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  1. JuddPhilby

    Late E34 or Late E39

    Anybody have any views of this before I contact him? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2003-BMW-525D-E39-Touring-Estate-Low-mileage-Very-Good-Condition/333844030123?hash=item4dbaa7a2ab:g:1B0AAOSwOghf726B
  2. JuddPhilby

    Late E34 or Late E39

    upto £7000 and open to any spec, condition/history is more important to me than engine size. I've looked on autotrader and fleabay and pickings are slim.
  3. JuddPhilby

    Late E34 or Late E39

    Looking for a decent E34 or E39, needs to be auto and ideally a touring model.....
  4. JuddPhilby

    Returning member

    Good Evening All, After three and a half years, I am back looking to get into another 5 series. Did own a E34 Touring in Techno-violet once upon a time, which needed some work doing which was beyond me so @Bumbaclut took it off my hands...... Anyway, 2020 sucked so nice way to see in 2021 is looking for a new motor. Judd
  5. JuddPhilby

    The EU Referendum poll

    So this is doing the rounds on social media; Right. Fuck this. We're ALL up shit creek and we need a paddle. Now, not in three months. Fellow Remain voters: Enough already. Yes, we're all pissed off but navel gazing ain't gonna help. Not all 17 million Leave voters can possibly be racist northern pensioners without an O level to their name. Maybe they have a point about this quitting the EU thing? Maybe not. Whatever, we are where we are and no amount a whinging is gonna change that. Allegedly we're the intelligent ones, so get your thinking caps on. Leave voters. Well done. Good game. We hear you. Now you need to get stuck in to the aftermath and not just piss off back to Wetherspoons. (Just banter, twats!). And the first person to say they "want their country back" gets deported to fucking Gibraltar. OK? Politicians. David. Fuck off. Shut the door behind you. Now. George. You may be a twat but you're our twat. Plus you know the passwords for our Junior Savers account. Get your calculator. Drop the face-like-a-slapped-ass routine. You're on. Boris. Sorry mate. That photo of you abseiling by your scrotum over the London Olympics while waving a Union Jack can't ever be un-taken. Plus, you'll never be able to appear on Question Time again without some sturdy Glaswegian nurse asking where the fuck her 350 million quid is. Not only will she have a very good point, she'll be wearing a T shirt that shows you gurning in front of that fucking bus! No captains hat for you I'm afraid. Theresa. You're in charge love. Get the biggest shoulder pads you've got. We need Ming The Merciless in drag and you'll scare the shit out of 'em. Nicola. Yep. Fair cop. You probably could get us on a technicality, as could London. But we fucking love shortbread. And oil. And to be honest you're probably the best politician we've got, so we need you on side. Sort your lot out and we promise never to mention that Jimmy Krankie thing again (although it is pretty uncanny) and we'll make you a Dame once we're sorted. Bring Ruth Davidson. She kicks ass. Opposition party. We'll need one. Someone take Jeremy and John back to the British Legion Club where you found them. Take Nigel as well. Give back their sandals, buy them a pint, then go to Heathrow and collect David Milliband. Fuck it. Lets gets Ed Balls as well. He keeps George on his toes. I think he works on the lottery kiosk at Morrisons now? Oh. And Mark Carney. Give him a knighthood and tell him to keep that shit coming. We definitely need more of that good shit! Everyone set? Right. Hold the Easyjet. We're going to Brussels and this ain't no hen party.
  6. Afternoon all, So these pictures taken last week in the cairngorms are doing the rounds on military/veteran social media sites as he is parking on the grounds of a war memorial and apparently refused to relocate when asked to do so. This has obviously pissed off quite a few people, calling him a 'typical BMW driver***' amongst other things. I am sure you'll all agree, that none of us would do such a thing (certainly intentionally) and that we hold the upmost respect to service personnel past and present. *** Note - any none BMW owners reading this, there is no such 'typical BMW driver'.... everyone is different, and this is reflected in the attitude and the style of driving we all have.
  7. JuddPhilby

    Remap Specialist near Northampton - recommendations?

    cheers for the recommendation, I'll give them a call in the morning
  8. Hi Guys, Want to get my little E46 compact 2.0td remapped to release some horses. Can anybody suggest a decent one with 50 miles of Northampton? Prefer one which people have had experience with please. Many Thanks Judd
  9. JuddPhilby

    BMW OEM CD Player from E46

    Standard BMW CD player in full working order. Swapped it for an aftermarket head unit I was given at Christmas. Open to sensible offers.......
  10. JuddPhilby

    Nobody's 5 on here I hope...

    I bet its still worth more than the punto..... drives better......... and keeps water out of the cabin better too
  11. JuddPhilby

    Rugby world cup

    oh FFS...... could be worse I guess, could have lost to Japan...... still as long as the world cup stays in these isles
  12. e46 m3 style 18" alloys - the tyres any good? if not can you confirm what size they are please?
  13. JuddPhilby

    Attached to Your Car(s) or not ?

    cause it got nicked...... and sold job lot of parts that I had stored with it.
  14. JuddPhilby

    Anyone in RAF Reserves?

    Hi Andy, The military is a great way of life, Army, Navy, Air Force all have pros and cons but you will make friends for life. In terms of reserves, your choices may be limited (ICT/Regiment) as RAFR squadrons are thinly spread across the country and if your are lucky to be near an RAFR unit, it may not specialise your the field your are interested in. That said, Army reserve centres have a presence in most large towns and cities so you should find something up your street. I'd recommend contact the local army careers office (will have a RAF presence just not a full time one) to give you advice. If your are not self employed, you will need to seek written permission from your current employer to be a reservist (required as part of the application process) so be prepared for that. Also consider that to get the most from being a reservist, you'll need to attend drill nights on a regular basis, ideally weekly as well as weekends and mandatory training. That's after a days work and in your spare time. In terms of selection, you need to be sh*t hot on current affairs (not just military conflicts too), current UK military command structure and assets and the about the role you are applying for. You also need to be physically well conditioned, not just strength and speed, but stamina. When I joined it was basic a bleep test and an obstacle course. Now they do resting heart rate and then get you to perform a predetermined exercise routine then measure your recovery rate as it gives the best indication of general health, the faster, the better and you cant cheat it, you've got to be fit. Finally, selection process takes many months (usually 6-9), this is deliberate to determine whether an applicant is truly motivated to be in the job. I loved my time in the RAF, and would recommend it to anyone BUT its not for everyone and being a reservist requires a hell of a lot of commitment from you and your family. Good Luck!
  15. JuddPhilby

    Attached to Your Car(s) or not ?

    I miss her.....