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  1. ChrisDiz

    Palmersport Track Event

    Wow!! Just Wow!!
  2. ChrisDiz

    Palmersport Track Event

    Hey all, I'm going on a Track event at palmersport in Bedford, getting to drive the Ariel Atom, Catherham, and M3 in anger!! I'm not really after any advice, just gloating... Anyone been there before? What times do I need to beat??
  3. ChrisDiz

    Out & about in Milton Keynes

    I may have seen you this am on the V11-H9 roundabout (chicane).. Young lad, dark spikey hair? I was in a bright yellow smart car.
  4. ChrisDiz

    I need a proper car again.

    Just bumping these questions here too if that's ok.... have they been asnwered endlessly already?
  5. ChrisDiz

    I need a proper car again.

    That's a thought.. How much specifically is the e39 530d Manual sport (unmodified) to tax per year? The smart car is £30!! Insurance quotes so far aren't much different surprisingly. SC - £275 comapred to BMW - £400
  6. ChrisDiz

    I need a proper car again.

    Continuing on with my newbness.. This car has caught my eye.. is this too cheap? it looks nice.. link
  7. ChrisDiz

    I need a proper car again.

    Thanks guuuys! Very welcoming! Why is the 525 the sweeter deal? Are the power stats similar? Does the 530d have more torques? is there greater scope for improvement with a remap on the 530d? I think I read somewhere that the 530d was the one to go for. No idea where.. I've read a lot of forums in the past week... Because of this I've completely discounted the 525ds... Is this a big mistake then? thx
  8. ChrisDiz

    I need a proper car again.

    Hi guys, Thanks for the replies. I'm really after out and out fuel economy and I've read that the manual gives 3-6 more mpg and the 530d is just as economical if not more as the 525d. Is that correct? Do remaps improve economy matters or spoil mpg and ruin a decent car? My brother loves his rwd cars too and I asked him yesterday why he didn't plumb for a 5 series.. He said he was after a limited slip diff so he went for an IS200. I've had a bit of a smurf for lsd conversions but not many recent posts. What are the options these days for an e39 530d? Fitting a broken M5 diff? M3? Quaiffe? Many thanks..
  9. ChrisDiz

    I need a proper car again.

    Hi all, I'm new here. I like cars. I like rwd. I like the 5 series. Not keen on diesels until I drove an Audi A3 diesel through Belgium and Germany to Italy and back but was amazed by the fuel economy and power available (and that it didn't sound like a tractor). I picked up a Smart car last year as it was convenient to purchase and I wanted some decent fuel returns. Turns out I could get better economy (around an extra 20%) with an e39 530d and drive in comfort and style (and have a powerful rwd car again). I missed out on this nice example recently and am after something similar. Ideally a manual sport late model. How competetive is the market at the moment? I can imagine quite a few people after these at current prices. Where are good places to find nice e39 530ds? I've noticed quite a few available in Ireland on Gumtree. Is there a for sale section on here? Anyway, hi again! ChrisDiz