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  1. umar 330i

    My GTR (R35)

    Question, if you had the choice and funds, would you keep this or trade it in for the new m3/4? 😄
  2. umar 330i

    My GTR (R35)

    Excellent write up anil. Very enjoyable read. 😄
  3. umar 330i

    My GTR (R35)

    Again very nice! Time being is fine with me! I'll be looking November! 😉
  4. umar 330i

    My GTR (R35)

    Very nice! Paint looks spotless! Getting that effect on white isn't an easy task! So does that mean you no longer have space for the e39? 😄
  5. umar 330i

    My GTR (R35)

    Drrrrrooooollllllll!!!!! Just absolute beauty!!!!
  6. umar 330i

    AnilS GTR

    The order you phrased it of course! .... Yea you still get to keep the E39 until the end of the year remember? )))
  7. umar 330i

    AnilS GTR

    Wow! What a car! Congrats bro!
  8. Anil if work is bad at the min, get into detailing! I've seen your work! You have some skill bro! The longer you take, the better for me! 😄
  9. Thanks, who's brain???
  10. Thanks. Well I suppose that's what the market is like. I never really got on with the E60 shape. My purchase can be before dec 14 if the right car comes along or when anil is ready 😉
  11. Yep! 😄 To be honest it wasn't that hard lol. I'm doing good thanks. Well hopefully you will get it sorted soon. What is happening in your quest for the GTR?
  12. Thank you very much for that excellent write up! Very helpful
  13. Routine maintenance I can deal with! Anil bro you reading this? I hope you remember our agreement 😄
  14. Oh no!!! Can I ask why? I thought they were the same as an E46?
  15. Thanks! I 'think' I know the M54 engine pretty well... But that's exactly what I would be after. Low mileage and in excellent nick! I have done some reading, some more to do me thinks! It has to be reliable as 90% of the time it will be used by the wife. How ever When I do get to drive I want it to feel like an 'event'. Any recommendations where to look? I would want to buy off an enthusiast backed by receipts and lots of history!