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  1. slam

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Finally replaced the remote fob batteries in both keys. They died years ago, for the time it took to replace the batteries, I really should have done it sooner. I didn't like having to glue the key cases back together but I can live with it vs the cost of two brand new keys.
  2. slam

    540I Brake Issues

    They do look very nice along with the Michelin sidewalls and colour of the car. Smart combo all round.
  3. slam

    540I Brake Issues

    Yup, replaced the top mounts a while ago but not sure if they would make a noise turning the disc by hand whilst on axle stands? I'll be annoyed if it is a wheel bearing that I replaced in 2016 as it's only done 15K. I think I'll need to investigate further. On a side note, I picked up a set of Turbine wheels with Michelin CrossClimate tyres all round for £130. Car drivers a lot nicer and is more complaint over the M5 wheels. I couldn't justify spending 300+ quid on two new tyres for a car that's only done 1000 miles since its last MOT. I thought the Turbines would be a temporary measure but they might just become permanent.
  4. slam

    540I Brake Issues

    I replaced the front discs to get the car through its MOT with Mintex MDC1486C for a very reasonable £48. They seemed like excellent quality out of the box. Interestingly, during the job when turning the new disc to make sure it wasn't catching on anything, I could hear a clunk which seemed to travel up the shock. Is this a sign that the wheel bearing is shot? I actually bought SNR wheel bearings in 2016 but I can't remember if I fitted them or not - silly me.
  5. slam

    540I Brake Issues

    Alrighty I'm looking for some advice please... My front brakes started grinding which was a surprise since the car passed it's MOT not so many miles ago. The brakes have never felt great on the car, I've always felt there's too much brake pedal travel and effort required to stop the car. They don't have a bite to them and have never inspired confidence. On a lazy inspection with the wheels still on, the discs looked like they had plenty of meat on them but it was difficult to see the state of the pads. Due to the grinding noise and the appearance of the discs, I decided to buy a set of pads only. I tackled the front left first, removed the caliper, the outer pad had plenty of material and the surface of the disc looked OK but the inside pad was completely worn down, the surface of the inner disc had a deep groove as if the brake pad had been cutting into the disc continuously. When pushing the caliper piston back into replace the pads, a bit of fluid leaked through the seal but stopped soon after. When I tackled the front right, the discs and pads were in much better condition and no fluid leaked through the seal when pushing the piston in. There was a little more wear on the inside pad but not to the same extremes as the front left and the disc was in worn more evenly. I've kept an eye on brake fluid level and it's been steady since replacing the pads so the seal on the front left caliper must be still doing its job. When the engine is off, the brake pedal is solid. Foot still on the pedal, start the engine and the pedal sinks a little. If I apply enough pressure, the pedal will sink slowly and gradually to the floor. I'm left pondering on what I should be replacing. Could the brake master clyinder cause all all the issues above? Or do I have multiple issues going on? Cheers!
  6. slam

    Style 65 Wheels

    Thanks very much. I have some thinking to do.
  7. slam

    Style 65 Wheels

    Hi, How much are a set of Style 65 wheels worth these days in average condition? (excluding tyres) Cheers
  8. slam

    New e39 owner

    The gap around the bumper under the hood and wing don't look right to me in the pic. You may want to take another look up close. Good luck!
  9. You're not an idiot, there must have been valid reasons and concerns to vote out? The minority predicted Brexit would ruin the country, I say COVID has been worse than any predicted Brexit outcome. I just hope the economy can bounce back strong and the NHS get back to treating those who have been patiently suffering since March.
  10. slam

    My E39 540i

    The work I done a good few years ago now...
  11. slam

    My E39 540i

    Lovely car. The gold painted valve covers are actually silver from the factory, something I learned on here. Does it lose any coolant? I won't bother asking if it has any oil leaks ;p
  12. slam

    Number plate S6 FVE plus.......

    Still looks pretty decent, can't be too many in that colour?
  13. slam

    Number plate S6 FVE plus.......

    https://www.gumtree.com/p/bmw/bmw-5-series-530i-se-4dr-auto-3.0-£3-200/1365644369 Your old car?
  14. slam

    Rod Knockers

    Unsure if this has been posted before, interesting project on the go... V10 in an E39 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSckI8VeaBgKQ0ru59PvKBg
  15. slam

    So what are you doing in isolation?

    The alternator on my 540I gave up around 95K miles. I remember when it did, I was just turning into my street when the engine conked out but luckily, the engine turned over and got me to my driveway. I think I paid around £300 for a Bosch unit from ECP after discount and return surcharge. I fitted it myself to save a few £