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  1. EFO_IS_UP

    Where it is possible to buy an Intravee II

    It is where I bought mine. The question was for a friend. That place is “out of stock” since many months ago. Already got it from eBay an used unit. Thanks.
  2. I’m wondering if it is possible to buy a new Intravee II interface in this days. I tryed in the habitual place but seems to be “out of stock” Thanks in advance.
  3. EFO_IS_UP

    What vehicle type for a X3 E83

    I'll try and write here conclusions. thanks a lot for the quick answer
  4. EFO_IS_UP

    What vehicle type for a X3 E83

    Maybe is something that it is already solved but can’t find it. What vehicle type do I have to select for a X3 E83? Thanks in advance for your time and please forgive me for my English....
  5. EFO_IS_UP

    iPod generation no charge adapter.

    Tanks for the quick answer. And also take this opportunity to thank you about all the work done in the firmware.
  6. EFO_IS_UP

    iPod generation no charge adapter.

    Hello everybody!!! First apologize for my English. What generation need to be an iPod to avoid the charging adaptor? I want to buy a second hand iPod (the big one) not the nano o mini version and need to know what to look for. Thanks in advance.
  7. EFO_IS_UP

    ai net breakout box

    So, I better wait to get the PXA-H100 unit until you get the necessary parts and time to produce new units. Anyway I take this occasion to thank you for all the work that you have done with the firms for the intravee.
  8. EFO_IS_UP

    ai net breakout box

    I'm planning to put an Alpine PXA-H100 audio processor to my car. After some reading about it I did discover that I'll need a "intravee breakbox" to have the audio processor working properly. Where can I get one of this units?
  9. EFO_IS_UP

    iPhone 5

    Is "original" from Apple that adapter?
  10. EFO_IS_UP

    Will it work KCA-620m with Intravee II

    Thanks a lot!!! Doubts resolved.
  11. I'm very happy with the Intravee II and the KCA-420i adapter. When I did install it I did try to put a Yatour with AiNet to be abble to reproduce MP3 files from a USB dongle, but it didn't work. Now I see that there is an Alpine AiNet module to do this, but I'm affraid to get something that won't work. Does anybody know if will work? Thanks in advance
  12. EFO_IS_UP

    Hello from Spain

    I have been reading this forum for a while, I think it is time to introduce me. I`m from north of Spain. My car is an old E46 320td Compact 150Hp. Basically i`m in this forum because the Intravee II, but also enjoy some other parts of the forum. Sorry for my bad English.