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  1. derek19670

    Service Parts Quote

    Hi, Can you please give me a quote for a full service kit to include Oil, Air, Pollen and Fuel Filters plus front and rear pads sensors etc for a 2009 E60 520D - chassis number:-C249347, delivered to Kent Thanks
  2. derek19670

    iPhone adaptor for arm rest?

    If you do a search on Flea-Bay for "BMW IPhone 5" it will show some, as IanW has said, they are around the £80 mark, you will see some that are more expensive but they are for later models F10/F11, if you are really lucky you may be able to get a second hand one a little cheaper, but they do appear to hold their value (which is good if you want to sell it on in the future...) Providing that you can already pair your iPhone to your iDrive via Bluetooth, they are just plug and play