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  1. Ryza

    Help Battery Drain

    Hi Bigbird, thanks very much for your time and the reply.. I have now got it going using jump leads and have taken it a 60 mile trip to charge up.....hopefully this solves it....I have also now taken off the IBS cable to see if that helps. Thanks Ryza
  2. Ryza

    Help Battery Drain

    Hi folks, I am pretty much a newbie to the forum and indeed to mechanics and DIY as a whole. I have a probelm at the moment i am hoping you can help wiith. i have a 2006 520d m sport which is currently lying in my drive competely dead. can t even lock doors or get in the boot. The car had a battery replaced last year (almost year to the date) for the exact same symptoms. last sunday i started the car which had been lying from the previous monday with no problem and performed a short journey. next night i went to start and had the message "increased battery drain" but car dead ......so i purchased a battery booster which i applied to the car and it started first time. so i took it a longer run.........yesterday tried to start and nothing completely dead and wouldn't start even with booster so, returned the booster to halfords and replaced with a manintenance charger 100 thinkign this will be better giving battery slow charge... connected the maintenance charger (under the bonnet) this morning and its solid green which apparently indicates full charge. still cant get in the car or boot.....Arrrgghh. how would i get in the boot (have tried the key no joy)? If do eventually get in the boot would it be better to buy new battery and fit myself? if i do replace battery if i do like for like will it still need programmed as i have no clue or tools to do so? I must add that my car is not well used.....maybe 3-4 times a week for short journeys would this be the reason for going through a battery a year? your help would be appreciated ......i love my car but, if this is going to happen all the time.......it's a problem Cheers Ryza
  3. thanks folks......just need to decide which pressure to go wiht now....lol
  4. Thanks All.....appreciate the replies.... Ryza
  5. Hi vinayk, is that what your door panel says or is it just what you run on Ryza
  6. Thanks mate appreciate your reply. The one in my door panel says nothing. Cheers Ryza
  7. Yeah snrbrtsn. You were spot on. Those are the correct sizes. I currently have them at 32 psi front and 34 rear. Ryza
  8. Hi folks, just looked at the plate inside the door of my e60 520d m sport and it doesn't state what pressure i should run on. They are 245/40/19 front and 275/35/19 back i think. Forgive me if i have mixed these up lol. I would appreciate info on what you guys are running. I do a mixture of motor way and town driving. Cheers Ryza
  9. Ryza

    520D Help and advice needed

    Cheers vroom vroom.. i did all the data checks and arranged for a mechanic to come with me but, he called off at the last minute.....he did however do a data check on it with no comeback apart from an mOT fail in 2011 for a cracked rear alloy.....to which the guy produced a mot failure certificate and the receipt for the fitting of a new 19" spider from bowkers in preston..... many thanks mate i appreciate your time in replying to my posts....top man.. Hi PL Doughnut, excuse my ignorance in technical matters but, does that mean my engine will be affected i.e. N47TU......the reason i am asking is in the post above that vrooom vroom posted it mentions all the engines affected and has N47/ N47s/N47T........i know all these numbers and letters mean something so there is no mention of N47TU could that be different OR will it be covered under the N47 umbrella.... a bit long winded but i hope you can make sense of it...lol Ryza
  10. Ryza

    520D Help and advice needed

    Hi folks, i nearly thought for a minute there i had bought the wrong car (sarcastic)....lol. unfortunately mine was a private sale not dealer so did not get a warranty and the last guy resorted to non bmw history, albeit he serviced twice in the year he owned it with book stamped and all... vroomvroom, in one of your previous posts did i see that the timing chain issue was for production engine 2007 - 2011......the one i bought was an 06 does this escape the issue? Ryza
  11. Ryza

    520D Help and advice needed

    Thanks littleump for your comments....yeah your right...every car does have its faults.. I see your from Hebburn....i was down there a few weeks ago at the shipyard.... well just a wee update.....The honda is away and I am going tomorrow to see an 06 520d m sport with 71k.....full service history.. hopefully this is the car? agian thanks for the help all and alleviating some of my fears.. Ryza
  12. Ryza

    520D Help and advice needed

    Thanks Glos Lar......I appreciate the comments and it has gone some way to alleviating my fears so much so i have decided to go on the lookout for a nice 520d m sport... Thanks everyone for the help and advice... i feel the 520d will offer me the best fuel consumption/road tax etc.... i will of course update the forum once i get one.. Thanks again Ryza
  13. Ryza

    520D Help and advice needed

    eddyek...i would have to agree with you...he seemed to state it was rarely used and never really on motorways.. thanks all for the replies and advice... to be honest it scares me buying one now....i assumed that the 5 series BMW would be a no nonsense reliable car that would give very little hassle if looked after. But with all i've heard/read with DPF's/ timing chains / injectors its pickled my brain .....i suppose the best thing is not to google a car...lol taking into consideration the car will lie on the driveway Mon-Fri then based on very little mileage i would be scared the DPF would clog up if not regularly given a blast on motorway. i could consider petrol but i too like the torque of the diesel like lockett85. so i think i need to research more before i part wiht my hard earned pennies ........coz i really love the looks of the 5's... thanks guys
  14. Ryza

    520D Help and advice needed

    i dont even think i would do that much maybe 500 a month mate.....like you i think i prefer the diesel torque...