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  1. Save-LPG Alternative Fuel Electronics is the original core of Save-LPG Technologies. Founded in 2012, the division designs and builds a complete range of electronic devices for converting vehicles to run on LPG. It is Save-LPG Alternative Fuel Electronics that invented the first timing advance processor, the device that revolutionized the use of alternative fuels for cars. Save-LPG gradually enlarged its product lines over time until it achieved a complete range. Thanks to its expertise and the total reliability of its products, Save-LPG Alternative Fuel As a highly specialized partner and was also awarded important quality certifications. Save-LPG Alternative Fuel Electronics has always stood out for: Technological innovation High-quality products Customer satisfaction High level of professionalism OUR CONVERSION PRICES ARE AS FOLLOWS: 3-4 CYLINDERS CARS STARTING FROM £649.99** Special Offer 5-6 CYLINDER CARS STARTING FROM £849.99** Special Offer 8 CYLINDERS CARS STARTING FROM £1049.99** Special Offer 12 CYLINDER CARS Please Contact with Us Special Offer 24 monts warranty CERTIFICATE FOR DVLA (Discount on Road Tax) UKLPG Registration extra £55 Services: 1 service-1600 miles Free 2 service and every next - 6500 miles charge £30 Make with us better and cleaner world for you and your Family and save up to 50%** money on petrol. Save-LPG Car Conversion Unit B 189 Tat Bank Road B69 4NB Oldbury web: http://www.save-car-lpg.co.uk/ mail: info.savelpg@gmail.com Call us: 075 35 600 362 (Kamil)