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  1. Vee

    E39 M5 various - parts for sale

    Prices dropped prior to sticking on eBay.
  2. Vee

    E61 buyers guide??

    If you have to have an auto (most cars probably are) the SAT auto/manual is a decent halfway house.
  3. Vee

    E39 M5 various - parts for sale

    Yes, maybe that was why I never got it done!
  4. Vee

    E39 M5 various - parts for sale

    I can't remember to be honest mate! I did buy a spare bumper when I bought the car and did use spares from that over the course of time, it was probably left over. If you put your ear to the sensors you'll hear them clicking, if you can't the sensor is dead.
  5. Vee

    E39 M5 various - parts for sale

    Sold items/prices updated.
  6. Vee

    1989 Audi 80 Coupe PRICE DROP £1500

    This brings back memories, I had the same car (albeit a lowly 2.0 8v!) years ago. Is it Titan grey? Always wanted the 5 pot and dreamed about the S2 at the time. Good luck with the sale, it's a nice looking car.
  7. Vee

    Staggered Style 66 Alloys

    Sorry, now sold.
  8. Pair of aftermarket (Depo) headlamps for sale. Excellent condition, working perfectly when removed from my M5 to fit xenon headlamps. One or two LED bulbs on the halo of one have failed, as far as I know these are easy to replace. Come complete with Hella mounting brackets as can be seen on photo's, note that one lug on one mounting bracket is broken so these are just a bonus with the sale - you'll probably use your own anyway. It held the light fine for me for 4 years. £100 collected, add £20 for postage.
  9. Vee

    New Sat Nav disc not working

    Does anyone fancy helping out? A working eBay special is what I'm after, possibly one that's sitting in a drawer that someone's swapped for a newer version? Obvs I'll cover postage and return the disc etc. The seller is thinks that the DVD drive is probably aging and weak but as my old Navteq disc works fine I'm not so sure. His service has been great so far and he has offered to refund the cost but I want to know that if I buy another disc elsewhere it stands a good chance to work....
  10. Hi all, I just bought an updated disc which won't work in my drive. The car is a 2008 530d with Pro Nav. I wonder if anyone can advise whether it's likely to be a read issue with the laser? It's a genuine disc says the eBay seller (!) and to be fair he has 100% positive feedback over 3000 reviews - for £10 I'm a bit dubious! When I swapped the old disc (2008) for the new one I did get a message onscreen to switch the system off and leave for 5 mins but then I get an 'insert disc' message. The seller said that old drives sometimes struggle with the bigger amount of (compressed?) data on updated maps but did send me a second disc. Unfortunately I get the same result as the first. Does his response re: old drives ring true? And I wonder if anyone might lend me a newer disc than my working 2008 version to try out?
  11. I never got around to buying my nav disc and edd-jedi's eBay link is now dead. Any tips on sellers for these please? E61 CCC Professional DVD based nav by the way....
  12. Vee

    E39 M5 various - parts for sale

    Post updated.
  13. Vee

    Front suspension wear

    The E6* M Sport ride as standard is shocking, BMW clearly engineered a hard ride for the masses who think hard = sporty. Do you have runflats fitted?
  14. Vee

    Front suspension wear

    Happy days then, is there no increase in harshness over OEM? I'm planning to refresh a few suspension bits but it's never ideal to end up with a 50/50 mix of OEM rubber and PU bushes fighting each other.....it's a slippery slope!
  15. Vee

    Front suspension wear

    Is this the same as a 'traction control arm'?