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  1. Derek Mc

    F10 returning to the fold

    This is/was where my hunt would have begun,,,,, First thing was to ask for pic's pre-repairs to see the extent before any commitment, as there are a few 52od's that were spot on too https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201705155474466?advertising-location=at_cars&radius=1500&make=BMW&aggregatedTrim=Luxury&body-type=Saloon&sort=price-asc&model=5 SERIES&postcode=ka35ex&fuel-type=Diesel&maximum-mileage=25000&price-to=22500&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&page=2 However in a cruel twist of fate Arval inform me that I need to stump up not one month but seven in order to escape my lease, so sadly I might be sticking around as a bit of a ricer for the next few months as I can't give them around £3500.00,,,,,
  2. Derek Mc

    F10 returning to the fold

    A Beanie hat,, Sheeshh us Mazda drivers aspire to those, we are lucky if we get gloves,,,,,,,,,
  3. Derek Mc

    F10 returning to the fold

    Have to be honest,The Mazda has proven a really great car as I have enjoyed some epic road trips Ayrshire to Russell Sq London via Manchester then the Peak district and home via Durham over five days, the only fly in the ointment is the traffic volumes especially M6/M1 and those bloomin' 50 zones that would numb you brain
  4. Derek Mc

    Drivers side damaged door seal

    Yip a good trawl on ebay will turn it up for you it's then the gamble of DIY or TSETDI (trust someone else to do it)
  5. Derek Mc

    Drivers side damaged door seal

    Ha ha ha I know what you mean but the refinishing seems very hardwearing. I am not sure how good the ebay stuff is for DIY though? Did you think about that too?
  6. Derek Mc

    Drivers side damaged door seal

    What he said for sure, if the rest of the car is sound and it's a keeper it's worth getting professionally taken care of I'd say I do know that having watched a few cars on WheelerDealers get done they spent about £300/£400 on the front pair typically so a local firm may well want a ton or something for the drivers seat only?
  7. Derek Mc

    Drivers side damaged door seal

    Got any more pics as it looks like it has gone into the body of the leather through the surface, so may need a proper restoration paint process?
  8. Derek Mc

    Drivers side damaged door seal

    I was going to say a potentially disabled driver too, as the heavy seat scuff wear and seal damage does look like hand assisted entry and exit?
  9. Derek Mc

    F10 returning to the fold

    AND heated Mirrors!!! so handy in the frost y'know keeps the fingers toasty as you push
  10. Derek Mc

    F10 returning to the fold

    Don't ,,,,,,even,,,,,go,,,,,there,,,, I tell you this I'd rather push a Mazda than drive a Mondeo
  11. Derek Mc

    F10 returning to the fold

    Sor Sorry sorry Mazda 6 I am still in Mazda forum parlance LMAO!!!! it's a 2015 Sport Nav with every single toy a car can have but despite being a pretty face it's no BMW!
  12. Derek Mc

    F10 returning to the fold

    Ha ha ha I was very fortunate with my e60 in the time I had the car the T/C was silky silent. I adored that car I have to say I did seem to get myself a good'un. I am negotiating with the lease company on my M6 as on face value I am now eligible to return the car with a month in advance payment, but will see.
  13. Derek Mc

    F10 returning to the fold

    Now that is intriguing as my e60 was averaging as can be seen in my footer well over 50mpg and being "driven" not cruised shall I say,,,, I have a 2015 Mazda 5 with 175PS and average about 50mpg, so I do wonder what the 3.0 would return,,,,,,
  14. Derek Mc

    F10 returning to the fold

    Thanks Gentlemen, I do keep my eye on the market and know right down to the valve caps, the car, colour and leather swatch, plus if I can get a random selection of my wish list options thrown in too,,,,, I am very pleased to read about the 3.0d as I would naturally adore one jut for the heck of it!
  15. Well, After having to sell my beloved E60 and take a company lease, it is looking like it is coming to an end, hence my beginning to research the F10. I plan a 2016 or early 2017 520d Luxury, or up-spec M-Sport, prof nav etc., ) under 25K miles when I buy it, and want to know if there are any mechanical gremlins, such as when I was buying my e60 and the dreaded timing chain issue, that I know is not the problem on this age of car. What is the score with the rear suspension? I have heard some tales of woe? otherwise anything I need be aware of? I can't wait to get back into one I have missed my beloved BMW's like crazy!!