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  1. timbolina

    E39 (JapImport) OEM Navigation unit

    Hi sidmac, I could be the person Dennis is referring to as I converted my Jap import E39 to uk sat nav several years ago. It’s not too hard to do and could be fairly cheap if you take your time sourcing used parts. Obviously,it’s not going to be as good (or maybe reliable) as the latest touchscreen stuff but it still works okay, I presume you have the unit that hangs under the parcel shelf? I did have a thread on this forum for the conversion , I’ll try and find it and post a link . Here you go, hope it helps
  2. timbolina

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    MOT time again, straight through with no advisories and good emissions. Mind you, I have done a whopping 240 miles this year
  3. timbolina

    M Door Sill Protector Realoem Confusion

    Personally I would contact either Cotswold or your local dealer for a quote using your vin number and they should point you in the right direction. I got 2 rears a front for less than£90 from BMW direct, aka park lane BMW, albeit they were for an se. Cheers Tim .
  4. timbolina

    Door Sill Fixing

    Wow, that's expensive, I have just bought 2 rears and 1 front from BMW direct on Amazon for less than £90 delivered!
  5. timbolina

    540 coolant change

    As per the title, any recommendations for the type of coolant required that is compatiblewith the BMW stuff currently in use?
  6. timbolina

    Cheap oil at ECP

    20 litres of BMW LL01 grade oil for £35.27 with their weekend discount code, got to be a bargain, https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/gulf-formula-gx-5w-40-engine-oil-20ltr-521774135
  7. timbolina

    Solar powered battery charger

    Thanks for the quick reply Dan, that looks pretty good. Trouble is though, I have a saloon so it would be harder to connect using the crocs so I would like to make it more of a fixed device with the cable hidden behind the side panels in the boot & maybe connect to a permanently live fuse in the rear fuse box & some sort of plug & socket connector close to the charger to enable easy removal.
  8. As per the title, has any body used one of these on their 1999 E39 & how did they connect it? Any recommendations? Was thinking of something like this as it connects to the OBD port https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AA-Essentials-12V-Solar-Powered-Car-Battery-Charger-Solar-Panel-OBD-Version/183674834843?epid=26031190058&hash=item2ac3df8f9b:g:5ggAAOSwrhNcXG3w Cheers Tim
  9. timbolina

    E39 540 starter motor price

    Hi, Please supply a price for a starter motor for a E39 540, I believe the part number is 12411736922 Cheers Tim
  10. timbolina

    E39 new seats?

    There is a guide at the top of the E39 section on how to retrofit seats
  11. timbolina

    # plate light

    I would take the light out & maybe the trim panel and check inside the boot lid and see if the original number plate light is still connected inside as lots of people used to do that to prevent the fault being displayed, due to the low resistance of the led. It may be that bulb that has failed. Even when new, the led is not very bright, I managed to separate mine when it failed and removed the old led and soldered a couple of led's from an offcut of under cabinet kitchen lighting in its place,
  12. timbolina

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Took the 540 in for mot today and it flew through with no advisorys, Happy days, mind you, I've only done 508 miles in the last year.
  13. timbolina

    Price please

    Received yesterday, thanks
  14. timbolina

    Price please

    Payment sent
  15. timbolina

    Price please

    Hello, price please for one of these delivered to UK ,64318379620