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  1. cabby

    Battery coding & Foxwell NT 350

    Thanks for the observation but doesn't answer my question. Given the car's reliance on electrics it's not something I fancy chancing my luck on so hoping to learn from someone who has been through this process. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  2. Have established that the (original) battery on my 2011 520d needs replacing. 90AH no longer easy to source and BMW advise on replacing with a 92AH unit. Main dealer and indy quoting £233 for battery with indy wanting circa £50 to fit. Was intending to do myself + potentially use a cheaper Bosch/Barra/Exide unit but a) not many 92AH units about so would a 95AH or more be OK? Bigger question, does anyone know for definite whether the NT 530 can code a different value AH battery? Registration looks like it should be fine but cannot find anything to confirm coding. The Foxwell is such a good bit of kit - just a shame there is such limited info. / guidance on how to get most out of it. TIA Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  3. Don't think I do anymore - is that the service you have to pay for? There was some form of subscription that, when it expired, I didn't renew. I did setup a login for connected drive so will see if I can check via the website.
  4. Received the below today. I assume genuine but intrigued how they would know - not been to a main dealership for about a year. Is this somehow done remotely or just time based? No issues to date so unsure about whether to take action or ignore for now.
  5. Think I have the same car/bar setup. It's a bit fiddly but never had too much trouble with it. Is the fitting kit a genuine Thule item? Posting some pics of the bit(s) that aren't fitting will make it easier to get you some help.
  6. cabby

    Upgrade 518d bluetooth

    This is interesting as I've been trying to enable streaming on my 2012 520d but guessing from the above that won't be possible without additional hardware? Car also used to read texts out but no longer does that. Our phones have also changed since we bought car so guess it could be that too.
  7. cabby

    F10 TMS Module Issues

    The OS / NS thing was an anomaly of how they priced - they are the same price in reality.
  8. cabby

    F10 TMS Module Issues

    Found the quote tonight - would have cost £2,389 from main dealer - very happy I managed to find a solution for 3% of that price.
  9. cabby

    Failed boot release switch

    That's good to know. Does the unit just pull out/down?
  10. cabby

    F10 boot release switch

    Hi - could you provide a price for the above please, part No. 51247463161 inc. delivery to DA15. Thanks
  11. cabby

    Failed boot release switch

    Thanks Matthew - much appreciated.
  12. This has stopped working but key fob release still OK so assume it's the switch. Having had a closer look, the rubber around the switch panel has deteriorated so makes sense. Can anyone help me ID the correct part No. - seems like it has been changed/upgraded according to to RealOEM. The car is a 2011 F10 520. Cheers
  13. cabby

    2015 F10 aircon not cold

    What did it cost out of interest?
  14. cabby

    F10 TMS Module Issues

    Can't quite remember the breakdown now - something like £450 per TMS module and similar for each headlight. To be fair, the service desk guy looks pretty embarrassed when he gave me the quote.
  15. cabby

    F10 TMS Module Issues

    Happy ending alert! Quick recap: I got a "headlight vertical aim control failure" error. This appeared immediately after car was at main dealer for a recall so was sent back to them to check. as I'd assumed they had triggered this. They investigated and explained that, as the caps on the back of the headlight units has not been refitted properly (and subsequently dropped allowing moisture / water into the headlight units) both headlights and modules needing replacing. The mic drop moment was the £2k they quoted to resolve (approx 25% of the car's value!) . More than a little down-beat I spent a bit of time researching a more cost-effective solution including the good folks here. This led me to amazon where I found these https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0796L6GHZ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 2 units (one for each headlight) came to a very reasonable £70. Lock-down brought some much needed extra time (lock down and completing a house extension are not a good mix ) so bumper was removed as I could not access one of the torx fixings with it in place. The result was a clearing of the error and a saving of nearly £2k. I haven't replaced the lights as, having inspected them, apart from tarnishing of the reflective coating visible from the rear, they still function as before and look fine from the front. I appreciate that over time they may deteriorate but happy to take that chance. The other observation relates to the caps providing access to the headlight bulbs; I'd assumed it was more poor refitting of these that caused the initial problem. When I first tried to change the TMS modules, not long after getting car back from dealer, one was again hanging off so seems the dealer can't replace them properly either suggesting a design issue. On that basis, I'd suggest a periodic checking of the headlight cap might be worth doing .