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  1. I contacted the FreeDa / auris guys. founder wrote back - he's basically chasing the wireless speaker market like everyone else. I told him alot of those speakers have track display too so he should really implement the ID3 over BT stuff. My Tune2Air just arrived. as widoo reported the KCA 420i wakeup mod is needed as it won't power up without it. Same problem = powering off? when the android device is connected and the setup is working, is everything as expected - track info, track controls etc? As soon as I get the wakeup mod done I'll start messing with mine. what 5v-12v dongle are you using? I have a Schosche
  2. NICE FIND WIDOO! The Viseeo certainly seems to be what I was trying to build. My project stalled a bit as I had difficulty getting a dev environment together. I have a couple of BT modules and an arduino but the bt sdk just doesn't provide the support I need. The main bluetooth libs out there are very quite out of date. So our best bet is finding something like this Viseeo device and getting it working with Intravee. Keep in mind that we need something that interfaces to your music device/phone using BT A2DP & AVRCP 1.3+ (including ID3 over BT) on one end and then talk AAP to the KCA-420i on the other. As RichardP states the FreeDa device from auris probably does not support ID3 tags - appears that all it uses AVRCP for to be the bluetooth track control bit. The Viseeo does appear to support ID3 over bluetooth but there are few tech details. They definitely have some sort of AAP emulation implemented, and they support bluetooth track controls for android devices (but not ID3 over BT). I just ordered one to try it out. I'll report back on my findings once I receive the unit and try it out. Maybe I can provide more detail to what widoo has reported. Richard maybe you can get a dev relationship going with these guys?
  3. Hi Richard A reboot does seem to improve things on the iPhone. There is still an occasional track transition that is missed, and it's not always the 2nd track on the start of the genius playlist. A potential user workaround that updates the ID3 display data appears to be to just backup from the new track to the previous track and go forward again. So bottom line a bit annoying but: - if the '1 track off' behavior is persistent a iphone/ipod reboot appears to help - you can refresh the current track info by just backing up one track and going forward again If I see anything else reportable I'll update the thread thanks again
  4. thanks for the quick and thorough analysis Richard. Looks like you've confirmed the behavior.. is there any pattern there you can work with that can possibly be used for detection and a workaround?
  5. iPhone 5 with a 30pin to lightning connector. I can try with my son's 4 later today. I think you need to have an iTunes Match subscription to get the genius lists, but I may be wrong there.
  6. Anyone else seen this behavior? I've seen it on both my IV/KCA-420i installations -Select a Genius playlist using your iPod/iPhone music player -1st track is properly identified and song plays -1st song ends, 2nd song starts to play, 1st song's track info still displayed -all subsequent songs are 1 track off. Seems to be a KCA-420i incompatibility with the Genius playlist feature? thanks
  7. Thanks for the continued interest. I've picked up a couple of bluetooth boards and have started looking into a dev environment and some protocol stacks over the last couple of weeks - definitely going the linux route for the controller portion as there are plenty of embedded options for it. Gonna take a month or two to write the code, prototype and test. If it works as planned it will basically be 'partially emulating' an iPod/iPhone to the KCA-420i and will be wirelessly connected to your iPod/iPhone with A2DP+AVRCP 1.3+. Both the emulation part and bluetooth part are a bit involved, as is the messaging between them to make it all work seamlessly.
  8. bradnic

    Intravee Switch problem

    RichardP never sleeps
  9. bradnic

    Intravee Switch problem

    The manual mentions something about plugging in to the first available port of the switch. Did you try moving the AiNet cable to the 420 to another port on the switch?
  10. bradnic

    R53 Intravee - no display text

    ok there was definitely a problem then. I can't really check now because the Intravee menu keeps popping up after I enter the key sequence for the UI setup menu.
  11. bradnic

    R53 Intravee - no display text

    By the way my Shosche power adapter arrived and it worked perfectly. Trashed the other ones I bought and ordered a couple more
  12. bradnic

    R53 Intravee - no display text

    Hi Richard It was NOT the latest firmware, just the as received firmware load that the Intravee came with. Latest firmware auto-detected the correct UI setup just fine. I was able to enter UI setup just fine using the radio button sequence (CDC 9 appeared). The track and CD info did not change though when I used the |< and >| buttons on the HK Boost radio. So I had no way to know what UI mode I had set or if it had actually accepted changing it. EDIT: was I supposed to hold those buttons down in UI setup mode so that fast forward and rewind are invoked instead of change track? Yes that is clear and it worked perfectly. I was referring to the user guide instructions in 1.2.1 that describe a CLI (command line interface) on the serial port that you could use to enter commands for UI mode 1.2.1. Setting the UI mode with a PC With the Intravee connected to a PC via a serial port connection, either a native serial port or a USB/Serial adapter and a 9 pin ‘D’ extension serial cable, the UI mode can be set using any terminal emulation program or the Intravee downloader program by issuing the command setui X where X is the required UI mode. Issuing this command will disable the Intravee auto detect mode. Auto detect mode can be re-enabled using the command setui auto I didn't know the com parameters to use and didn't use the firmwre downloader until later so I didn't see the 115200 baud setting it was using. Still don't know the right parity, stop bit and flow control settings, and there's nothing in the user guide that I could find which describes the com parameters expected by the serial interface. No big deal really but it would save some time if they were documented.
  13. bradnic

    R53 Intravee - no display text

    BTW tried to set UI mode via terminal but could t find any serial settings in the docs! I saw the firmware downloaded was set to 115200 baud, not sure of the parity, stop bits, flow control etc
  14. bradnic

    R53 Intravee - no display text

    Got my Intravee working with my R53/Boost. Ended up downloading new firmware, which cleared up my issue. Just FYI the head unit key sequence to get to UI setup worked, but the track info to show which UI mode I was in did not. The firmware install too care of the UI setup for me automatically, setting it to UI2
  15. wow.. well I can definitely make it work. it would also eliminate the need to mod the phone cradle on cars with snap-in setups.