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  1. I don't have INPA so can't do that I have read on several sites that often when one fails it takes all 8 out - but as mine clicks... Not checked the fuse yet, no 69 in the boot/trunk?
  2. OBD scan? Not yet, I do have an OBD reader but didn't think this would pick up anything as its not showing a fault and reading through the threads I keep seeing DIS and INPA when reading codes... Wouldn't a break in the circuit stop the sensor working though ie no clicking hence fault reported? As the bumper has moved I guess a trapped wire is plausible but why would it knock out all the front and back? That's what I was thinking - have you heard of doing it via the headlight removal?
  3. Any suggestions at all? It's almost like its upset the system but not enough to force it into a full failure. I wondered whether replacing the sensor which had the impact might resolve - apparently you can get to it by removing the headlight I read rather than bumper off?
  4. Hi all, My E60 530d has had a scrape and since then the PDC hasn't worked I've read as many threads as possible before posting this and I've noticed/tried the below: - I haven't once received the PDC Failure notice - 'CHECK' shows no faults - When activated by selecting reverse or pressing the PDC button the LED stays lit but doesn't flash - When deselecting reverse the PDC stays active for a few seconds as per usual - Turning on PDC and listening for clicking at each of the 8 sensors - they ALL click?! Bizarrely when turning PDC off they still click?! - Unplugging the 3 connections in the PDC module and reconnecting - no difference, but this is the only time the PDC button flashed (when unplugged) - Holding PDC down for 10 seconds before turning on engine - iDrive reset using volume, CD eject and DVD eject Nothing has resolved PDC visual still appears in iDrive but no audio/colour indicators Any ideas? It seems most have a PDC failure warning or one or more sensors don't click but all mine do?! Thanks