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  1. snrbrtsn

    F07 Pano Sunroof Sunscreen Failure

    I previously own the Gt and suffered similar fate I phoned main dealer for price ignoring declining their advances with diagnostic charges and requested price to replace screen £840 dropped car off in morning and collected at 4 maybe worth a call at least!
  2. snrbrtsn

    Ion Naviwax

    No sealants required Though focus on your polish & technique for best results, perfect the prep for perfect shine then seal in the shine with the ion naviwax! Wax, leave to haze, buff it, then hose down to flatten and reapply (two coats) for longer durability! Wax & Sealants are similar products - different in the sense wax works best on dark colours and sealants on light!
  3. snrbrtsn

    Recommendations for leather cleaning products

    I'll place two options on the table hand held steam mop with a clean microfibres .... Glip Tone cleaner and conditioner use the cleaner with a nail brush (scrubbing brush), haze then buff with clean cloth use the conditioner with a clean polishing pad, haze and buff off residue, leaves no shine and unbeatable finish, with fragrant smell Either method gets my Ivory leather back to pristine, factory fresh!
  4. snrbrtsn

    Braking shudder???

    It could be something as simple as fouled mating faces between the disc and wheel, knowing first hand how much debris build up here! (Hence wheels are hard to come off) Another thought if the wheels have been changed, is the spigot, centre bore the correct size ? Worth checking the tyres for bulges
  5. Is that the new lights ?? whats it like with side lights only (or drls) they look audish with the lower swoosh?
  6. snrbrtsn

    High beam assist

    try switching the light switch between Auto and position II then enable HBA, watch the difference and beam patterns on the dark twisty roads Quite amazing allbeit I still think the system is at times lazy or triggered by faraway houses with lights!
  7. snrbrtsn

    4K tv's. Are they all that?

    Could be wrong, however is the Samsung, Philips lg & Panasonic not the same drive units with different casings ??? the only difference being Sony is standalone manufacturing similar to the Audi, skoda VW thing
  8. snrbrtsn

    Tyre pressures and towing

    I just replaced mine (on Fo7) with similar wear pattern quite distressing on the basis I still had a conservative 3-4mm of tread replaced like for like and kept with Goodyear excellence allbeit in 20" size
  9. snrbrtsn

    First BMW

    Saw that car in John Clark ... Cracking ps, stainless pedals is chav!
  10. snrbrtsn

    Guide to E61 Air Suspension repairs?

    You should find the installation pdf on Arnotts website http://arnottmanuals.com/?part_number=A-2755 ps nothing specialised, if you can change a light bulb ........
  11. snrbrtsn

    Mods - Lowering the ride height

    Try H&R, 5mm lower than eibach mstyle is a good hunting ground, more for quality products. http://www.mstyle.co.uk/bmw-5-series/f10-and-f11/suspension-chassis-strut-braces.html
  12. snrbrtsn

    530D air intake mod - ideas

    Careful with the change, as it may cause more problems than benefits Many, including myself have tried filter changes with no real gains over standard, with the BMWs, you often find a OEM filter change is every bit as beneficial, oil type filter tend to clog the MAF and give rough running, they also run the risk of vapourised oil contacting the carbon in the inlet manifold via the EGR which attributes to gunking up the manifold For smoother induction, remove and clean you inlet manifold & AGR It is possible to map your 530d, although now frowned upon, it's also possible to DPF delete which will free up back pressure and help turbo spool, there's also the possibility of chip tuning though several report faults. However, if it was Petrol things are different! & a filter change would merit your needs!
  13. snrbrtsn

    Evening all! Wanting an E39 M5 LSD...

    Very nice and clean with the very rare manual box mileage circa 198000
  14. snrbrtsn

    F11 roof box

    I'm running the same exodus box on my GT, pictures are misplaced, I get what your saying about the Thule boxes, allbeit, I also have comparison like for like and the Thule boxes have the upper edge on quality and rigidity, though whether they command the price is a worthless conversion. There are several considerations on box purchases 1. The use that you shall make of it, personally mine is used two weeks of the year then shelved in the garage 2. Fitment of the footplates, whilst commonly universal, the BMW bars are too wide for most footpacks, my work around was to fabricate square washers to locate in the BMW bar T track, same spacers come in handy for the "Thule" bike racks 3. Size of box versus size of intended carriage, my exodus box takes 4 full sized hold-alls which is purposefull for camping gear though some of the slim line boxes would struggle to swallow
  15. snrbrtsn

    Is this rust on my Wing Mirror

    Very common and simple fix. Remove mirrors sand back and respray with black enamel paint choose your primer wisely so that it provides a key to the aluminium the door cards do have to be removed to allow lower mounting bolt removal, prior to this be sure to disconnect battery to prevent SRS airbag fault