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  1. Gaz525

    Electrical gremlin

    I'm fed up with this car now I've had enough went to work for a week battery totally dead no lights on nothing connected jumped straight away took it for a run stopped it it started up this morning nothing no lights on dash it's a 2 month old battery and alternator was checked and works fine
  2. Gaz525

    Electrical gremlin

    Right now I'm pissed off changed both relays lights working fine yesterday but today there not working again
  3. Gaz525

    Electrical gremlin

    No other electrical problems instrument lights not working headlights not working
  4. Gaz525

    Electrical gremlin

    Hmm appears I have a problem swapped them over everything worked now the headlights sometimes work
  5. Gaz525

    Electrical gremlin

    It was a dodgy relay all sorted now thanx for all the help and advice
  6. Gaz525

    Electrical gremlin

    Thanx john the switch is new to me was assured it works the indicator stalk is working fine yeah I turned the instrument cluster lights up still nothing sorry for my ignorance which relays do I need to switch round ???
  7. Gaz525

    Electrical gremlin

    Just changed the switch still no lights I can put main beams on but nothing else ???
  8. Gaz525

    Electrical gremlin

    Thanx for the help folks it's getting replaced today
  9. Gaz525

    Electrical gremlin

    Yep you where right it was the switch fiddled with it this morning and they all came on phew that's one less thing to worry about
  10. Gaz525

    Electrical gremlin

    Hello folks having a nightmare with the 525e just gone to get some food car starts no problem but lights won't come on and no instrument lights checked fuses there fine cigarette lighter works can someone please help me I'm at the end of my tether with it Gaz
  11. Gaz525

    What do they run

    Mine are just aa size
  12. Gaz525

    What do they run

    So it appears my is board is shot what exactly do the batteries run can't afford a replacement didn't realise they where so expensive so thinking of putting in stand alone guages
  13. Gaz525

    Si board batteries

    Hi folks well I've decided to keep the 525 been busy fixing a few niggly bits and I need to replace the batteries in the si board I've got it all stripped just wondering what batteries to get and where from Gaz
  14. Gaz525

    What do u think

    Just a quick question folks thinking if selling up times are hard what's a unfinished project with these days 87 525e full mtech kit re sprayed good interior running good needs some welding done for mot I do have some pics just a ballpark figure
  15. Gaz525

    Interior lights

    Never had this much hassle with any of my e30's learning curve I guess