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  1. Im back with another E39 shall I carry on here or shall I start a new build thread
  2. Vrs

    535i sport

    Who owns this now as im sure this has changed a few owners
  3. Vrs

    535i sport

    my old car
  4. Vrs

    bbs LM reps 19"

    This is how it looks now
  5. Vrs

    Hi newbie from Birmingham

    Sold the e39 mate but did get it finished . Will post pics when I get a chance cheers
  6. Vrs

    bbs LM reps 19"

    Give me a ring on 07935051444
  7. Vrs

    bbs LM reps 19"

    Went out and bought a set of 18" bbs LMs Front 8j ET43 Rears 9j ET43 Fit nice and snug so 19" bbs LMs are forsale if anyone wants them will fit 5 series as I used spigot ring to get them to fit e46
  8. Vrs

    bbs LM reps 19"

    Yes but it's good to get everyone's opinions as someone must have done what I am trying to achieve
  9. Vrs

    bbs LM reps 19"

    anyone help trying to fit a set of BBS LM REPS 19" onto my e46 vert front 19" 8.5j ET15 rear 19" 9.5j ET20 whats the best tyres and camber arms to use thanks
  10. Yes I took them off as they looked small
  11. How my clubsport looks at the moment, sorted out the front carbon splitters, replaced the chavvy rear led lights with standard ones till I get my hands on a genuine pair and the clubsport wheels.
  12. Thanks bro im sure you got the final drive out of it lol
  13. It had 135000 with full bmw service history
  14. Bought to keep but someone came and gave me an offer I couldn't refuse so sold it and went and bought this It's a genuine 330ci clubsport
  15. Sold this today for £3850 which is not bad for "NON CHAMPAGNE"