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  1. lotuselam

    Ambient Lighting

    Think you may be correct!
  2. lotuselam

    Ambient Lighting

    Thanks for the info, my GT is 2012 and as such I don’t think it has the option of two colours. Can’t find anything in the drive to change, I ges I will have to remain as a dull ambient light owner!
  3. lotuselam

    Ambient Lighting

    Thanks for the prompt replies, I have the wheel up to max and the lights are still dim. Will look at upgraded led’s and wait and see.
  4. lotuselam

    Ambient Lighting

    Hi, I have a f07 530D GT 2012 and have ambient Lighting specified, does anyone know how to increase the brightness. Can it be done in idrive?? Or is it an upgrade?
  5. lotuselam

    Ambient Lighting

    Hi, I have ambient lighting on my f07 530D GT 2012, which I struggle to increase brightness. Is there anyway in I drive to turn it up?
  6. lotuselam

    Retrofit reversing camera

    Retrofit reversing camera in F07 530D GT M SPORT 2012, is it possible and how much?
  7. day out with the 7 series register at Meguiars.
  8. Hi, returning to 5 series after two years with a 730D 2006, i now have an F07 530D GT M SPORT 2012.

    Looking forward to some posting and possibly meeting other members at local meets?