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  1. I did recode my E39 spare key which was a cinch but i can't find a DIY guide for the E60/61.
  2. Yes, the other remote is perfect. It can only be an issue with the way the remote talks to the car, I can't really see how a low charge could give different results each time - surely the car should either unlock or not?
  3. When I used the keyfob to lock/unlock I could hear the car locks (all) working but the door pins don't pop up and I can't get in the car. Weirdly though, after I'd used the key the start and drive the car today, I tried to lock it using the fob and the door pins did pop up......then went straight back down. Maybe it's improving with a charge so I'll see how it goes after some use.
  4. Hi, my spare fob is playing up. The remote locking / unlocking doesn't work (I can hear door locks/solenoids engaging) but it does start the car. It isn't comfort locking and I did try charging it in the slot, but as it is talking to the car I assume battery is ok? Any ideas?
  5. Vee

    e39 M5 Gearbox - Do I need detents?

    Alex, if you do want the improve the throw of the gear lever I highly recommend swapping the standard knob for the F10 M5 version. Looks totally standard and illuminates but is slightly shorter and looks nicer than the awful standard knob. No messing with the lever itself either, just a bit of work swapping the the old gator back on.
  6. Vee

    Staggered Style 66 Alloys

    I'm happy consider offers on these, nothing silly though please.
  7. Vee

    E39 M5 various - parts for sale

    Post updated with sold items.
  8. Vee

    E39 M5 various - parts for sale

    Wolfman, I never used it to reset service lights so can't say for sure, but the manual suggests that it resets oil and inspection service lights. I googled a link for you.... https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.peakeresearch.com/manuals/FCX3-manual%201.0%20NA.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwimrvu7icbhAhV4URUIHX7cBAMQFjAHegQIBRAF&usg=AOvVaw07rl_8Ykg89M7dRTucnCok&cshid=1554918156421 As I said it's a great, easy to use code reader.
  9. Vee

    E39 M5 various - parts for sale

    If you're interested drop me a pm if you like.
  10. Vee

    E39 M5 various - parts for sale

    I found the Peake excellent. Really easy to use, ignition on and then hit the 'read code' button. It then lists codes that it finds and you use the table to see a description. It was well regarded by the E39 guys when I got it, fits in the glove box really easily too because it's so small.
  11. Vee

    e39 M5 Oil Choices.

    When I got my M5 and researched oil 10w60 was unanimously recommended. I replaced rod bearings upon purchase, then stuck with Castrol Edge 10w60 religiously and the engine ran perfectly from 90k until over 160k.
  12. Vee

    E39 M5 various - parts for sale

    Bump. I'm open to offers, but nothing ridiculous please
  13. I have sold my M5 so no longer require these, which were my winter wheels. They're genuine BMW wheels in very presentable condition as you can see on the photos. Staggered fitment, all straight withn no buckles or repairs. £250 collected or £280 delivered.
  14. I got a genuine item in the end with a bit of discount from the dealer.