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  1. e60530i

    535d turbo refurb options?

  2. e60530i

    E60 black grills

    Are they gloss finish for definite?
  3. e60530i

    Castrol Edge 5w30 4L £26 delivered

    I saw that, why do some Castrol oils say Bmw approved and others don’t? the 0w30 does but the 5w30 doesn’t
  4. e60530i

    E60 black grills

    Hi. Do Bmw sell black grills for the e60 in gloss finish ? thanks
  5. e60530i

    Manifold leak

    Has that worked?
  6. e60530i

    Manifold leak

    I’ve got an oil leak coming from the intake manifold, changed all 13 gaskets, put it back together and still leaking. Any ideas? its had swirl flaps blanked with metal Pmw blanks Mate from bmw is suggesting replacing the manifold itself but that’s big bucks
  7. e60530i

    Cleaning an oil leak

    I was gonna spray engine degreaser and agitate and then rinse off but wary of water in the engine bay
  8. e60530i

    Cleaning an oil leak

    No water mate?
  9. e60530i

    Cleaning an oil leak

    I’ve had an oil leak that’s soaked under the egr and intake manifold. How’s best to clean it? I can’t get my sausage fingers down far enough to clean it all
  10. e60530i

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Had gearbox serviced followed by a quick wash
  11. You keep your spare in it as well I assume?
  12. e60530i

    Auto gearbox specialists in north west

    Got gearbox serviced this morning. Service was excellent. Their workshop is massive and full of cars, which is a good sign. Will be using them again going forward
  13. e60530i

    Mobile wheel refurb

    It’s the convenience rather than the cost I’m more concerned, providing the quality is up to scratch
  14. e60530i

    Remove armrest phone cradle E60 LCI

    Exactly the way I did it