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  1. SLX530

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Superb. Now, I'm not a big fan of cream interiors and thought I could never be turned because even Champagne never quite did it for me.... But I guess it depends on how its done because I love this. The luxury accessories are from a 7 or USA spec? The black and cream door cards with the contrast of the carpet...... Mmmmmm.... Is this a custom 2 tone job or individual spec option? Rarely see any other 2 tones interiors but grey and black.
  2. SLX530

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Don't think you got it wrong..... I bought some a couple of months back and had the same issue. Couldn't be bothered to argue it out with vendor though for the relatively little cost and just ended up getting some from my local motor factors. It is annoying though.
  3. SLX530

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    +1 A few quid extra for total peace of mind. My two were bought from ECP for around £20 if I recall, depending on their offers an discount ....part number 11127799366.
  4. SLX530

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Do it. Do it! I deleted egr, degunked inlet manifold and then my exhaust flexi split so I did the decat downpipe conversion and was amazed at the improvement overall. So much so that it would be a priority on any future diesel bmw I buy.
  5. I had something similar in a previous car. The USB must be powered from a 12v socket and the 3.5 jack must plug into the aux input of the car audio. Mine worked pretty well but suffered a little bit of whine at low volume.
  6. SLX530

    A million miles of cable?

    Hello again. Hoping for a bit more help. I have sourced and replaced all the duff modules which the car came with except for the video module and everything seems to work except the nav voice. I have stripped out and replaced the cables which identified a dodgy connection somewhere within the various connections because the radio then failed to operate (no orange light or sound). Reseated connections and radio has returned but still no nav voice. Radio sound dips for voice reception however. I have searched this site and Google and there is alot of talk of the same problems, changing pins, etc but not sure what this all means because I don't see a common solution. The setup is now oem and having compared my cables to Google photos, everything should be fine? Any advice on what to look for? Thanks.
  7. SLX530

    A million miles of cable?

    Hey Dennis: turns out that module behind the audio stuff has nothing to do with the audio. It's the alarm inclination sensor unit according to Google and ebay. Thanks for your input. Steve.
  8. SLX530

    A million miles of cable?

    Thanks Dennis. I'm just trying to get my head around the way the system works. Can you use the nav OR tv tuner to run the screen or does it run solo? Apart from a Baris upgrade to digital , is the TV tuner in analogue form useful for anything else? What is the white antena or terminal which sits in the recess to the rear of the modules... Is it the phone GSM antenna? I have already installed the audio aux cable into the loom at the HU end of the loom so wife can hijack the audio when travelling with me. To be fair we like the same music so can't really complain.
  9. SLX530

    A million miles of cable?

    Wondering if one of you knowledgeable chaps can educate me. So I understand that the head unit is merely a screen with controls and Bm54 unit is the radio with normal radio and amp functions but could you tell me which combinations of modules can actually function . Can these 2 function alone. I understand their purpose but can other knackered modules be removed or are they required for 'pass through' purposes. Can I just bin the modules that no longer work? If nav stops will the screen still provide obc functionality? If tv tuner is duff, is that needed? Can I use ulf module if other modules have problems? Or is the answer no to all in as much as the install needs every plug plugged in to the designated and working unit. Have tried to Google module combos but it looks like owners want all or nothing when it come to oem. Thanks in advance.
  10. SLX530

    A million miles of cable?

    Thanks for the reply Dennis. Just two more questions then. The oem loom is still all there and correctly routed so I have a feeling that plugging in functional oem bits will produce the desired sounds but if I use a Bm54 from a Range Rover, does coding limitations mean it wouldn't work as it should? Also, when/if a good Bm54 is in place, how do the generic Chinese head units (sorry to swear) connect to the original speakers? They imply a simple plug and play solution with the latest versions.
  11. Having had power and sound issues with the aftermarket unit in the new e39, I took to diagnosing the problem which has inevitably led to me removing all the aftermarket parts and alot of cables..... ALOT OF CABLES. It looks like some sort of adapter x3 with metres and metres of cabling bypassing the oem amp (coz it's broke) which has been well fitted yet definitely not oem. Has anyone else seen this or used a similar method? Having a clean oem audio loom and a boot full of junk (took out the Traffic Master too) has now made me think it's better just to replace the Bm54 and buy a used 16:9 HU with 3.5 AUX cable or Chinese generic device fed through the Bm54. I am by no means an audiophile so don't need spine tingling sounds and prefer the oem look to aftermarket. Will I need anything else just for the audio installation to give me some Radio and mp3 tunes?
  12. SLX530

    E39 530D auto vs manual mode

    Now look what's happened..... I now need to add paddle shift to my list of 'to-do'.
  13. SLX530


    Presume that your clubsports are 17 inch? Let me know the price if you're letting them go.
  14. SLX530

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Ahaaaa! I am back with my new project. Just brought my next e39 530i beauty home. It's not the 530i touring I was looking for coz they're like hens teeth (well, with my critical overview) - might even have considered another 525i if it were a 2004 or diesel if there had been a low milage example. Anyway, it's done and she will get a good clean tomorrow and I will need to get a dent-master person to sort a couple bits.... Then wheels, audio, etc, etc. I guess it's time to prowl the classifieds for (cheap). parts. Hope we'll get another meet at some point to show her off when done.
  15. SLX530

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Maybe a split flexi in the exhaust below the manifold or maybe a crack in the exhaust manifold. That would be my guess for smell of fumes.

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