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    530 D E60 2004
  1. VEIS

    EGR or Cilinder Head fault?

    When I pulled over it was in the maximum, in the red line. I don't know how to find it to the obc hidden menu, does my car have it?
  2. VEIS

    EGR or Cilinder Head fault?

    I bought a new coolant expansion tank pressure cap and it seems to be fine till now. The temprature is not getting high and the thermostat is open at 88° , today is the last test to see if it gonna be ok. Thnx for the answer
  3. VEIS

    EGR or Cilinder Head fault?

    I don't know if the coolant pipe has a problem, but the thermostat opens at 88° so that one is fine. And when I drove those 5 km, all the water was finished that fast.
  4. Hello guys, I have a 530 D , E60, 2004 and I bought a re-build engine a month ago because my old engine got broken. My mecanic put the new engine to the car and everything went well. I drove like 5 KM and the temperature got so high and I pulled over. I opened the hood and I checked that this black tube is way to hard, almost exploding . My mecanic said that if you do 5 KM or 500 KM of driving, this tube stays SOFT.After checking everything to the garage, Thermostat, water pump, Radiator, Injection pump and everything was fine, finally he said that there is a problem with a Cilinder Head or the Head Gasket that normally is under warranty. (example)So, I called the garage when I bought the engine and they checked the Cilinder Head and they said that was perfectly fine They said that the EGR ( Exhaust Gas Recirculation) is leaking and they think that EGR caused that problem. This is the way how they tried that was leaking: Now the problem is that my mecanic saved this EGR from the old engine and he put it to the new engine and they don't cover my warranty because the problem came from a part that wasn't theirs. On the other part, my mecanic says that EGR got nothing to do with high temperature, water leaking to the turbo and making that black tube so hard, ready to explode. I don't know who is right and who is wrong. In the end it's me paying all the engine transport bills and services bills. I thought maybe I can find some more help and suggestions from you? Sincerly VEIS