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  1. The pad wear sensor wire had become unclipped and was rubbing against the inside of the wheel rim. It probably came about when I used a brush to clean the inside of the wheels (oops!).
  2. All fixed now. They did offer a taxi to the shops but I just took a walk and wandered into a trade tools shop and spent money on stuff I didn't need!
  3. Does the speed limiter use the brakes? I use it often where there are speed limits through roadworks on motorways.
  4. Yes, I wish the stop-start would remember that I turned it off.
  5. Thanks for your feedback SuperDave. I had already booked it into HJ yesterday and reported the problem. It's going in next Wednesday for an oil service as well so hopefully that's not beyond their capabilities! I won't need to use the car in the mean time and I'll move the wire away from the wheel. You can see where its been rubbing so I won't wash away the evidence. I've got the BMW service pack so I won't be able to use independants such as Newhall for a while yet but I have heard that they are quite good..
  6. I believe I have identified the source of the problem. I used a torch to look at the pads throgh the alloys and spotted that the sensor wire on the front nearside caliper is rubbing against the wheel rim. I might have dislodged it recently while washing the alloys. The next question is whether it would be fixed under warranty or not. If not then I'll change it myself.
  7. Yes it's only done 10k but only just over 3k in the first year before my ownership. I'll be a bit miffed if it turns out to be basic pad wear. I'll see what the dealer says. First decision is whether to get it serviced by Williams (Liverpool) or Halliwell Jones (Chester). I've no previous experience of either for servicing.
  8. While cruising along the A55 in the rain on Sunday, a brake pad warning flashed up on the dashboard. The car has only done 10K miles how can the pads be worn down already? On interrogating through idrive it is the front pads it is warning about. The car is due its first oil service this month and I can sense that it knows and wants to add value to the job! Surely it has to be a sensor fault and not genuine brake wear? About half of my motoring is on motorways or dual carriageways and very little town use.
  9. Do you have the part numbers for the rears please? I'm a bit confused by the different versions shown on the realoem site.
  10. Was that including VAT? I'm tempted to have a go myself if you think it is worth it.
  11. This guy has done it already. There may be some errors with the part numbers so check before purchase. http://f10.5post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=826339
  12. So what exactly have you installed and how much did it cost? Have you got the basic system or the Pro version? I'm a bit confused by what you said.
  13. Oily

    Have I found my problem?!

    Which means that the wiring has been damaged and was shorting out either to each other or to ground via the DPF. If you've not repaired the insulation I fear that the problems may return at some point. What is it that you want Broad Oak to do now. There would appear to have been issues between yourselves and Broad Oak that has resulted in their entrenched attitude. You have to decide now whether it is retribution or revenge that you desire. Having a car sign written with a summary of the issues will get you nowhere, they will just move the car or put a cover over it. You could post a review here http://www.unixnerd.demon.co.uk/garages_seng.html I thought you got legal advice on these problems?
  14. Oily

    520d down.

    If diesel fuel somehow found its own way into the DDE then what else is currently bathing in the stuff that hasn't been discovered yet?
  15. Oily

    520d down.

    Don't leave us in suspense! How has it been voided? By allegedly spilling coffee?