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  1. franco90

    Intravee II not working

    Richard I did but I open up the case and try to remove the small fuse NOW I had no intravee any ideas also I disconnected the from the IBus and it goes back to normal . How much for you replace the fuse and update and test my unit PM me your address and amount
  2. franco90

    Fuse blown inside intravee II

    I know but I try to remove the fuse and broke it in half
  3. franco90

    Fuse blown inside intravee II

    damn it my fuse broke off RIchard PM your address and how much to replace the fuse
  4. franco90

    Fuse blown inside intravee II

    cool I have 003492 so there should be a holder
  5. franco90

    Intravee II not working

    hello RichardP I am having a similar problem my intravee ii serial # 003492 my works on and off some times I have song other times it does not turn on anyway I connected today and it started to I had sound but them a message engine over heat come on so I turn off car now all my lights are on and right blinker stays on . can I send you my intravee so you can replace the fuse, I seeing the fuse but I dont want to mess it up.
  6. franco90

    9" android radio/nav/video for E39

    They have an E39 radio NOW http://www.seicane.com/8-8-inch-in-dash-1996-2003-bmw-5-series-e39-520i-523i-525i-m5-android-gps-navigation-system-with-1024-600-touch-screen-3g-wifi-tpms-usb-dvr-obdii-rear-camera-aux-16g-flash-steering-wheel-control-s089993 this one is for X-5 http://www.seicane.com/1280-480-touchscreen-8-8-inch-2000-2007-bmw-x5-e53-3-0i-3-0d-4-4i-4-6is-4-8is-android-gps-navigation-system-with-3g-wifi-tpms-dvr-obdii-rear-camera-aux-usb-1080p-steering-wheel-control-s089993 too me they both the same units
  7. franco90

    9" android radio/nav/video for E39

    ok got the radio all wire up and orks with dsp Here are pics of the unit https://www.flickr.com/photos/63016846@N04/shares/c7c447 the radio works 100% and maps are awesome and have red light camera and video
  8. franco90

    9" android radio/nav/video for E39

    OK got the same unit everything works on mine .
  9. franco90

    9" android radio/nav/video for E39

    How did u get the sound to work do you need to code the amp if so can u help me I got everything workin but no sound
  10. Got it all working thanks guys and I also set the wires for the I Phone 6 everything works thanks Richard
  11. ok I did disconnect it and cd changer had sound them I connect it back into xm radio so Now I have sound. I will play with it for a couple of days. yes it does work. I will post in the next couple of days to see what happens
  12. I would be all over the Parrot Asteroid Smart if it worked with the Alpine XM radio module Since mine is paid for life
  13. franco90

    My sound system upgrade

    wow Awesome set up learning something new everyday I will poc pics once I get my set up done right Richard you are a wizard.
  14. franco90

    ai net breakout box

    LOL I had a Intravee II for a while and now I am learning to use it. I also WANT TO use every feature it has .