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  1. guido45

    Oh no! Touring rear suspension gone flat

    Sorted it in my lunch break - took me about an hour for the one side but part of that was digging out a "lost" 13mm ring spanner which you definitely need. I used this guide if anyone is looking for one: https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?942496-Replacing-Air-Spring-on-E39-Touring
  2. guido45

    Oh no! Touring rear suspension gone flat

    Managed to borrow a car for the next few days so will leave the poor old thing there
  3. guido45

    Oh no! Touring rear suspension gone flat

    Thanks all, I went with Aerosus as they were around half the price of Arnott as I want to do both at the same time. Will driving the circa 5 mile commute do any damage to the car? It's all country lanes, I'm thinking the bump stops may take a battering?
  4. Hi all Went out for a drive this evening and my left hand airbag has gone; well I'm pretty sure as I heard the compressor running and a hissing noise and the car is on it's ar5e . The spacers I'm using have meant I've rubbed a band into the tyres on the way home - not too bad although it sounded awful. Won't know for sure until I get under the old beast tomorrow, but didn't someone recommend an aftermarket provider for them on here? I can't find it... it's a Sport if that makes a difference. Could also do with a quick guide, believe it is fairly straightforward? Thanks in advance
  5. guido45

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I had the complete front done a week or two ago and while they probably did an alignment, the steering wheel is about a degree out which my OCD will not allow!
  6. guido45

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Replaced my rear shocks today too. Not too hard, everything came apart ok even though they look like they were the originals. Hot work though! Will get an alignment done on Saturday
  7. guido45

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Just finished the washer jet upgrade as seen here: Very easy and makes a good improvement compared with my old ones which were all cock-eyed. Most difficult bit was getting the heating element out of the originals!
  8. guido45

    Touring rear shock torque settings?

    Wow, didn't know about that site, thanks very much!
  9. Can anyone tell me the required torque settings for the rear shocks on a facelift touring? Thanks
  10. guido45

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Had a full front suspension refresh done, new Sachs shocks, and Eibach Pros, along with thrust arm bushes, top mounts etc. Got her back yesterday and drives so well now! Bumps that previously annoyed are no longer there! Still hasn't settled fully as it's the same height as it was when it went in, but the shocks on it may have been the originals.... I'll be INPA'ing the rear height after a few more miles although I'm not expecting more than 10mm drop from the sport height. Also had the parking sensors sorted while it was in thank God, it's been driving me mad. I've just finished the X8R DISA valve "upgrade" so hopefully some of the rattle will have gone although the unit seemed fine when I got it out. V easy once I worked out which way the flap was meant to be when putting the new one in (it's open btw).
  11. Could it be crank position sensor? Had mine fail on a previous E39 and before it went entirely I had trouble starting
  12. guido45


    All sorted now
  13. guido45


    I paid for Navcoder via Paypal about 2 weeks ago but have heard nothing back from the developer with my license code - has anyone had any dealings with him recently? Or know if he's still going?
  14. How much are you asking for the bonnet? Have one with a very minor dent to swap over if useful!