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  1. Johnny Grabble

    Bosch Aerotwin Wiper blade

    Like all polishes, it contains a mild abrasive which removes all traces of crud. Returns the screen to that"as new" condition (obviously it did nothing for minor chips, etc). Bit late to get all technical but it returns the surface free energy of the glass back to what it was when it came out of the factory.
  2. Johnny Grabble

    Bosch Aerotwin Wiper blade

    +1. Used Bosch blades on the last 4 5-series I've owned, well over 200k miles in total. 1 E60, 2 F10s, 1 G30. Never had a problem with them but always clean the screen with AG glass polish.
  3. Johnny Grabble

    Cruise Control in Eco Pro Mode

    Mine's also a 68 and doesn't have it.
  4. Johnny Grabble

    Bosch Aerotwin Wiper blade

    +1. Paid about £18 for a set on a popular shopping website...
  5. Johnny Grabble


    The later ones also had a dipstick, as did all the 535ds. Far more accurate. On mine, the electronic one used to over read...
  6. Johnny Grabble

    Cruise Control in Eco Pro Mode

    That's exactly what mine does too. Only happens when it's coasting. It's slow to switch of the coasting function and re-engage the drive, so it slows down to much then re-engages with a bit of a jerk. Doesn't happen in Comfort, Sport or Adaptive, where it's just fine.
  7. Johnny Grabble

    First service cost

    Not for my 530d. It was £360.
  8. ...but only if it has been serviced according to BMW's requirements, i.e. at the correct mileage (or before), to OEM standards.
  9. Johnny Grabble

    iDrive keeps rebooting every 20-30 seconds!!

    This happened to mine and I was told by the dealer a new head unit was required at ~£1500. Apparently since then, there is a software fix, but no idea how to access it.
  10. Johnny Grabble

    520d F10 Rear suspension sitting low on offside

    F10 does not have rear air suspension. F07 & F11 do. You may have a broken spring.
  11. Johnny Grabble

    Will electric trunk lift from F01 will fit F10?

    Have a look for the F01 part numbers on realoem.com, then see if they are also used on the F10. Simples.
  12. Johnny Grabble

    Tyre pressures

    ...and that's a non-homologated wheel & tyre combination which insurance companies will count as a modification, declared or otherwise...
  13. Johnny Grabble

    BMW F11 530d 6-Month Review

  14. Johnny Grabble

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    IMHO nothing to do with customer feedback, everything to do with cost saving. 3 parts to the F10 stalk, requiring assembly, 1 part for the G30, no assembly. Same approach as a whole load of other stuff on the G30.