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  1. I'm having a bit of a clear out of old E39 bits, including my Peake code reader. It's really easy to use : ignition on and then hit the 'read code' button. It then lists codes that it finds and you use the table to see a description. It can be used with most 2001-2007 BMW's - I used it on my 2001 E39 M5 but you'd need to double check that it can be used for your car. It's well regarded by the E39 guys and fits in the glove box easily because it's so small. The manual suggests that it also resets oil and inspection service lights. I'm looking for £45 posted.
  2. Vee

    The elusive PS5

    Bit of a long shot but we've promised the kids a PS5, despite being pestered for an Xbox (I patiently explained that it just won't do because GT7 won't be on it!). Anyway, I was sent a Curry's VIP purchase code weeks ago but it got lost in my trash. I don't suppose anyone has a Curry's VIP code that they don't need? PM me if so for obvious reasons!!
  3. I've just fixed my E61 rear wiper pivot which had seized solid and was beyond help - I had noticed it struggling but didn't bother lubricating it which I think would have prevented it from seizing. The wiper should move freely when you pull the arm (with the tailgate open I think) but even when removed from the tailgate glass it wouldn't budge. Anyway, I thought I'd leave a bit of feedback. I actually bought a 3 jaw puller to pull the spindle out of the housing but was worried about breaking the metal housing/plate in the process leaving me with a tailgate glass that wouldn't close. I didn't fancy paying £90 for the genuine BMW shaft pivot and a second hand one seemed pointless so I rolled the dice on a Chinese copy part for £35. I fitted it a couple of weeks ago, the tolerance of the spindle was a bit tight to push through the plastic trim that bolts to the tailgate glass but it went in with some persuasion. It has been working a treat, the part is a very simple design so I can't see any issues going forward. If there are I'll update this post. Here's the eBay link; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rear-Window-Wiper-Shaft-Pivot-for-BMW-3-5-E91-E61-320i-318d-520i-530d-xDrive-/324348749490?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 When the link dies this might help - it's described as a 'Rear Window Wiper Shaft Pivot for BMW 3' 5' E91 E61 320i 318d 520i 530d xDrive'.
  4. Hi all, I hope it's ok to post a request in this section. Any recommendations for somewhere that can reliably remap my E61 530d who are within an hour of Lincoln please? Thanks in advance!
  5. Vee

    E39 530D touring spares or Repair NOW SOLD

    I know, i was asked this when I was selling my M5
  6. Vee

    E39 530D touring spares or Repair NOW SOLD

    Hi, are you able to confirm motorway use from past history please?
  7. Vee

    New e61 owner

    33mpg in a 525d might be right with a heavy right foot, for mixed driving my 530d averages 29 when really pedalling but will sit at 39-40 when Miss Daisy is driving.
  8. Vee

    Black shadowline trim stained

    Agressive detergents seem to be the issue here, possibly like what the local hand car wash guys use. I did a test ages ago, I seem to remember that G3 worked well, which is a mild cutting agent. I wouldn't want to use it too often, but that and a proper cleaning regime should suffice. I need to do mine when I get time.
  9. Vee

    E39 M5 various - parts for sale

    Prices dropped prior to sticking on eBay.
  10. Vee

    E61 buyers guide??

    If you have to have an auto (most cars probably are) the SAT auto/manual is a decent halfway house.
  11. Vee

    E39 M5 various - parts for sale

    Yes, maybe that was why I never got it done!
  12. Vee

    E39 M5 various - parts for sale

    I can't remember to be honest mate! I did buy a spare bumper when I bought the car and did use spares from that over the course of time, it was probably left over. If you put your ear to the sensors you'll hear them clicking, if you can't the sensor is dead.
  13. Vee

    E39 M5 various - parts for sale

    Sold items/prices updated.
  14. Vee

    1989 Audi 80 Coupe PRICE DROP £1500

    This brings back memories, I had the same car (albeit a lowly 2.0 8v!) years ago. Is it Titan grey? Always wanted the 5 pot and dreamed about the S2 at the time. Good luck with the sale, it's a nice looking car.