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  1. Eastham

    E34 1989 535i Problem

    Thank you very much
  2. Eastham

    E34 1989 535i Problem

    Hi guys!! At long last i think i'm nearly ready to fire up my 535i turbo. However it was an automatic and is now a manual so i need to sort/bridge the wires for the inertia switch where the gearstick is. The car has no automatic ecu or loom fitted if that makes any difference. Can someone help me with a wiring diagram if at all possible as now it won't crank via the key. I also forgot to take a picture of the plugs and wires before i left work on saturday.
  3. Eastham

    E34 535i inlet manifold 1989 M30

    Let me know a price please
  4. Eastham

    E34 1989 535i Problem

    So. Bit of an update, only been over two years... Car was laid up since fixing above clock issue. Got the car inside last year on a ramp to which it stayed on for another year until the turbo kit arrived from TCD.... So i have been busy after work hours mocking up intercooler position and making the wires longer for the manifold flip etc. Also fitted front alpina lip spoiler
  5. Eastham

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Strapped a lovely turbo to it
  6. Eastham

    E34 535i inlet manifold 1989 M30

    As above. I can collect if in north west area if not prices inc postage please. Thanks
  7. Eastham

    E34 Mileage Register

    Eastham 535i M30 35k Dongiov 530i M60 60k Eamo 535i SE M30 69k rado16v 535i Sport 70k Boiliebasher 540i V8 M60 Touring 89K Welshpug, 525 TDS Touring, 94k InfoRetrieval 525i SE 113k RumRunner 525 127,364 HermN 525i sport 132k Sharkfan Alpina B10 4.6 Touring 150k Ustbutler 525i 151k Idiot 540t/6 178k 525iSport 525i 185k rbond9 3.6 M5 190k Carl-e34 540/6 191k Nomis520i 200k Dongiov 525iX 218k Idiot 540/6 229k Sarnie 525iT 303k
  8. Eastham

    How can I check it's a real Alpina E28

    Is the car is failsworth?
  9. Eastham

    1989 Fuel Flap lock needed

    Hi i need a motor and the rod for my 1989 535i. Part number is 51.26 1 378 397
  10. Eastham

    Help... Locked out of my 89 e34 520i saloon

    Put the key in the lock. Turn the key and lift the handle. Have you tried this?
  11. Eastham

    Outer sills

    Thats the N/S genuine part sill i found. They are full sills the other ones. Non genuine
  12. Eastham

    Outer sills

    There is a genuine n/s front section which i found also
  13. Eastham

    Outer sills

    May of stumbled across some complete outer sills which are new old stock. Need to take my sideskirt off to confirm this but they are non genuine. All for the O/S. If i keep looking i may find more bits like N/S ones. Thought i would let people know before i ebay them if they are correct for the E34
  14. Eastham

    M5 clocks into 540i 6 manual?

    Got some 535i clocks here for sale
  15. Eastham

    E34 1989 535i Problem

    Well the problem is fixed with help of Tim Pollock. So ive a set of fully working BLUE back clocks FOR SALE off a 1989 535i sport who someone sent me...... So i can start puting the dash trim back together, change and paint some bits underneath that need doing and give it a good clean and a fresh MOT! Got a Sport rear bumper and some hella rear lights sorted too! Thanks for all your help on this everyone!