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  1. Johnny Grabble

    Vin number and spec

    520d ED had the same engine with the same power output as the regular 520d but was manual only and had a longer final drive ratio, which gave it better fuel economy. I used to own one. https://www.automobile-catalog.com/make/bmw/5-series_f10/5-series_f10-1_sedan/2012.html
  2. Johnny Grabble

    Headlight beam converters?

    I find them OK up to about 200 km/h in the pitch dark on an autobahn, above that the dipped beam is found wanting. They're about as good as the adaptive xenons I had on my F10 (although obviously missing the adaptive function, which I found I didn't use enough to merit a £1200 premium on the G30)
  3. Johnny Grabble

    Headlight beam converters?

    The standard LED headlights do not need adjusting, nor do they need beam convertors, according to the manual for the car. I go to Germany frequently in my G30 with standard LEDs, there's never been an issue. (There will, I'm sure, be some on here who disagree ☺!)
  4. Johnny Grabble

    Not a good start to the day...

    Is it a battery charging issue? Low battery can throw up all sorts of alleged problems.
  5. Johnny Grabble

    Style 423 wheels on an F11

    They'll fit perfectly because they originally appeared on the 6 series F06, etc., which has the same wheel sizes. I'm sure they'd look fine. Maybe a PITA to keep clean though? 10 spokes is more than enough for me☺
  6. Johnny Grabble

    Media Software Update/BMW Connected

    The software update from the website is sometimes worth doing if you are having trouble connecting your phone to the car via Bluetooth. To use the app you'll need a ConnectedDrive account which is registered to you and to your vehicle. The website will then tell you if any subscriptions are due and what's your choice of apps etc are for your car.
  7. Johnny Grabble

    Auto box on MY 2011 520d

    There's also the same app on Android.... Try Google play...
  8. Johnny Grabble

    Steering Wheel

    Tried here? https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/f11-520d-tou/repair-manuals/32-steering-wheel-alignment/32-33-steering-wheel/1LdiGsG8
  9. Johnny Grabble

    Collection advice

    When I've picked up a new one, I give a similar once over to when picking up a used one. Damage during transit is not uncommon. Check it conforms to the spec you've ordered too. The dealer should set you up in the car, show you how to connect your phone, how the essentials work, etc.
  10. Johnny Grabble


    My BMW ones on my G30 didn't lasted that long. Replaced them with Bosch Aerotwin at £18 a pair, about 1/3 of the price of BMW genuine ones. Used them before on my F10, couldn't tell the difference in terms of lifetime vs OEM. So even if they last half as long, I'm quids in.
  11. Johnny Grabble

    Driving without Windscreen recalibration

    Autoglass managed to replace the screen and sort it on my F10 on the drive, no issues with any cameras, sensors, HUD, etc.
  12. Johnny Grabble

    Auto map update

    AFAIK, only with USB updates from the ConnectedDrive site. Should be free for the 1st 3 years.
  13. Johnny Grabble

    F10 rear number plate screw position

    Both the F10s I owned - 1 used, 1 new - had the rear number plate stuck on not screwed on....
  14. Johnny Grabble

    Auto map update

    No, nothing for you to do with OTA updates.
  15. Johnny Grabble

    Auto map update

    It means you have 2018-1 installed but the car has received an over-the-air update to 2018-4 for GB & Ireland only. 2019-2 is the latest version available for the G30/31.