turning into my street when the engine conked out but luckily, the engine turned over and got me to my driveway. I think I paid around £300 for a Bosch unit from ECP after discount and return surcharge. I fitted it myself to save a few £
  11. slam

    Complete loss of electrical power

    Pleased to report the car has been fine since re-tightening the clamp. thanks for the advice.
  12. slam

    Complete loss of electrical power

    Back at it again, I've tightened up the nut and the clamp is rock solid, overtightening it loosens the clamps grip but doesn't take much force to do it. The threads must be worn on the bolt.
  13. slam

    Complete loss of electrical power

    Thanks for the reply. Just been out to check. I could rotate the negative battery clamp around the battery post, I tried tightening up the clamp but seems to have made it worse to the point where I can pull the clamp off the post by hand. Looks like I'll be buying a new earth cable.
  14. Hi guys, I was stranded at a roundabout earlier for 10 minutes - that was fun. The engine and the electrical power suddenly cut off, car was completely dead, no power to anything apart from the oil warning lamp which seemed dimly lit. I remember seeing a few more lights pop up on the cluster just before it died but it happened so quickly. I decided have a poke around in the boot whilst waiting for assistance, wiggled at the battery power cables and tapped on the fuse box above it, which seems to have restored power. I remember the alternator failing a few years ago but this seemed different. I had the car recovered anyway just in case it went again. Does it sound like a simple earthing issue? Cheers
  15. slam

    Vehicle Stats

    Interesting site if you haven't seen it before. Unsurprisingly, the handbrake is the number one fail item on my car. https://www.vehiclestats.co.uk