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  1. Rich_D

    Software upgrade

    Same thing they did on e46zone a few weeks, I really do not like this new forum software, sorry
  2. Rich_D

    Meyle hd brand

    I used all Meyle HD stuff on my 2nd E46 330d, very good quality & well priced, I would definitely recommend it.
  3. Rich_D

    BMW's Only?

    I'll ask on the VW forums, ta
  4. Rich_D

    hard drive sizes

    Check the plugs are all in the back of the Intravee & KCA-420i properly Mike
  5. Rich_D

    BMW's Only?

    No worries, thanks Jimmy. Is there anyone you know of that does VW stuff and you could recommend?
  6. Rich_D

    BMW's Only?

    Jimmy, Do you only do cables & software for BMW's? I'm getting a Golf R in a couple of weeks and will be looking for the cable & software, so was wondering if you also sold VW/Audi stuff too? Rich
  7. Rich_D

    BMW E90 330d M Sport

    Well, despite all my recent mods & upgrades I've been considering swapping it for something petrol again recently, still missing the E39 M5 and as good as the 330d is, the lack of revs & noise is something I want back. So I'm getting a Golf R As a result, the 330d will be up for sale shortly, either 'as is' with the alloys, etc, or for a lower price as a standard car.
  8. Rich_D

    BMW E90 330d M Sport

    Another minor update today, fitted a later style auto gear shifter, these were standard from 2008 on IIRC. From this >>> To this >>> Side-by-side comparison >>> Only a subtle change, but looks better IMO and feels nicer in the hand.
  9. Rich_D

    Xenon confusion!

    I had an aftermarket H7 kit in my Nissan 200SX S14a and it was great?
  10. Rich_D

    Xenon confusion!

    Guessing someone swapped them over to halogens at some point, git! But as you have projector headlamps I'd get an aftermarket H7 HID kit fitted
  11. Rich_D

    hard drive sizes

    Nope, never had any issues with my 30GB iPod, I really miss the Intravee, wish there was something like it for my E90 Could be the HDD playing up?
  12. Rich_D

    Do e46 17 inch rims fit e61

    I tried my 17" E46 Style 96 wheels on my E90 330d and they fouled on the caliper, so you may struggle and as already mentioned the offsets are massively weaker on E46 wheels
  13. Rich_D

    So I got engaged last night

    Congratulations Mike