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  1. abs_83

    Everyone with a e28 put your pics up :D

    Thanks Mick, very impressed with yours! I got down there in 2017 but came in the E39 (daily driver at the time) as was having all the fuel lines and hoses replaced and job overran. Think the last two years I was on holiday. I’d be keen to attend again this year if there’s an event.
  2. abs_83

    Eyebrow condensation (Pre LCI)

    Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. I’ll have a further look at it but might defer it until I’ve got the new gaskets to set around it as will go straight back to leaking if they’re not in. Think it’s maybe a good mod to go for white lights, not keen on orange lights on the side of the car unless they’re the indicators.
  3. Hi, I've had condensation in the eyebrows of the E60 since I bought it in September last year. Having read elsewhere advice seems to focus on replacement being the only option. The seals around the top of the light have gone very brittle which would suggest why there is only condensation in the eyebrow and not in the main light unit I guess. Whilst changing the gasket will need to be done, This will not clear the condensation already in there. Does anyone have any advice on how to get at the light itself to clear the moisture from it please? I've taken the top of the gasket off but cannot see any way in from there and, frankly, didn't want to go any further as was concerned I'd do more damage. Any advice greatly appreciated. Cheers, Adam
  4. abs_83

    Everyone with a e28 put your pics up :D

    Few shots of mine after a clean last weekend
  5. abs_83

    E28 528i on ebay forever...

    Just noticed that the price has now climbed to £16.5k!
  6. Hi. I bought a 2003 E60 530i I'm September. On 2 occasions, the active steering fault message has come on. First time was about 2 weeks ago on a cold morning and came on about a mile after setting off and when pulling out of a car park (sharp right turn). I tried turning the ignition off and on a couple of times but was still there. I went back to the car several hours later and there was no fault. It didn't come back at all so I put it down to a one off. This morning, the fault was there again. When I got to work, I turned the ignition off, waited 5 mins and restarted, no error message. Symptoms when it shows seem to be that I'm returned to "normal" power steering. Does anyone have any ideas please? Just thinking it always seems to show on a cold morning (don't know of that is significant) as only drawn from a sample of two. It initially showed a couple of days after I'd plugged a Carly fault reader in but I'm not sure that's relevant given it then went away again. Thanks,
  7. abs_83

    Digital clock bulb replacement

    OK, Many thanks guys
  8. abs_83

    Digital clock bulb replacement

    OK thanks Duncan, sorry, by clocks we're talking about the instrument binnacle please? If that's the case I might just carry on looking at my watch instead lol
  9. Hi everyone, The bulb behind the digital clock has gone on my E28 (not a showstopper obviously) but I'd like to sort it all the same. Does anyone have any advice on the bulb needed & how much of a pain it is to get it out (and how to do this) please? Looking at it, it seems as though you can prise it out with a small flat-head screwdriver - but I may be wrong here. Thanks in advance Adam
  10. abs_83

    Bromley Pageant - Sunday 18 June

    I'd be up for coming to this - especially as I didn't have the E28 ready for the other weekend.
  11. Hi, got the E28 in the garage today as it needed the fuel hose doing (it's perished and leaking) and also really needs a throttle cable and new hoses - just had a call to say no parts had arrived and they were now on back order due to arrive Tuesday Regrettably, this means I'll have to come in the E39 (a bit of a run of the mill 525i SE in silver). Gutted.....
  12. Had a great day today,. Was nice to meet you all and thanks for organising! I didn't end up doing that many photos, but here are the couple I did take
  13. Count me in on this please (one more E28)
  14. Thanks for the help and feedback, appreciated as always . As it transpires the one I had my eye on has now gone but to be fair is started to go off it the more I thought of the rusty door and wheels to refurb getting the air conditioning re commissioned etc etc. Seems it's similar things as on an E28 or any old car for that matter that need to be checked then.
  15. Hi everybody, I'm currently an E28 owner and am going to look at an E34 on Saturday. I'd welcome any advice from you guys on "things to look out for" or any more general issues with these. Also, if you could let me know what is good / bad / what ownership costs are like etc. that would be much appreciated. The car is a 1995 520i Automatic (M50 engine with VANOS) it's done 90k and just had an oil service and an MOT done. It needed the handbrake shoes replacing to get it through the MOT but other than that there were no advisories. I've been advised by the seller (who hasn't driven it much) that it drives and stops well. Bodywork wise there is a 20 pence piece size bubble on the NSF wing and some rust on the bottom of the driver's door where it meets the trim. Also, the aircon belt is missing - suspect this might be more serious and indicative of a failed pump? oh, and the wheels need a refurb. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks! Adam