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  1. Colin Halls

    Intravee switch

    Richard was after a switch cos of its charging capability but I could get away with a 400c Thanks Colin
  2. Colin Halls

    Battery voltage

    Thanks rich
  3. Colin Halls

    Battery voltage

    Is it possible to display battery voltage in vehicle status Thanks
  4. Colin Halls

    Intravee switch

    Anyone got one
  5. do these work well with android
  6. Colin Halls

    Intravee switch

    please let me know if the switch is available thanks
  7. Colin Halls

    Intravee switch

    southwest England do you have one for sale
  8. Colin Halls

    Intravee switch

    Has anyone got a switch for sale thanks colin
  9. Colin Halls

    Intravee Switch

    I think you will have to wait for one to come up for sale on the forum as Tiyc no longer has them but u could use a kca 400c which are quite popular on the bay
  10. can I put down for a pre order thanks
  11. Colin Halls

    intravee switch

    have you got the switch port configured for aux ?
  12. Colin Halls

    Cold light checks

    Thanks for the reply.Richatd
  13. Colin Halls

    Cold light checks

    Would it be possible to turn off any cold light checks with intravee cheers Colin
  14. Colin Halls


    has anyone ever sucessfully connected a andrive unit to the internet via a usb dongle thanks
  15. Colin Halls

    Where it is possible to buy an Intravee II

    I was speaking to Leigh at tiyc earlier and he said there was an issue sourcing one component before the factory can make another batch