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  1. Colin Halls

    Two switches

  2. Colin Halls

    Two switches

    Richard Will the 410c stack with another Colin
  3. Colin Halls

    Two switches

    Thanks Richard This will be for sale soon then
  4. Colin Halls

    Two switches

    When using a second switch can any output port of the first go to the input of the second Thanks Colin
  5. Colin Halls

    Cup holders

    Cup holders from wisbech are a great addition
  6. Colin Halls

    Phone volume

    Rich phone volume is fixed on low and is not adjustable even so slightly so ill try a bm 54 first thanks
  7. Colin Halls

    Phone volume

    Thanks rich I'm gonna guess at the elk 800 amp then first
  8. Colin Halls

    Phone volume

    I've lost my phone volume its low can be heard but has no reaction to the volume control Us this intravee related or simply a bm54 going faulty. Thanks Colin
  9. Colin Halls

    Coding questions

    I always pop a battery charger on while I got it plugged in with ignition on Colin
  10. Colin Halls

    Intravee switch

    Richard was after a switch cos of its charging capability but I could get away with a 400c Thanks Colin
  11. Colin Halls

    Battery voltage

    Thanks rich
  12. Colin Halls

    Battery voltage

    Is it possible to display battery voltage in vehicle status Thanks
  13. Colin Halls

    Intravee switch

    Anyone got one
  14. do these work well with android
  15. Colin Halls

    Intravee switch

    please let me know if the switch is available thanks