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  1. I got a genuine item in the end with a bit of discount from the dealer.
  2. Vee

    EGR valve pipe plugging

    To close this out, EGR pressure converter has been replaced and engine management light has gone along with the error code.
  3. Vee

    Oil Change

    I priced the service kit (filters only) from BMW with a discount, but it was a lot cheaper to get equivalent Mann filters from ECP. Oil from BMW was ridiculously priced! I used Opie for the oil in the end as I wanted Miller's.
  4. Vee

    M5 purchase potentially

    You're right about the mileage, at those miles it will be hard to shift on - mine had £167k on it and was a PITA to sell. My advice is buy it (£8k max.), possibly do rod bearings, chain and guides and then drive the door handles off it. You'll be c.£10k in with a major service (think about diff, gearbox, coolant thermostat etc too). It 'should' do another 50k easily, hopefully much much more. Seesure on here has run one over 200k I think. Worst case, if it goes pop, part it out - even with out a running engine there must be £5k in parts? If you want an almost guaranteed return, buy a low miler for £15k plus. You won't enjoy it as much though because you'll be too worried about putting miles on it.
  5. The M-Sport E6* ride is terrible, run-flats don't help of course. It's bonkers that my old E39 M5 was pretty well tied down on the twisties but remained compliant, yet the E6* M-Sport models are so hard. BMW's response to a market who thinks a hard ride = sporty I guess. I have more interior creaks in the new car (132k mile) vs the old (2001, 167k) too. The E39 was a superb car except for the tinworm issue - I haven't noticed any rust on the E61.....yet! I agree that iDrive doesn't bring anything to the party apart from a less busy dash, I'd rather have a half dozen extra buttons and no iDrive any day. The cruise control button system on the steering wheel was better in the E39, the newer stalks are crap - I've ended up flashing people instead of adjusting the cruise speed quite a bit. I would have preferred a manual petrol 530i over the 530d slushbox (mpg isn't that far apart) but they're rare thanks to the government pushing the nation into diseasals for the last couple of decades.
  6. Vee

    EGR valve pipe plugging

    Thanks Keliuss. I've pulled and plugged the hose and boost is back which is great. Before I lost boost I had symptoms of a failing EGR pressure converter, a regular quacking noise. This then stopped and the emissions warning and engine management light came on, then I started losing the turbo boost. I'm hoping the issue is purely pressure converter related and not the EGR itself, can anyone advise?
  7. I've had a suspected EGR pressure converter issue for awhile and now the car has low low end boost. I want to pull and plug the EGR vacuum pipe temporarily but am not sure which one to do....can anyone post an idiots guide photo to help please?
  8. Vee

    E39 M5 various - parts for sale

    Hi Deepan, yes no problem. I'm in Lincoln.
  9. I have a few bits which are redundant now that I have sold my M5, please see below. Let me know if interested and I'll work out postage costs. Facelift 'Depo' halogen headlights. Lenses in very good condition. £100 pair posted. Photos to be uploaded soon. Parking sensor (rear). Le Mans blue. £15 posted. Genuine used Bosch MAF's (part no. 0280 217 533). Working very well when removed, £50 each / £90 pair. Front calipers - £200. Bought as a spare set for refurb that didn't happen (will throw in used discs & pads for asking price) Brand New Big Red Caliper Rebuild kit (front, both sides). SOLD. Spark Plugs x 8. Brand new sealed pack (correct E39 M5 : NGK BKR6EQUP). £40 posted. K&N Air Filters x2. Excellent condition (E39 M5 fitment part no. 33 2142) £60 pair posted. Kidney Grilles. Excellent condition, chrome surround and fins. £25 each posted. Interior Trim (Bruyere Club). Very good condition generally, a couple of pieces have minor cracks as shown. SOLD complete. Peake Code Reader. £45 posted. Nearside rear sill cover. Has been repaired so no guarantee of longevity but looks tidy. £15 posted. Goodrain Aero Wiper blades, brand new in box. SOLD.
  10. Vee

    E39 M5 rust repairs

    Nice to see another M5 being given a chance to survive another couple of decades, good work.
  11. Vee

    Buying an e39 M5.

    I saw it in my crystal ball But it's a safe bet given how much people are prepared to pay for 1990's RS Cosworths these days, or the hallowed E30 M3.
  12. Vee

    Code reader recommendations

    Thanks guys, I'm leaning towards Carly. I can't really be bothered to faff around sorting an old laptop out for INPA at the moment.
  13. I've been looking into standalone code readers like the Peake I used for my old E39. I think I've narrowed it down to Carly or the C110, but is it correct that the C110 won't force DPF regens? Will the Carly suffice to read and clear codes? Any other suggestions that aren't laptop based?
  14. Vee

    Buying an e39 M5.

    I recently sold our E39 M5 after 5 years of ownership in which time we covered about 90,000 miles. A proper analogue car - manual, N/A, RWD teamed up with a proper LSD. Definitely one of the last of its breed, and I miss it greatly....hopefully only until I'm ready to replace it. However, it's biggest drawback is also it's greatest accolade - it does everything so well it never really got under my skin. That said I'm not sure any other saloon out there oversteers as quite as sweetly, yet trundles around on the supermarket run so amiably. The previous poster's comment regarding stop start traffic may have been aimed at the E61 because the E39 M5 is a pussycat. Ultimately it had to go because I couldn't justify the short term costs with a house renovation on the go, plus I can't be arsed with the prospect chasing tin worm around which goes hand in hand with old E39's. The cost bit is easy to justify in the medium to long term because running and maintenance WILL be covered by appreciation. I am without doubt that these cars will command a minimum of £25k in 10 years. My summary would be that if you're after a 'practical' car that is superb to drive buy an E39 M5, but buy it well. Ours was still running just about perfectly after 167,000 miles and made the new owner very happy (still does, I hope!). However, if you don't need 5 seats save an extra couple of grand and buy a 996 911